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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 1011: Bulger Satellite Cannon Launch and Come What You’re Scared of

At this time, Dikla received that the No. 5 nuclear power engine was forcibly shut down, and even for half an hour, the network and communication were unable to contact the area and some surrounding areas.

Even the troops on the ground did not convey the news to the headquarters.

There is no way of knowing what happened there.

At first, the command suspected that it was disturbed by Nove particles.

Minov particles have a strong ability to interfere, but years of time-schedule research from Dion Empire to Dion Pirates have already developed some devices corresponding to Minov particles.

Although there is still interference from Minov particles, it will not cause complete paralysis in terms of communication and network, at least if the Minov particles do not reach a certain concentration.

Although the flow of information and communication is slow, at least relevant communication and receiving messages can be carried out.

Therefore, Dikla believes that even if the Tianyi Army really brought Minov particle missiles or related dispensing devices into Akdira to transform meteorites, it is impossible to cause a strong density to paralyze the local communication and network in terms of quantity. .

Dikla, including the headquarters, really couldn't figure out what was going on, and what made them even more puzzled was that the communication and network in the area returned to normal half an hour later.

Knowing that the No. 5 nuclear engine in this area has been forcibly shut down, Dikla and the headquarters all believe that the Emperor Long Fei of the Tianyi Empire must have developed a new type of technology, otherwise the communication and network would not be destroyed.

"Whether it's the new technology developed by Long Fei or not, the problem right now is that the No. 5 nuclear power engine has been shut down, which will affect the function of the energy shield." Dikla thought in his heart.

"Commander, the No. 5 nuclear power engine has been shut down, can the No. 2 nuclear power motor (supplying the cannon and batteries) be converted to supply energy for the shield?"

"His Royal Highness, this is no problem. The No. 2 nuclear engine is about to replenish the third battery. The battery can be fully charged in two minutes, and then the supply energy can be transferred to the protective cover."

"If the charging is interrupted, immediately supply energy to the protective cover, otherwise the external enemies attacking the current protective cover will definitely not be able to bear it."


After finishing the communication, Dikla said to himself: "This is somewhat inconsistent with our plan. It exceeded the estimate. It is really that the plan cannot keep up with the changes."

"However, fortunately, the main purpose has not been disrupted and can continue to be carried out."

"Flying Wing 0, GX9900 and GXBIT hope not to arrive too early, otherwise our plan may be ruined." Dikla prayed silently in his heart.

On the other side, Battlestar Bulger and Diva are ready.

The gun muzzle of the Battlestar Bulger satellite has gathered energy, and the crimson energy has filled the entire gun pipeline.

Using various devices placed by the long-distance voyage troops, we can grasp the trajectories of the three meteorites in the process of calculation.

The frontmost meteorite is about to enter the effective range of the Bulger Satellite Cannon.

In the command room inside Battlestar Bulger, the person in charge takes the key and inserts it into the keyhole, opens the button cover, and the person in charge puts his thumb on the button.

The staff looked at the instrument and reported: "Target meteorite, enter the effective range of the Bulger Satellite Cannon of Battlestar Space and count down for ten seconds."


"Battlestar Bulger satellite launch!" The person in charge pressed the button.

A huge and powerful crimson beam erupted from the muzzle, and the volume of the crimson beam was larger than that of Space Fortress Bulger, and it sprayed straight towards the target.

The first large meteorite with a diameter of nearly 15 kilometers entered the effective range of the Bulger Satellite Cannon of the Battlestar, and would not know that a huge crimson beam was coming.

The large meteorite collided with the huge crimson beam, the large meteorite was swallowed by the beam, and the large meteorite in the hot beam quickly shattered, dissolved and evaporated.

The large meteorite with a diameter of nearly 15 kilometers split into countless pieces of stones of different sizes after the energy of the crimson beam was exhausted.

The on-site installation camera captured everything.

If Mr. Mai and his group can see the power of the Bulger Satellite Cannon of Battlestar, they will probably be shocked.

The satellite cannon of the State of Dallas is no less powerful than the Bulger satellite cannon of the Battlestar.

But the effective range is not that far. Among the many satellite cannons in Dallas, the longest effective range is only about 3 million kilometers.

It's a pity that Mr. Mai and his team have already activated the light speed navigation certificate and are leaving the solar system. They cannot witness that the effective range of the opponent's satellite cannon is farther than that of his own country.

Battlestar Bulger receives video and photos from the device's cameras.

The large meteorite that was in close contact with the Bulger satellite cannon of Battlestar Space has lost its original appearance, and it is divided into pieces of different sizes.

It is estimated that the largest stone is no more than 100 meters in diameter, and countless stones have already scattered.

The person in charge of Battlestar Bulger looked at these rocks, even if they floated to Mars and rushed into the atmosphere of Mars, they would burn up in the friction of the atmosphere.

The first large meteorite crisis was resolved, followed by the second and third.

"How long does it take for the second charge of the Battlestar Bulger Satellite Cannon?"

"Colonel, it will take three hours."

The colonel in charge nodded after listening, bowed his head and thought in his heart: "The distance between the first large meteorite and the second large meteorite is about more than 100,000 kilometers, but the distance between the second and third meteorite is less than 100,000 kilometers. Twenty thousand kilometers."

"Moreover, the trajectories of the two are also deviated. If the Bulger Satellite Cannon of Battlestar Space is really allowed to destroy these two meteorites, after destroying the second meteorite, the Bulger satellite gun of Battlestar Space will be reversed, or the Bulger Satellite Cannon of grid to be migrated."

"Actually, the Battlestar Bulger Satellite Cannon destroyed the second meteorite, and when it was recharged to launch the third shot, the third meteorite was about 100,000 kilometers away from the Battlestar Bulger."

"Although the Bulger satellite cannon of Battlestar Space can handle three meteorites, if it misses the target or hits the target but fails to completely destroy the target, the consequences will be disastrous."

"Sending the Diva to launch the photon ring Lei Yin is just an insurance policy. The main reason is to worry about the failure of the mission. Once the mission fails, the meteorite will hit Mars, which may plunge Mars into a severe winter."

"The third meteorite was solved by the Diva with the photon ring Lei Yin."

The colonel in charge tapped his fingers on the podium to think, hoping that the mission would not fail, because his family members were all on Mars.

Before the sixth round of Akdilla's modified meteorite wing-killing gun fired, the protective cover on the front end of the muzzle was removed.

Although some warships of the Tianyi Empire Army were destroyed, they did not achieve much effect.

Fifteen minutes after the sixth wing-killing cannon fired, the last thing Dikla hoped for and worried about happened.

Flying Wing 0, GX9900 and GXBIT have come to the scene.

Although Akdilla transformed the meteorite, the No. 2 nuclear power engine supplied the energy protection cover, and even opened the second layer of energy protection cover.

However, if the destruction cannon and the satellite microwave cannon are launched at the same time, they might penetrate the second and third energy shields in one fell swoop.

Dikla said helplessly, "I'm really afraid of something."

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 1011: Bulger Satellite Cannon Launch and Come What You’re Scared of