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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 1003: Ongoing fighting within

Some sensors of the Wing Cannon were burned by the Super Mega Cannon Particle Cannon, thus affecting the function of the Wing Cannon.

The effective range and power are reduced by 15%, but the consumption is not reduced.

Dikla was a little annoyed. The wing-killing gun had to be adjusted before firing, otherwise, once the wing-killing gun fired, it would definitely cause some damage to the interior.

"Although there were some accidents, they did not affect the main plan." Dikla looked at the contents of the report and breathed a sigh of relief.

The third shot of the wing-killing gun fired, and the Yagama battleship completely avoided the wing-killing gun's super laser cannon.

Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan saw that the range of the wing-killing gun was not as good as the previous two rounds. It is estimated that some devices or facilities of the wing-killing gun in the previous super mega cannon particle bombardment affected the range.

Akdilla modified the meteorite to currently defend the turret and the missile well, and more than 50% were destroyed.

More and more Skywing Imperial Army MS and mobile fortresses landed on the surface of Akdira's modified meteorite.

The Akdila modified meteorite is currently about 8 million kilometers away from Mars.

The wing destroyer consumes 8 batteries in total, and only one of the consumed batteries is fully charged.

The internal battle is still going on, and as time progresses, more and more troops of the Tianyi Imperial Army's suppressing force break into Akdira's modified meteorite from different locations.

Intense exchanges of fire took place at different locations inside.

A suppression force of 300 people, composed of Spartan uniformed soldiers and machine gunners, was suppressed by the firepower of the defense system in a vast location.

All kinds of defensive devices popped up from the ground or from the walls, and machine guns, beams, and grenades fired continuously at the suppressing troops.

There is even a 50-man combat unit, the Triumph Armored Warriors, taking advantage of their familiarity with the environment, to snipe at the Tianyi Imperial Army from time to time.

"This is the first battalion of the first regiment of the first brigade suppressing and annihilating the troops. The enemy's defense system is too violent. We can't move forward. We need fire support."

"Got it, hold on for a minute."

"If you can, please hurry up, we have more than 1/3 of the casualties here."

The suppressing and annihilating troops suppressed by firepower have been dispersed at this moment, and some machine gunners were scattered and left alone, surrounded by several triumphant armored soldiers.

A soldier in Triumph Armor holds an anti-material sniper rifle. At a close range of less than 1 meter, the muzzle of the gun fires at the machine gunner's armor. A huge spark flashes from the machine gunner's armor, and a piece of the chest armor is broken. big hole.

Another Triumph armor soldier held a rifle and immediately fired at the chest of the broken armor, thus shooting and killing the machine gunner.

The triumphant soldier did not feel any joy after killing the machine gunner. Soon, the next target came from the headset.

The target just killed another colleague.

The 3 triumphant armored warriors immediately went to the next location.

A machine gunner stepped on a warrior whose armor had been torn apart and whose body was trampled to pieces. Gauss rifles suppressed two of these armored warriors.

The triumphant armor warriors could only dodge desperately, and one of the triumphant armor warriors also used the movement of flying over the eaves and walls to avoid the suppression of the firepower of the Gauss rifle, and then used the small propeller behind him to sprint at a high speed.

The right hand gathers energy and prepares to strike a knight fist on the machine gunner's head.

But the machine gunner reacted quickly, and directly used his huge fist to punch the triumphant armored warrior flying into the sky.

The machine gunner aimed his Gauss rifle at the triumphant armor soldier who had been knocked into the air. Seeing this, the other triumphant armor warrior immediately opened fire with his rifle, hoping to save his colleagues.

However, dozens of armor-piercing bullets could not penetrate the armor of the machine gunner at all.

The machine gunners also didn't care about this. With the trigger of the Gauss rifle, more than a dozen bullets directly pierced the energy armor of the triumphant armor warrior in midair. The bullets also penetrated the triumphant armor, killing the warrior on the spot.

The machine gunners went on to deal with the last Triumph Armor soldier, and suddenly there was an attack from the left, and countless bullets hit the left armor.

It turned out that there were three other Triumph Armored Warriors at the scene.

"Machine gunners, without high-power beams, it is basically difficult to burn through their armor."

"In close combat, if you don't have some external weapons, you can't fight them in close combat."

"Damn it, ten colleagues have been killed so far, and almost half of them were killed by machine gunners."

The machine gunners rushed directly to the reinforcement squad of Triumph Armored Warriors, sprinting at a speed of more than 50 per hour, forcing the reinforcement squad to dodge.

The machine gunner turned on the chainsaw and slashed at the nearest armored warrior.

The Triumph armor warriors didn't dare to connect the chainsaw hard, so they could only dodge one after another, and the other triumphant armor warriors rescued their colleagues.

Suddenly, a container flew towards one of the Triumph Armored Warriors.

The Triumph Armored Warrior made a somersault to avoid the oncoming container.

The container cracked open, and a triumphant armored warrior wearing a Spartan suit with melee weapons pounced on somersaults.

The triumphant armored warrior in plain clothes immediately stabilized his body and punched the enemy who was rushing towards him.

The melee armed Spartan warrior also punched. The moment the two fists collided, the melee armed armguards activated the explosive function, and a violent force spread to the entire fist. The violent impact directly hit the triumphant armored warrior. fly.


The fist of the triumphant armored soldier suffered a comminuted fracture.

Immediately afterwards, another burst of fierce firepower suppressed the other two Triumph Armored Warriors.

Another machine gunner appeared on the scene, and he was the one who threw the container just now.

The four Triumph Armor fighters played four against three on the spot. Although they had an advantage in numbers, they didn't think that they could win with the advantage in numbers.

Suddenly a shock wave hit everyone, and everyone looked towards the source of the shock wave.

It turned out that the defenses were suppressed by fire.

In addition to drones and Mobius Zero, there were also linear gun tanks, Gatling trucks and a Viper.

The drone first dropped a round of electromagnetic grenades, which directly overloaded and paralyzed many defensive devices.

Serpents and fighter jets and chariots were destroyed by fire.

The shock waves caused by the continuous explosions affected all the surrounding ground troops who were still fighting.

Knowing that they couldn't defend here, the remaining triumphant armored soldiers immediately retreated decisively.

The suppressing and annihilating army, who had been beaten very aggrieved before, would never let them go at this moment, and went after the triumphant armored soldiers who were about to retreat with all their strength.

There were several triumphant armor soldiers who had no time to escape from the scene, and were directly smashed into the air by the machine gunners. One of the triumphant armor soldiers was sawed in half by the machine gunners with a chainsaw.

When the other was caught by the machine gunner, a bomb fell directly, and then the machine gunner's huge pair of fists rained down on the triumphant armored soldier.

Although the armored warrior raised his arms to protect his head, the machine gunner's fists were powerful and powerful. The energy shield of the armored warrior collapsed in less than a minute, and he was finally beaten to pieces by the machine gunner.

There were also triumphant armor soldiers who were besieged and killed by several Spartan uniform soldiers.

"Fuck you bastards!"

"I really hope that more remnants of the previous dynasty will join this pirate group, so that we can kill as many **** as we want!"

Some colleagues in the army looked at the Spartan soldiers who spoke just now. Many people knew that the people who said such words were from the Kingdom of Lainke and the Kingdom of Longsog in the Martian circle.

What the people of these two countries hate the most is the Kingdom of Dion. The new humanism launched a war, and the people of these two countries were the first to throw themselves into the front line as cannon fodder.

Of course, their relatives were all held hostage, and they had no choice but to go to the front line to fight.

After the fall of the Dion Kingdom, a new empire, the Tianyi Empire, was born. Regardless of whether it was the people of the Dion Empire, the Leinke Kingdom, or the Longsog Kingdom, they all belonged to the people of the Tianyi Empire.

Because of this relationship, when the soldiers of these two countries saw that the original Dion Army and them were classified as the Tianyi Empire Army, their teeth were itchy with hatred in their hearts, and they wished to rush forward and fight each other with their lives.

It's just that the Tianyi Empire has already stipulated that the Dion Empire, the Leinke Kingdom, and the Longsog Kingdom are in the past. Now everyone is a member of the Tianyi Empire, and all grievances and grievances must be put aside, and personal revenge cannot be reported.

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 1003: Ongoing fighting within