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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 1007: Nuclear Power Engine No. 5

While everyone was exchanging information, at the same time, a suppression force seized a communication station.

The communication station can send signal flares, the main reason is the relationship between Minov particles, which will cause the communication between Akdilla's modified meteorite and external troops to be unsmooth, so signal flares are used to issue instructions.

The Tianyi Imperial Army often has red and blue army simulated battles, and it is very experienced to use signal flares to notify teammates.

The suppression force immediately manipulated the communication console and sent out flares to inform them of the internal situation.

Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan received the information and knew that there were still many fellow troops fighting inside Akdilla's modified meteorite, so he immediately stepped up his attack on Akdilla's modified meteorite, making sure to destroy the protective cover so that more troops could enter the interior to fight. destroy.

Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan initially planned to destroy the Akdilla modified meteorite, but the protective cover of the Akdilla modified meteorite prevented their own weapons from being defeated in one blow.

I had no choice but to use the second plan to suppress the interior. Of course, the suppression will also bring a benefit, that is, to obtain the technology of transforming meteorites from Akdilla, and to study their energy shields and super laser cannons. .

Moreover, the energy shield Akdila transformed into the meteorite is equivalent to the most advanced shield shield they are currently studying on the Noahs.

It is estimated that there may be scientists in the Dion pirate group who have made a breakthrough in the energy shield technology owned by the Dion Empire, reaching the same level as the most advanced shield protection cover of the Noahs.

Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan had to admire, in terms of energy shield technologies such as battleships and space fortresses, this was better than the Tianyi Empire.

It was the emperor Long Fei who they regarded as a god.

As far as energy shield technology is concerned, although there are also developments such as I position, beam shield, etc., they are still slightly behind.

But such weapons as the Super Mega Cannon Particle Cannon, the weapons developed by Emperor Longfei are not only inferior to the Dion Empire, but also the most advanced offensive weapons of the Noahs.

The power of the wing-killing cannon is estimated to be slightly stronger than the super mega cannon particle cannon, but it has a huge caliber and relies on the nuclear power engine inside the meteorite to supply energy.

A meteorite with a volume of more than 100 kilometers in diameter emits a super laser cannon with an effective range of only about 1,000 kilometers.

Its volume is far smaller than that of the Space Fortress Bulg that Akdilla transformed into a meteorite. The power of the Bulg Cannon it emits is several times that of the Super Mega Cannon, and its effective range reaches about 5 million kilometers.

If there is no greater crisis coming from another attack, the Burger cannon of Battlestar Bulger can destroy Akdilla's modified meteorite.

Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan thought: "If the suppression force inside the meteorite destroys a nuclear engine that supplies the protective cover, then the next battle will not be so difficult."

Fierce battles ensued around the location of the No. 5 nuclear power engine inside Akdilla's modified meteorite.

Some suppression forces rushed to the position of the No. 5 nuclear power engine one after another, fighting with the local guards.

The guard troops are all holy machines, most of them are amethyst, and a small part is the violet holy machine as the leader machine.

A Violet Holy Machine launched 8 floating cannons to attack the G-First-DX Gundam in all directions.

The G-First-DX Gundam pilot senses the trajectory of the opponent's floating cannon with the help of the Secomyle skeleton.

G-First-DX Gundam dodges, and each floating cannon beam can only pass by the side of the Gundam body.

The pilot of the Violet Holy Machine felt annoyed for a while, every time he took a floating cannon attack, the opponent could dodge it first.

The G-First-DX Gundam driver has begun to gradually master the Secomou skeleton, and the rhythm of the entire battle has begun to be led by him.

G-First-DX Gundam's EX cannon twin shots instantly penetrate 2 floating cannons.

"What!" The pilot of the Violet Holy Machine was very surprised and couldn't believe it. The mass-produced Gundam who had been dodging the attack suddenly counterattacked and hit his floating cannon.

The next scene made the pilot of the Violet Holy Machine even more unbelievable: "How is this possible!"

G-First-DX Gundam first launches the micro-missile inside the wing shield. When the floating cannon is dodging, G-First-DX Gundam's two-handed beam rifle and beam submachine gun fire continuously.

The G-First-DX Gundam pilot uses the Secomyle frame to master the dodge trajectory of the opponent's floating cannon, and fires pre-emptively on the dodge trajectory, hitting the floating cannon with one blow.

The remaining 6 floating cannons were shot down in less than five seconds with the G-First-DX Gundam driver using the Secomo skeleton.

The pilot of the Violet Holy Machine seemed to have discovered something at this time, and said to himself in horror: "Could this be the Ms mental skeleton of the Tianyi Imperial Army? Could it be that they are ready for mass production?"

The Violet Holy Machine pilot seemed to see the spirit of the G-First-DX Gundam from the screen.

"Damn it, we haven't been able to mass-produce our mental augmentation devices, and we haven't even mass-produced the mental skeleton we developed ourselves. As a result, the Tianyi Imperial Army has already developed a mass-produced mental skeleton."

G-First-DX Gundam's cyan eyes turned into yellow eyes at this time, and the output of the beam emitted exceeded the previous state of cyan eyes.

The Violet Holy Machine holds beam cannons in both hands and confronts the EX cannon of G-First-DX Gundam.

As a result, his output was not as good as that of his opponent, and he was directly suppressed.

Fortunately, the driver of the Violet Holy Machine reacted quickly and discarded the two beam cannons to get out of the way. The EX cannon directly swallowed the two beam cannons.

G-First-DX Gundam suddenly rushed to the Violet Holy Machine in an instant, holding beam swords in both hands and smashing towards the Violet Holy Machine.

The pilot of the Violet Holy Machine couldn't believe that the G-First-DX Gundam in front of him was so fast, and the machine hastily pulled out the beam saber with both hands to block it.

G-First-DX Gundam's eye color changes from green to yellow. The light emitted by the skeleton will leak from the front of the head antenna. When the body is overheated, the beam sabers on the body's shoulders and waist will forcefully release excess energy.

The beam sword that was forced to release energy directly pierced through the Violet Holy Machine, and the pilot of the Violet Holy Machine never thought that the other party would do this until his death.

After the G-First-DX Gundam Pilot killed the opponent, the Secomus skeleton stopped working, and the eye color changed to blue.

"I didn't expect that His Majesty's Niu Gundam Spiritual Skeleton could develop a weakened version for mass production. The Secomou Skeleton made my mental senses sharper and better able to capture the surrounding movements."

Then the driver watched from the screen that battles were still taking place in some places, and his colleagues were fighting hard to break through the enemy's defense line.

Ground suppression forces are on the assault.

Although the No. 5 nuclear engine was attacked by some light beams, there is a protective cover outside the engine to protect it from any damage.

"The target has a protective cover, and a powerful weapon must be used to break through and do damage!"

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 1007: Nuclear Power Engine No. 5