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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 1009: Three-color magic book mode effect and No. 5 nuclear power engine forced to shut down

A warrior in triumphal armor who appeared to be the captain shouted while shooting: "Don't let them break through again!"

Dozens of triumphant armored warriors shooting from cover are struggling to resist the approaching enemies.

There are many damaged and burning chariots on the ground ahead, some of them belong to them, and some belong to the Tianyi Army.

Several mobile engineers displayed gorgeous drifts like racing cars, and fired armor-piercing projectiles at the triumphant armored soldiers in the bunker.

The armor-piercing projectile directly penetrated the bunker. Although the armor-piercing projectile's energy shield blocked the armor-piercing projectile, the threshold exceeded the limit, and the remaining shock wave knocked the armor-piercing soldier into the air.

A triumphant warrior switched weapons, took off the energy rocket launcher on his back, and aimed at a mobile engineer. An energy rocket directly penetrated the mobile engineer and killed the driver inside.

Immediately afterwards, an armor-piercing projectile hit the triumphant armored soldier holding an energy rocket. The moment the energy shield collapsed, the shock wave knocked him away.

The Triumph Armored Warrior who was in mid-air was suddenly hit by a huge sniper bullet and killed on the spot.

A large number of Gatling trucks carried out fire suppression, suppressing the dozens of triumphant armored soldiers hiding in the bunker so that they could not fight back.

A ground team of dozens of people, using the firepower of the Gatling truck to suppress, circled around the enemy's rear and carried out front and rear flank attacks.

After the firepower of the Gatling truck was suppressed and the bullets were exhausted, while the bullets were being reloaded, the Triumph Armored Warrior, who had just been suppressed and was unable to fight back, immediately counterattacked.

But at the moment of counterattack, he was attacked behind him, which caught dozens of Triumph Armored Warriors by surprise.

The mobile engineers and the team in charge of the sneak attack cooperated to bombard with artillery, and the team of Triumph Armored Warriors who were flanked by front and back were completely wiped out in less than two minutes.

"Clear the enemy and move on." The team leader in charge of the sneak attack informed the colleagues in front.

Sky Wing Army Ground Forces with the help of Ms Troops advance the No. 5 Nuclear Power Engine from different locations.

In addition to paying attention to the battle of the Ms troops above to avoid being affected, the ground troops of the Tianyi Army should also pay attention to the surrounding buildings, and be careful that there are other enemies hiding there to attack at any time.

Part of the Tianyi Army's ground troops will use the helmet's quantum scanner to see through the surrounding buildings to see if there are enemies hiding in the bunker.

The other part will turn on the anti-stealth scanner to scan, so as to prevent the enemy from using the stealth function to sneak attack.

A Mobius Zero conducted a ground search in the sky, and the quantum scanner found the enemy ground troops who had been hiding inside the building.

Mobius Zero fires the linear cannon continuously at the hiding enemies.

The Triumph Armor team inside the building found that the building could not withstand the continuous bombing, so they could only escape from the building immediately and rushed outside.

As a result, it directly collided with a suppression force of the Tianyi Army.

"Fire!" The quick-responsive Tianyi Army suppressing troops immediately raised their guns and fired, and the armored troop carrier also fired 35mm anti-aircraft machine guns.

The Triumph A squad that escaped from the building in embarrassment was directly shot and killed by the suppression forces.

A group of triumphant armor warriors used the defense system devices inside the building to beat the ground troops of the Sky Wing Army outside into a mess.

"Help, help, we are suppressed by the enemy's firepower, we have suffered heavy casualties here, we can't fight back effectively at all!" The captain called for help through a headset communication.

Gatling trucks, armored troop carriers, drones, etc. were blown up, and smoke was everywhere, and there were even some dilapidated corpses on the ground, all of which were blown to death by artillery shells and missiles.

"Watch out for snipers!"

The suppression team originally wanted to counter-sniper, but at the moment they were suppressed by firepower and could not pursue the enemy's snipers at all.

Dozens of floating cannons suddenly fell from the sky. The highly maneuverable action combined with the shooting shot destroyed all the defense system devices in an instant, and even evaporated the snipers who were about to shoot coldly with their beams.

The suppressing troops, who were suppressed by the firepower, looked up and saw a Demeter in the sky. In addition to controlling the floating cannon to attack, they fired beams of light from both hands to bombard the building.

After a round of bombing, Demeter glanced at his fellow ground troops and left the scene.

After some simple counting of the ground troops who had just been beaten, they continued to move forward.

Heavy fighting is still going on around the number 5 nuclear power engine.

The console is heavily hacked at the moment.

Oberon, Fafnir, and Demeter each have one, and the magic book mode is activated at the same time. Once the white, red, and cyan three-color magic book mode is activated, as long as the distance between the three machines is less than 10 kilometers.

The effect of the magic book mode will not only increase several times, but also the mental abilities of the surrounding new humans (only if we wear the Spartan suit II) will increase their mental abilities.

Moreover, the mental power of the enemy new humans within the effect range will be suppressed or restricted, and their abilities will be greatly reduced.

Even the surrounding communication network may be paralyzed.

The three-color magic book is connected, with the white magic book as the center point, and a diameter of 30 kilometers is within the effect range of the three-color magic book. However, once a machine exceeds the specified range, the effect of the three-color magic book will be cancelled.

When the effect of the three-color magic book was displayed, the Triumph Armored Warriors on the ground had many new human warriors with weak comprehensive abilities, and they immediately felt abnormal headaches.

Some soldiers even had a splitting headache, unable to fight and could only roll around screaming with their heads in their arms.

Amethyst and Violet Holy Machine pilots, the comprehensive abilities of the new humans are mostly higher than those of the ground troops. Although they didn't feel any headaches, they sensed that their spirits seemed to be suppressed by something powerful. not come out.

The floating cannon couldn't be activated at all, either it fell directly on the ground, or when it was ejected from the body, the driver couldn't control it mentally and fell directly to the ground.

Within the range of the effect of the three-color magic book, the ms and ground troops of the Dion Pirates were directly tied.

"We were under fire."

"Help, help, we are overwhelmingly defeated and completely suppressed by the enemy, we are almost unable to hold on."

"Come for reinforcements, come for reinforcements!"

"Damn it, the communication network is completely disconnected and completely paralyzed!"

"Can't call for help!"

The combat effectiveness of the Amethyst and the Violet Holy Machine without floating cannons has directly weakened a lot, and the Violet Holy Machine has been suppressed by mass-produced Gundams such as the Delta and the Full Armor MkIII at this moment.

More than half of the Triumph Armor fighters fell into a state of being unable to fight, and some Triumph Armor fighters who died in battle were shot and killed by the enemy when they were rolling on the ground with a splitting headache.

Taking advantage of the prevailing situation, the Tianyi Army's ground suppression troops rushed into the console of the nuclear power engine like a bamboo shoot.

Blowing open the console door, the console staff were also wearing triumphal armor, but more than half of them lost their fighting ability and rolled around with their heads in their arms. The rest fought hard, but ended up being shot to death by the Tianyi army.

When the Tianyi Army replenished the guns of the remaining triumphant armor warriors who were rolling around with their heads in their arms, they found that some triumphant armor warriors couldn't bear the pain of splitting headaches, so they lifted their helmets and shot at their temples to relieve them.

The Skywing Army began typing on the console and shutting down the nuclear engines.

"Sir, this nuclear engine is code-named No. 5, and it is one of the engines that supplies the energy shield."

"Sir, find the location of other nuclear power engines from their database."

As the captain, the officer began to convey the obtained information to the superior.

At this time, the chief heard his subordinates say: "It's strange, why don't our country manufacture more of those types of airframes, so that when they launch special abilities, our ground combat troops will be much more relaxed."

The chief glanced at the subordinate who had just spoken, and he himself wanted to know why Fafnir and Demeter didn't make more?

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 1009: Three-color magic book mode effect and No. 5 nuclear power engine forced to shut down