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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 1010: Three-color magic book mode activation prerequisites and the battle of the triplets

Fafnir and Demeter are not unwilling to make more, but these two airframes were only successfully developed more than a month ago, and some tests were carried out.

The three-color magic book was also modified and improved by Long Fei, and some verifications were carried out.

Currently, Fafnir and Demeter have produced three units each, and they are put into the battlefield where Akdilla transforms meteorites. Fafnir and Demeter only have one each.

In addition, one of Fafnir and Demeter was put into other battlefields, and the last one of Fafnir and Demeter, and one Oberon continued to conduct some experimental verification.

The three-color magic book can not be activated as long as it is a new human.

There must be some prerequisites, for example, the pilots of Fafnir, Demeter and Oberon must have a great tacit understanding.

The pilots of the three airframes don't need to communicate, they only need to understand each other's thoughts without words when they mentally sense each other, then the first condition for the synchronous activation of the three-color magic book is fulfilled.

Of course, the above conditions are only the first conditions, and there are other conditions that must be met before the synchronization can be activated.

The second condition is that the pilots of the three airframes must be mentally coherent when they are mentally sensing each other, and the frequency of mental fluctuations must be the same.

The third condition is the three pilots. After the second condition is fulfilled, in any battle, the three of them can coordinate and fight side by side without any language, and the fighting rhythm of the three must be coordinated.

The synchronous activation of the three-color magic book can be activated by meeting the above three conditions, but if there is any mistake during the battle, the effect may be weakened, or the three-color magic book mode may be forced to close.

In order to meet the above three conditions, the three drivers must know each other. To meet this condition, in addition to being brothers and sisters, they are old comrades on the battlefield, and only those who have fought side by side for many years can meet the above conditions. .

Because only in this way can there be excellent tacit combat without words.

The pilots of Oberon, Fafnir, and Demeter on the battlefield can activate the three-color magic book synchronously, mainly because the three are triplet sisters.

Moreover, the twin sisters have often fought side by side for many years. In addition to understanding each other, the three sisters have a strong spiritual telepathy.

This makes the triplet sisters more ideal in terms of mental frequency coherence than those of comrades-in-arms and general brothers and sisters (born in different years). In the spiritual telepathy, the three sisters can immediately understand each other's thoughts. Fighting, and even accommodating each other.

The triplet sisters' new human comprehensive ability is not excellent, only B-level, but now their triplet sisters can meet the above conditions.

The eldest piloted Oberon, the second piloted Fafnir, and the third piloted Demeter.

With the boss as the center, the three-color magic book is activated simultaneously, exceeding the expected effect.

Moreover, the triplet sisters improved their all-round mental ability during the effect of the three-color magic book, reaching a comprehensive A+ level.

Oberon held a sword in both hands and a mechanical arm hidden in his knees to hold a beam saber, and quickly rushed to the target.

As the pilot of the Violet Holy Machine, her mental strength was suppressed and she was unable to exert her original ability, which affected her driving ability and reaction ability.

The four beam sabers attacked from different angles, making him unable to react at all, and the body was directly dismembered.

While Oberon was rushing towards another target, Fafnir provided cover fire and strikes.

Several Amethyst units were hit by powerful beams, and were hit by Oberon while dodging.

The retreat route was cut off by Fafnir's firepower, and the front was attacked by Oberon in close combat.

The sky was attacked by Demeter's 30 floating cannons like fairy flowers.

The front one of the Amethyst Holy Machine Squad was dismembered by Oberon, and the last Amethyst was blasted through its body by the Fafnir beam.

The rest of the amethyst holy machine, which was either retreating or advancing, was directly pierced through the entire body by 30 floating cannons.

Then, Oberon rushed to another place, followed by 30 floating cannons, and the dancing flower shape of the 30 floating cannons surrounded Oberon.

Oberon is like an elf inside a flower.

A team of 5 Amethyst Holy Machines led by a Violet Holy Machine watched Oberon and floating cannons attacking them.

Although they immediately attacked, Oberon and the Floating Cannon spread out faster.

The 30 floating cannons made a direct cross attack. Oberon locked on the Violet Holy Machine and swung his sword with a pair of hidden mechanical arms on his knees. The Violet Holy Machine immediately blocked the sword with his two-handed beam saber.

Oberon had already switched weapons with both hands, attacking the Violet Holy Machine with guns in both hands.

Although the Violet Holy Machine dodged immediately, it completely fell into the trap of the triplets. The floating cannon had already fired a beam of light to attack the direction of the trajectory where the Violet Holy Machine dodged.

The Violet Holy Machine seemed to back up and hit the beam of the floating cannon. The cockpit was directly pierced by the beam, and the driver was evaporated.

Oberon did not pursue when the target was dodging, but instead held guns in both hands and shot left and right, attacking other amethyst holy machines.

In addition to dodging Oberon's attack, the five Amethyst Holy Machines also had to dodge the raindrop-like beams of the floating cannons.

Although the 5 Amethysts used their shields to block the light beams, the countless beams attacked in all directions, and they couldn't resist it at all.

The whole bodies of the 4 Amethysts were pierced and turned into fireworks. When the last Amethyst broke through the sky, a huge beam of light directly swallowed it.

It turned out that it was Fafnir who fired the cannon from the head, killing him with a single hit.

The entire battle was achieved under the anticipation and tacit cooperation of the triplets sisters.

After the No. 5 nuclear engine was shut down by the Tianyi Army, the guards were attacked by the three-color magic book mode, and there was a one-sided massacre.

Why didn't Fafnir, Demeter, and Oberon activate the three-color magic book mode at the beginning, instead they had to fight for a while before officially activating it.

The main reason is that after the three sisters entered Akdila to transform the meteorite, the eldest and two younger sisters were separated in the battle.

It wasn't until the battle at the No. 5 nuclear power engine that the triplet sisters officially met, and only then did the three-color magic book synchronously start.

The three-color magic book shuts down half an hour after it starts up.

"Betty (the eldest), Belle (the second), and Bella (the third) have worked hard for you. If it weren't for your help, we might not be able to shut down the No. 5 nuclear power engine until now." The combat commander Lieutenant Colonel communicated to the three sisters , thanks for their help.

"You're welcome, sir, as it should be." Betty responded panting.

"You three sisters take a break for a while, we will carry out renovations, and then go to the No. 4 nuclear power engine with another unit to fight."


The triplet sisters are already sweating profusely and tired. The three-color magic book mode actually consumes a lot of mental energy. The triplet sisters may not be able to activate the three-color magic book synchronously for several days.

The triplet sisters have the same beautiful face, even their hairstyles are black and straight, and even the three sisters have the same hairstyle when they put their hair up. If it is an ordinary person, it is impossible to distinguish the triplet sisters.

That is, if the new human beings do not have a keen sense of spirit, there is a great possibility that they will not be able to distinguish the triplets, who is the eldest, the second, and the third.

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 1010: Three-color magic book mode activation prerequisites and the battle of the triplets