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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 1006: Akdilla Transforms Meteorites to Accelerate

If ordinary people undergo gene implantation, they will basically die on the operating table in the first stage.

Level-1 enhanced transformation fighters can also undergo gene implantation surgery, but most of the first-level enhanced transformation fighters are unwilling to undergo gene implantation surgery, except for psychological problems and do not want to transform themselves into a beastman form.

The main reason is that they would rather accept the second level of enhanced transformation. The physical fitness of the fighters with the second level of enhanced transformation is several times higher than that of the beast warriors in their normal state.

Some second-level strengthened fighters can rely on combat skills and fighters in the animal state to deal with them. As soon as the time for the animalized fighters expires, the animalized fighters will immediately return to their original state, so the second-level strengthened fighters will win the fruits of victory.

More importantly, secondary enhancement surgery is not as risky as gene implantation surgery.

100 special forces (without undergoing any surgery) may have 20 failures for gene implantation and transformation, and the mortality rate of operation failure is more than 0.00. Although the 20 special forces who fail the operation will not cause physical disabilities, their physical quality will decline, and there may even be It may be difficult to improve even after hard work the day after tomorrow.

If a first-level enhanced fighter undergoes gene implantation, the failure rate of gestures may only be 10%. However, for a failed first-level enhanced fighter, his physical fitness may drop sharply, and he may have to work hard the day after tomorrow, or go through another round of first-level enhanced fighters. Enhanced surgery.

On the contrary, if a first-level strengthened fighter receives surgical promotion for a second-level strengthened fighter, the failure may be only a few points.

Some special forces would be willing to undergo gene implantation and transformation surgery, because although the process of undergoing a transformation operation is painful, it is at least much better than a first-level enhanced fighter. If a first-level soldier wants to undergo a second-level enhanced surgery transformation Pain one more time.

Even second-level strengthened fighters may not be able to defeat animalized fighters.

Once a Triumph Armor warrior is attacked by a Beast Warrior, they will basically be suppressed. Even a Beast Warrior can suppress a Triumph Armor Warrior without Beast Transformation. Beast Transformation only kills the opponent in the shortest time.

The Triumph Armor warrior has undergone surgical transformation, and his basic physical fitness is equivalent to that of a first-level modified warrior. The Tianyi Army's first-level strengthened warrior is wearing a Spartan battle suit II, and the two are 55 points apart.

The second-level strengthened fighters all wear Spartan Battlesuit Type II, which can completely suppress the Triumph Armored Warriors. The Spartan Battlesuit Type II worn by the Beast Warriors is named Animal Spartan Battlesuit Type II.

Dikla received a report at this time. From the camera, he saw that the second-level strengthened fighter suppressed the triumphant armor warrior, and even saw the change in the figure of the beast warrior, and killed the triumphant armor warrior in a short time.

"What the **** is this?"

Dikla really didn't know whether these shape-shifting beast warriors were humans or monsters.

"Drip." Another piece of information came from a document, and Dikla opened it to take a look. The content was that the Akdilla-modified meteorite was only less than 8 million kilometers away from Mars.

At this moment, Dikla is a little worried that he will encounter GX9900 and GXBIT, because the satellite microwave cannons launched by these two airframes, if there are 12 satellite microwave cannons, they can directly penetrate the energy protection shields supplied by the three nuclear power engines.

However, the satellite microwave cannon has an effective range of about 500 kilometers, which makes Dikla somewhat relieved.

"The second phase of the plan is almost being implemented."

Dikla stepped out of the cockpit and looked at the 800 Violet Holy Machines in his special hangar.

All the drivers of the Violet Holy Machine are ready to go, waiting for the order of their Royal Highness, the eldest grandson.

"Everyone, our final battle is coming. We can sense the vibration of the meteorite from time to time. It is because someone else is using their powerful weapons to smash our meteorite into pieces."

"Even if the meteorite can be shattered by them, they will never want to shatter the pride of our Dion Empire people. The compatriots who are suffering on Mars have been oppressed and enslaved by the Sky Wing Empire. They have been waiting for our rescue."

"If they can't be rescued by us, they would rather die. We must do our best to save them. If we can't save them, we will use meteorites to destroy Mars. Go with them to meet our great emperor Fadis, Kneel and apologize before the great emperor."

"Everyone, are you afraid of this battle?"

"not afraid!

! "

"Will you live and die with me?"

"Will! Will!"

Akdilla's modified meteorite is less than 7.5 million kilometers away from Mars, and the fifth wing-killing cannon is fired.

Just when the second battery has been replenished, the sixth round of the wing cannon can be launched.

The nuclear power engine responsible for supplying the battery is now transferred to Akdilla to modify the meteorite thruster, increasing the original speed by 50% in an instant.

The speed of Akdilla's transformation of the meteorite suddenly increased, which caught the surrounding Tianyi Army fleet by surprise.

Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan immediately made some command changes.

Akdilla transformed the interior of the meteorite, and the fighting troops were also somewhat affected at the moment. The vibration and instability came from inside, and many people suddenly fell to the ground when they were fighting in some gravity areas.

Akdilla modified the exterior of the meteorite, and most of the defensive turrets and missile wells were destroyed. If there were no energy defense shields, more Tianyi Army Ms troops and suppression troops would rush into Akdilla to modify the meteorite.

However, in external battles, most of the Amethyst and Violet Holy Machines have been shot down.

Many Tianyi Army Ms entered Akdilla to transform the interior of the meteorite one after another.

A jammer somewhere was destroyed by the Skysurfing.

Both the ground troops and Ms have found that their communication has recovered somewhat smoothly, and their companions farther away can also communicate.

"It seems that there are still some jammers nearby. As long as we destroy some more, the communication will be smoother." The commander of the suppressing and annihilating army said.

Not far from the zero-gravity zone, a Ms battle is taking place.

A Violet Holy Machine is fighting Oberon Gundam.

There are also 2 Amethysts and Deltas fighting the MkIV.

Armored full armor MkIII and Delta immediately entered the fray.

Oberon Gundam's extra mechanical arm attacks the Violet Holy Machine at close range with a beam saber.

The pilot of the Violet Holy Machine was careless for a moment. He didn't expect that the opponent's body had an extra mechanical arm, and his legs were cut off by the opponent in close combat.

The pilot of the Violet Holy Machine retreated immediately, and suddenly a hot feeling made him lose consciousness.

The Oberon Gundam pilot saw a cyan light beam passing across the chest of the Violet Holy Machine from the screen, and the whole machine separated from the chest, and then turned into a ball of fireworks.

The Oberon Gundam pilots didn't even know where the attack came from.

Immediately afterwards, the bodies of the two Amethyst Holy Machines that were fighting were split into two one after another, and then turned into fireworks.

The pilots of the mass-produced Gundam were puzzled and didn't know what was going on.

The troops who were rushing to support were also dumbfounded for a while.

Suddenly, the outline of a bat-winged body became clearer and clearer, and a jet-black special Gundam appeared.

Dio observed the surroundings from the screen, and then conducted a round of communication with his colleagues to exchange information.

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 1006: Akdilla Transforms Meteorites to Accelerate