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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 1013: The 4th generation Minovs super energy thermonuclear reactor

Pani is driving Impulse Gundam (High Mobility Backpack) and is fighting with Red Aegis Gundam, Savior Gundam, Covenant Gundam, Warrior H Gundam, Gale Strike Gundam, and Justice Gundam.

Seven specially-made Gundams are fighting together with an elite Ms unit. The battle location is a very large inner city.

The elite Ms unit consists of 120 Mars jackets, Kshatriyas, Inverse Δ and Defense Shields and 12 units of G-FirstDX Gundam, Oberon, MkⅤ Kai and F90.

Attacked by Ms troops consisting of 300 Amethyst and 40 Violet Holy Machines.

After fighting for a long time, Pani and his team were already a little tired. On the contrary, the enemy driver seemed to be in full mental and physical condition just after entering the battlefield.

Amethyst and Violet Bible all launched floating cannons, and Kshatriya also released all floating cannons at the same time.

At the scene, there were countless floating cannons scurrying over the entire city, and countless beams crossed and exploded with fireworks.

There are also floating cannons flying in various passages in the ground city, and the MSs on both sides of the Skywing Army and Dion Pirates are fighting at different locations.

Relying on the ability of new humans and years of combat experience, Pani fired continuously with the light speed gun in his right hand and hit the floating cannon.

Accepting that the shield in the left hand directly hits an amethyst, the weapon in the right hand switches to a thermal dagger, and stabs into the cockpit of the amethyst.

Immediately afterwards, Impulse Gundam pushed back, and several beams of light flashed across the position just now. The attack just now was done by 2 Amethysts, and the driver mentally controlled the floating cannon to attack Impulse Gundam.

Pani shook his head during the battle, and at this time he received the emergency signal again, and the location of the distress signal was in another place.

Pani just glanced at it, couldn't help but frowned and said in his heart: "It's strange, the position of this troop before the explosion is different from the position after the explosion, and the position is different each time after receiving three times in a row, and once Farther than the previous distance?" Pani really couldn't figure out what was going on, but at the moment he didn't have time to think about it, he had to solve the battle in front of him.

A sense of crisis came from behind, and Pani immediately reacted and dodged. At the moment of dodging, the siren sounded from the cockpit.

The beam of light flashed across the position just now, and it was a violet holy machine attacking from behind Impulse Gundam.

3 vs 1, Pani smiled wryly. He may not be able to win due to his physical and mental condition at the moment.

At this moment, Pani looked at the environment around the screen, and he actually flew out of the city.

The Violet Holy Machine and the other two Amethyst surrounded the Impulse Gundam in a triangular formation.

When Pani was about to launch an attack, the upper and lower body of Violet suddenly separated in front of him. Pani thought it was a special attack from Violet's holy machine.

But after the violet machine with its upper and lower body separated randomly exploded into a ball of fireworks, Pani and the other two Amethyst drivers immediately understood that it was a sneak attack.

Suddenly, a Ni△ and F90B attacked two Amethysts, and they were caught off guard for a while. Impulse Gundam helped Ni△ pull out the beam saber with his right hand, and unexpectedly pierced the cockpit with a sword behind Amethyst.

The other Amethyst was responding to the flexible F90B melee attack. It didn't even realize that there was a beam sickle attack behind it, and was directly cut in half by the beam sickle from the head.

Pani looked at the Hell Reaper Gundam that appeared.

Pani knew it was the new ace Dio known in their ace driver circles.

"Tell me your name, rank and affiliation."

"Diou, second lieutenant, personal independent combat department."

"Individually fighting independently, what happened to your two colleagues?"

"Composed temporarily."

Pani then asked the other two, from which he learned that the troops F90B and Ni△ belonged to were the emergency calls he had received before.

"Could it be that different members of the dispersed troops sent out calls for help at different locations?" Pani thought.

Pani asked Diou to join him and follow him to help other colleagues.

Nali drives Gale Strike Gundam and holds a "wing saw" sword in each hand. When attacking in melee, both hands cut the sword at the same time. Even if the shield of the Violet Holy Machine opens the protective cover, it cannot resist the two wings. Saw the ship-cutting knife, and it was directly cut into several sections.

Nali uses the improved electromagnetic muscle module to make the Gale Strike Gundam burst into thrust at the moment of attack. With this combat method, she often kills the opponent unexpectedly.

Nali uses complex passages to allow Gale Strike Gundam to intersperse at different intersections, thereby killing the target or enemies who are fighting with colleagues.

Covenant Gundam has the ability to release or hack into enemy computers and software viruses.

Part of the Dion Pirate's body was invaded by the virus of the Covenant Gundam, which affected the computer of the mental control floating cannon, so that the driver found that the mental control became a little smooth, and the computer would be interrupted from time to time. , causing the floating cannon in battle to lose its mental control and fall to the ground.

Once Amethyst and Violet Holy Machine lose their floating cannons, their combat capabilities will be weakened. Although they can be paired with other weapons, floating cannons are always their main weapons.

Moreover, the virus distributed by Covenant Gundam will not only affect their mental control computers, but also the main control computer of the body, and even affect their cameras and so on.

Red Aegis Gundam, Savior Gundam, Warrior H Gundam and other colleagues of the Elite Force, with the help of the spread of the virus from the Covenant Gundam, shot down the Amethyst and Violet that were affected by the virus.

Red Aegis Gundam, Savior Gundam, and Warrior H Gundam also launch powerful weapons such as double-phase energy cannons, which can easily blast through buildings and hit targets.

The powerful phase energy cannon can penetrate the energy shield of the shield when the distance from the target is more than 5 kilometers.

The Gundam drivers such as the True Red Aegis Gundam sighed in their hearts. Fortunately, the Minovs super-energy thermonuclear reactor was replaced with a fourth-generation special type.

Although the starting power is not as good as the concept model of the fourth-generation Minovs super-energy thermonuclear reactor, the overall power is around 1KW.

Moreover, it outperforms the previous generation Minovs super-energy thermonuclear reactor in terms of combat durability and endurance, at least twice as much.

Only then did the driver sigh with emotion, if it wasn't for the special fourth-generation Minovs super-energy thermonuclear reactor, high-energy-consuming weapons such as phase energy cannons, it would have made them fire one after another like this.

Even if the body is not powered off, it would be a joke if there is still 30% of the energy left.

Now, the driver looks at the energy meter of the instrument, and there is still more than 70% of the energy.

Although Pani's group does not have the upper hand in terms of physical strength, spirit, and numbers, the special-made fourth-generation Minovs super-energy thermonuclear reactor of the specially-made Gundam continuously fires powerful weapons.

The Dion pirate unit, which was in good condition and had an advantage in numbers, was suppressed, and nearly 100 Ms were lost.

However, Pani still lost a lot of his fellow wingmen. After half an hour of fierce fighting, he lost more than 40 Ms.

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 1013: The 4th generation Minovs super energy thermonuclear reactor