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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 1004: Internal communication is unstable

This made the Tianyi Empire people who were born in the Kingdom of Leinke and the Kingdom of Longsog very dissatisfied, no matter what department they were born in the Kingdom of Dion.

When the underground organizations were wiped out back then, civil servants or soldiers born in these two countries participated very actively. Since the former Dion Empire people who belonged to them could not be slaughtered, then to kill those remnants of the previous dynasty who were unwilling to submit to the Tianyi Empire, then So don't be merciful and do it actively.

This time to capture the ghost and deal with the Dion Pirates, the Tianyi Imperial Army, which was born in these two countries, was very active in the battle, especially in catching the ghost.

Those who were born in the Dion Empire in the Tianyi Empire also dislike the people of these two countries, and they are basically in a state of open and secret fighting.

For the internally stable Tianyi Empire, this kind of thing is very troublesome. In addition to observing the inner hatred between each other, when joining any team, try not to let people from these three countries be in the same unit or team, unless their Only by letting go of the hatred in our hearts can we be safely incorporated into the same army.

But how many people can let go of hatred?

The suppression and annihilation team began to count the number of poor bandits, 42 were killed, 32 were seriously injured, and 58 were moderately injured.

More than half of the seriously injured need to be treated with medical nanomachine cabins.

Fortunately, the airship has two medical nanomachine cabins to treat these injuries.

Others have a dose of healing gel and it's fine.

The captain began to mobilize, leaving 36 people first, taking 18 seriously injured to the airship for treatment, and the rest went to the next target.

The big poisonous snake and other airframes opened the way ahead, followed by the suppressing and annihilating army.

Suddenly a delta was suppressed by an amethyst holy machine and pushed out from a passage.

The two mechas use beam sabers to fight each other, and Delta's beam thrust is not as good as the opponent's, and even the thrusters are not as good.

Delta's back was directly attached to the ground, and was pushed by the opponent to an inflection point channel. The head of the body hit the wall, causing the screen to jump frequency.

The Amethyst Holy Machine retreated immediately and prepared to switch weapons to deal the final blow to the opponent.

The Viper immediately attacked the Amethyst Holy Machine with a Gatling machine gun.

"I didn't expect there to be the Tianyi Imperial Army here." The Amethyst holy plane pilot was a little annoyed.

Mobius Zero, Linear Gun Tank and Gatling Truck attack simultaneously.

The shield in Amethyst Holy Machine's left hand split open, and a translucent protective cover popped out, blocking the incoming attacks.

The suppression of the Annihilation Army also began to prepare.

The Delta pilot looked at the screen that had returned to normal, and the Viper and other bodies were firing at the Amethyst Holy Machine.

The driver immediately controlled Delta to stand up, switched weapons with his right hand, and the Mega beam gun fired at the amethyst holy machine.

The Amethyst Holy Machine pilot was a little annoyed, he was confident that he could kill the mass-produced Gundam in front of him alone.

As a result, Cheng Yaojin was beaten halfway, and he was beaten in a hurry.

The Amethyst Holy Machine blocked it with a shield while dodging it.

Suddenly, several rockets attacked the side of the Amethyst Holy Machine.

The driver was careless for a while, and the body was hit by several rockets, which did not cause much damage to the body. In addition to a cloud of fireworks, the body was somewhat peeled off by the parts hit by the rockets.

The driver immediately looked at the 360-degree screen and saw ground troops.

"Damn, if I usually kill you with the cannon on the head." The driver was very annoyed, and now he had to deal with other specific attacks, and there was really no way to deal with the harassment of the ground troops.

What made him even more unexpected was that someone in the ground troops was so bold that he directly hooked his body with a grapple gun and rushed directly to the body.

Two Tianyi soldiers in Spartan uniforms leaped several times and landed on the head of the Amethyst Holy Machine. They each took out an electromagnetic bomb and placed it in front of the head camera.

The two placed bombs jumped away immediately, and the electromagnetic bombs were detonated at the same time.

"Damn it!" The driver looked at the screen in front of him, jumping and stopping one after another, and swears directly. Fortunately, the driver is a new human with a keen sense of crisis, and blocked most of the attacks with his intuition.

The 4 wired pods of the Mobius Zero contain two autocannons for an all-round attack.

Although the Amethyst Holy Machine dodged the attacks of two of the wired pods, the back waist and right leg joints were attacked. Although it didn't cause much damage, the whole body stopped moving.

Linear gun tanks and Gatling trucks attacked at the same time, and the Viper also fired at the Amethyst Holy Machine with its cannon beam cannon.

The shield in Amethyst Holy Machine's left hand blocked the attack, but the shield's endurance was about to reach its limit. One more beam cannon would directly cause the shield's protective cover to collapse.

The Amethyst Holy Machine pilot instinctively used the beam gun in his right hand to shoot at the position of the serpent.

A shot directly penetrated the cockpit of the Viper, and the Viper fell to the ground directly.

"Not good." The pilot of the Amethyst holy plane felt a sense of crisis.

Delta didn't know when he had jumped behind the amethyst holy body, and slashed down with his sword.

The Amethyst Holy Machine immediately turned to the side, but it was still a step too late, and the entire left arm was cut off.

The Amethyst Holy Machine, which had lost its shield, wanted to exit and flee the scene immediately. The 4 wired pods of the Mobius Zero contained two automatic cannons and launched an all-round attack.

This time, the propeller on the back was hit, which affected the speed of the entire body, and the electromagnetic gun of the linear gun tank hit the knee of the left leg of the Amethyst Holy Machine.

This shot directly shattered the knee of the Amethyst Holy Machine's left leg, and the entire body of the Amethyst Holy Machine, which lost its thigh below the knee, lost its balance.

The delta pilot seized the opportunity and immediately sprinted down the unbalanced amethyst holy machine, switched his right hand to a beam saber, and pierced the chest of the machine with a sword, just in time to hit the energy sensor.

The lights of the eyes of the Amethyst Holy Plane's head dimmed, and at the same time as Delta retreated, a few Sky Wings pounced on the cockpit of the Amethyst Holy Plane, and forcibly opened the cockpit by hand.

When the driver in the cockpit knew that he was defeated, he took out the weapon box under the driver's seat and took out a pistol to commit suicide, but the cockpit was forcibly opened.

The driver could only fire forward immediately, but the firepower of the pistol couldn't pierce the Spartan uniform at all. Several Skywing soldiers grabbed the target's hands and forcibly pulled them out.

The Amethyst Holy Machine pilot is also wearing triumphant armor. In a single fight, he can still suppress the Spartan battle uniform, but a few people are enough to overwhelm him.

The captain of the suppressing and annihilating team asked the Delta pilot some things, because the communication in Akdira's transformation of the meteorite was good and bad, and when he was communicating with his colleagues on the other side, the line would suddenly be disconnected.

So they wanted to know what was going on, and they had to exchange information when they met their colleagues.

The delta pilots didn't know what was going on, and they would cut off the communication from time to time. They guessed that there might be some jammers inside them that were specifically aimed at them.

This kind of situation is generally at an interval of about 500 meters, whether it is the ground troops or the airframe.

Unmanned airframes such as the Viper, if controlled by the Md system, will be affected from time to time, causing the combat capability of the entire airframe to fluctuate from time to time.

If the machine controlled by Harrow would not have such a problem, Harrow has its own simple judgment ability and maintains their combat capabilities, even if the communication is cut off, it will continue to fight with its own judgment.

The Triumph Armor of the Amethyst Holy Machine pilot was now roughly dismantled by the Skywing.

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 1004: Internal communication is unstable