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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 1008: Fafnir and Demeter

Oberon, F90, and G-First-DX Gundam can not only suppress the Amethyst Holy Machine, but can even restrain the Violet Holy Machine in some aspects.

As long as the F90 is properly equipped, it can easily suppress the Violet Holy Machine in some situations.

G-First-DX Gundam can also suppress the Violet Holy Machine as long as the driver uses the Secomus frame.

Oberon also turned on the White Magic Book mode, which can completely crush the Violet Holy Machine.

At the scene, the guards guarding the No. 5 nuclear power engine knew all about the enemy's equipment and airframes.

However, there were two mechatronics, and the mechatronics that were not recorded in their databases appeared on the battlefield.

One is a blue-like Gundam MS, the other is a pink body with a sharp one-eyed head, a slender and feminine body, and three sets of propulsion wings installed on the back of the MS.

There is no information on the two Ms Dion Pirates at all, and their combat capabilities are no less than the three mass-produced Gundams of Oberon, F90, and G-First-DX Gundam.

The blue sample is called Fafnir, and the pink sample is called Demeter.

Fafnir, Demeter, and Oberon also have a special device called the magic book mode. The magic mode of the former is called the blue magic book, and the latter is called the red magic book.

The sample model of Fafnir's head is similar to ZZ Gundam, and it can also fire head cannons. The backpack box ZZ Gundam used is the same model, and a huge shield is mounted on the shoulder mechanical arms. There is a large-caliber beam cannon at the front of the shield.

The backpack has two pairs of cannons, and the cannon mode can be switched to beam saber mode.

Fafnir used a high-power beam weapon to suppress the Violet Holy Machine, and the driver was also a new human. In addition to dodging the opponent's floating cannons with their perception ability, they also used high-power weapons to shoot down some of their floating cannons.

The Violet Holy Machine dodged Fafnir's attacks continuously, and used the remaining floating cannon to attack Fafnir, interrupting Fafnir's attack, forcing Fafnir to dodge and counterattack the floating cannon.

Taking advantage of Fafnir's counterattack, the Violet Holy Machine immediately increased the thrust of the thrusters, rushed towards Fafnir, and drew out the beam saber to slash at Fafnir.

After Fafnir killed all the remaining floating cannons of the opponent, the pilot had already anticipated the opponent's purpose.

Taking advantage of the moment when the opponent was approaching, he immediately pulled out the cannon barrel on the backpack, switched to beam saber mode, and directly resisted the beam saber coming.

"Dididi..." An alarm sounded from the cockpit of the Violet Holy Machine. The output of the beam saber was not as strong as that of Fafnir, and it was suppressed by the opponent.

The Violet Holy Machine retreated immediately, and the driver immediately turned on the [Enhancement] mode.

Seeing this, the Fafnir driver turned on the cyan magic book in the magic book mode. The cyan magic book is different from the white magic book (Note: It is different from the original, this is a series of modifications made by the author, if any I don't like it, please forgive me).

The latter can improve the comprehensive mental ability of new humans during the period of opening the white magic book mode. It can use Minov particles to double interfere with the communication ability of the enemy target and affect the receiving ability, as well as improve the driver's spiritual connection and communicate with each other. The device can create a spiritual connection with other new human beings.

The cyan magic book is a little different. In addition to improving the driver's surrounding perception ability, premonition ability and crisis sensing ability, the detection area of ​​the body is doubled, and the performance of the body is also improved, especially the thrust of the beam weapon is directly doubled.

When the Violet Holy Machine was in booster mode, at the moment it rushed towards the opponent, it made a high-speed movement and circled behind Fafnir, preparing to pierce the opponent's cockpit with a sword.

With a quick turn, Fafnir directly blocked the opponent's attack.

What the pilot of the Violet Holy Plane couldn't believe was the more intense siren sound from the cockpit. In the booster mode, the thrust of the weapon was obviously increased by more than 30%, but the situation of being suppressed by the opponent was worse than before the booster mode .

"Damn it, it seems that he has also activated a special mode, but it is stronger than my enhanced mode." The driver immediately steered the Violet Holy Machine to retreat.

"what happened?"

Fafnir's pilot was the first to stop the retreat of the Violet Holy Machine.

No matter how the Violet Holy Machine retreats, Fafnir can immediately intercept it, and even launch an attack to interrupt the next move of the Violet Holy Machine.

Fafnir held the beam rifle in his left hand and fired, while the opponent's dodging trajectory, the shield beam cannon on his left arm fired.

The pilot of the Violet Holy Machine couldn't believe that he was caught by the opponent's trajectory at the moment of dodging, making him unable to dodge, so he could only use the shield in his left hand to open the protective cover.

However, under the blessing of the cyan magic book mode, Fafnir doubled the power of the beam cannon, more than one shot pierced through the protective cover, and the shield and the entire left arm of the Violet Holy Machine were directly swallowed.

The driver did not expect that the opponent's beam output was beyond imagination.

What's worse is that Fafnir's reaction is higher than that of the Violet Holy Machine regardless of speed. Fafnir holds the beam saber in both hands and rushes towards the one-armed Violet Holy Machine.

The Violet Holy Machine couldn't dodge the attack at all, and used the beam saber with one arm to block the first enemy beam saber, and the second beam saber that followed couldn't dodge at all, and the entire machine was cut open in the middle.

On the other side, one of Demeter turned on the magic book mode, the red magic book.

The Red Magic Book doubles the ability of the new human driver to control the mind on the original basis, and also expands the detection ability of the body, so that the driver can know all the wind and grass within the specific detection range.

And in the red magic book mode, the driver can act with thinking or imagination while controlling all floating cannons.

Demeter released 30 floating cannons from the three sets of propulsion wings. In the driver's imagination, the 30 floating cannons formed a huge dancing flower.

The dancing flowers sent out countless beams of light, which immediately knocked out the opponent, Violet Holy Machine, and ran away.

In addition to opening the protective cover with the shield in the left hand, the driver of the Violet Holy Machine opened the protective cover mode with 8 floating cannons.

Based on the imagination of the driver of Demeter, the dancing flowers spread out like petals, and 30 floating cannons performed a flower-like movement around Demeter.

The 30 floating cannons move like fallen leaves, firing beam rays at the moment of fluttering, and the 30 beam rays hit the target in all directions.

Demeter's palms also emitted light beams to attack the target.

The protective cover mode of the 8 floating cannons of the Violet Holy Machine could not withstand the continuous attack of 30 floating cannons. Finally, at the moment of collapse, the driver turned on the booster mode.

At the moment when the performance of the Violet Holy Machine was improved, the thrusters were fully activated, and a sprint rushed upwards to avoid the beam rays.

The Demeter driver had already anticipated the opponent's next move, and switched his hands to beam saber mode to block the opponent.

The Violet Holy Machine was about to turn and dodge, but 30 floating cannons directly attacked from different directions.

Although most of the attacks were dodged, a small part of the beam cannon rays still hit the Violet Holy Machine.

The 30 floating cannons were mentally controlled by the driver of Demeter, misplaced and cross-fired.

In the end, the violet holy machine fell full of holes and turned into a ball of fireworks.

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 1008: Fafnir and Demeter