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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 1005: Beast Warrior

"It's a woman."

The captured amethyst pilot was a blond woman, looking at the Sky Winged Army in front of her with hatred.

Moreover, she also saw her former colleagues looking at each other with hatred and swallowing eyes, while the former colleagues were a little embarrassed and did not dare to meet her eyes.

"Traitor...traitor..." The woman said the word "traitor" word by word, and said it with gritted teeth.

At this time, another Tianyi mercenary kicked the woman in the face, kicked the woman down, and stepped on the woman's face.

"The remnants of the previous dynasty have fallen into my hands. I am a member of the Longsog Kingdom. I will not let you, the remnants of the previous dynasty. I will treat you well."

"Hmph, if you want to kill or cut, it's up to you." The woman rolled her eyes and then closed them.

At this time the captain said: "Find a way to pry this woman's mouth open and ask for the information we want."

The Tianyi Army who stepped on the woman's face smiled and said: "No problem Captain, believe me, there are many companions here who will love her as much as I do, and let her speak out obediently."

The captain heard what he meant, and said, "Don't overdo it. We are the Tianyi Imperial Army, not those terrorists, pirates or outlaws. I can allow you to use torture to extract confessions, but I don't allow you to enter the port by force."

After hearing this, the subordinate could only shrug his shoulders, bent down and grabbed the female prisoner's hair with one hand, dragged the female prisoner to another place, and other colleagues followed behind.

After watching his subordinates drag the female prisoner to another place, the captain ordered some subordinates who mastered technical communication and software technology to check the internal communication data of the cockpit of the Amethyst Holy Plane, and check what channel or line they were using. There will be no sudden disconnection when communicating internally.

There is also cracking the software inside the cockpit of their aircraft to view the data and database of the aircraft.

The technicians were cracking the software for a while. On the other side, the female prisoner let out an inhumane scream, and her left knee was drilled open with an electric drill.

"Are you going to talk? Tell me your purpose this time."

The female prisoner has been tortured beyond human appearance, and now she just wants to die for relief.

"We...our battle this time...don't care about the outcome at all. We just want to smash meteorites on Mars, so that...letting your Tianyi Empire rule is worse than just destroying it."

"Also, the meteorite flying over from Jupiter is your fault, right?"

"What Jupiter domain, I don't know."

"Why can't we contact the outside world for a while, what technology do you use to cut off our communication?"

The female captive, who couldn't stand the torture, told everything she knew until she told everything she knew.

The Tianyi Army, who was in charge of torture and interrogation, saw that the female prisoner had told everything she knew, and they couldn't find any information after further talking, so they directly sent the female prisoner to the first floor.

The technicians in charge of cracking have already carried out some reverse tracing at this moment, and have also carried out some restoration and reverse tracing from the track traces of the amethyst holy plane.

Find out the structure of the inner part of the meteorite modified by Akdila, and find out their communication channel rate.

The captain of the suppression annihilation team ordered the technicians to try to eavesdrop on the communication channel of the Dion Pirates to see if they could get useful information.

The captain ordered the other communications soldiers to convey the news to other fellow troops, and even ordered the communications soldiers to inform the superiors outside of the information they had just obtained from the female captives.

"Captain, I can't convey it."

"It seems that their protective cover has been opened."

The technician in charge of deciphering the database of the Amethyst Holy Machine said: "Captain, I found out that there are some special jammers inside them, which are designed to target the internal enemy's communications and information, etc."

"Is there a location where these jammers were found?"

"Some of them were found, and the captains discovered an important location."

"What important place?"

"That's where one of the nuclear engines of this meteorite is located. It's just that I don't know whether this nuclear engine supplies a super laser cannon or a protective cover."

"Convey this news to other fellow troops." The captain instructed the communications soldier.

The Delta pilot adjusted the communication channel and contacted the lost colleague, the original 4-machine squadron, and he and another man who was driving a full-armored MKⅢ happened to be not far away from him.

A fully armored MkIII with a missing left arm came to the scene, and the Delta pilot learned from his colleagues that the other two colleagues had been killed.

He was attacked by a sneak attack before, although he killed the sneak attack team, he paid a heavy price.

Delta and Full Armor MkIII are temporarily operating with the Suppressive Annihilator Force.

Akdilla transformed the Skywing Army inside the meteorite, and received the location of one of the nuclear power engines, as well as the location of a part of the jammer.

Part of the troops went to the location of the nuclear power engine, and the other part went to search for jammers for destruction.

"Damn it, why are these people's bodies deformed?" a triumphant armored warrior exclaimed.

Because the figure of the soldier wearing the Spartan battle suit II in front of him has changed, and his figure has become more burly, and even the covering helmet has been deformed, and the covering gloves have also changed into animal claws.

Man also sprawled on the ground on all fours like a beast.

The triumphant armored warrior immediately raised his gun and opened fire. The opponent lying on the ground with all four limbs moved very sharply. He not only avoided the bullet, but also ran towards him with both hands and feet, faster than a cheetah.

The Triumph Armored Warrior fired continuously, but was completely avoided by the opponent, and the opponent could even fly over the wall.

When the opponent was about to pounce in front of him, the triumphant armor warrior immediately drew out his dagger with his right hand and stabbed at him, but the opponent not only avoided his dagger with a difficult move, but also passed over his head and fell behind him in an instant.


The beast-like Sky Winged Army ejected a scimitar from each arm guard, and the violent impact and sharp blade penetration directly defeated the energy shield of the Triumph Armored Warrior.

A pair of palms like animal claws waved one after another. The first claw and the second claw directly set off violent sparks on the back armor of the triumphant armored warrior.

The third claw directly tore open the back armor of the Triumph Armor. Although the Triumph Armor warrior reacted, the opponent reacted faster than him, knocking him down to the ground with a direct impact.

Hands like animal claws penetrated directly from the back of the triumphant armored warrior, grabbed the heart and pulled it out. After the triumphal armored warrior lost his heart, his whole body convulsed and lost his life.

The Sky Winged Army holding the heart saw that the warm heart was still beating, and twisted it hard.

The colleagues at the scene were like him, and their body shapes had changed. Some of them became huge, reaching about four meters. It is a pair of arms and fists that become huge.

No matter how their bodies changed, all the deformed Tianyi soldiers had already killed all the triumphant armored soldiers on the spot.

If the Tianyi soldiers at the scene took off the Spartan battle suit II, everyone would exclaim that the appearance of these soldiers has been deformed, just like the orcs in the fantasy novel.

These Sky Wing Army fighters are genetically modified fighters. They have been implanted with beast genes. Once they are used, they will be affected by the genes, and their bodies will change into the form of beast genes.

Such as werewolf, bear man, King Kong man, etc., the burst ability after transformation is more than ten times their basic all-round ability.

Once transformed, it is called beast form, and these fighters have a title, beast warrior.

Long Fei had already sent some beast warriors to the battlefield for actual combat tests during the operation to destroy the Weng.

When some locations in the Dion Empire were attacked by beast warriors, although a few locations had recorded relevant data, they could not be communicated to the superiors because they were interfered by Minov particles and neutron jammers at that time.

Even if they wanted to convey the news by telegram or an old envelope, they were still intercepted by the killing troops.

So Dion Empire headquarters did not receive this news, nor did Dikla receive this news when he left.

Even if a beast warrior does not transform into a beast form, the general form is stronger than the physical ability of a first-level strengthened warrior.

Fighting under the same conditions, the untransformed beast warriors can suppress three first-level strengthened fighters.

Moreover, after years of research and clinical testing, the technology of genetically implanted fighters has matured. Although the overall strength is not as good as the early beast fighters, it is worse than safety.

It's just that soldiers who want to undergo gene implantation transformation must have a strong body, and must accept the most rigorous special forces training, as well as have a strong mental and conscious endurance.

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 1005: Beast Warrior