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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter : Prologue My name is Long Fei

The body alarm clock woke me up, and I sat up on the bed and looked at the electronic alarm clock on the bedside table.

"My name is Long Fei. More than 20 years ago, I was an otaku who liked Gundam very much. Of course, I also liked some science fiction novels. In my free time, I spent my time on these things and never fell in love. For me, Gundam and my favorite science fiction are my whole life.”

"About 21 years ago, I bought my favorite Wing Zero Gunpla and was going home to assemble it when a car accident knocked me unconscious.

"When I regained consciousness, I was lying in a crib, and in my sight, I found that I was lying in the hospital, and I made a cry that was a baby's cry, which made the original baby cry. The nurses and sisters who handled the instruments were shocked, and rushed out of the ward to call the doctor. When the doctor checked me, he couldn't help being surprised and said that it was amazing that a dystocia baby who had been judged dead could miraculously back to life."

"Then I saw a majestic man with a Chinese character face, wearing a suit, rushed in, hugged me, and said with tears that God blesses his son to come back to life."

"It was only then that I realized that I was dead. The baby possessed by the reincarnated soul was already dead. It was my soul that entered his body to replace him."

"Then, I realized that I was reincarnated as a wealthy child. My mother in this life was a graceful and beautiful woman who picked me up. The father next to me, although his expression was serious, looked at me like a loving father. Besides me, I have three older sisters, the eldest sister is Long Kui, the second sister is Long Xuan, and the third sister is Long Wen."

"Then I found that the crib I was lying on and the surrounding equipment were different from what I knew. At first I thought I was reincarnated into a rich family, and the medical equipment was more advanced."

"Then when I was discharged from the hospital, listening to the radio and looking at the scenery outside, I found that the design of the car was different from what I knew, and it also had a sense of science fiction. After hearing the news broadcast by the radio guide, I realized It turned out that I had traveled to another world."

"I was born in this wealthy family, and my name in this life is Long Fei. To my surprise, all the things of Gundam are in my brain, and the brain and some technologies that appear in science fiction are also in my brain. And whether it’s Gundam or something in other science fiction novels, I have complete knowledge about it, and I can even disassemble it and redesign it.”

"In the third year of my birth, that is, my third birthday, I realized that the world I passed through through reincarnation is called the world of the earth circle. When I gradually grew up, I realized the meaning of the earth circle through which I was reincarnated. The history is different from the history of my last life, the history is different, but many things are still somewhat similar, such as characters, language, everything is the same, but this world is based on Chinese and English and has become the world’s two common languages.”

"If there is one thing that is different, it is that the earth in this life is nearly twice the size of the earth in the previous life."

"The earth circle of this world is much more advanced than my last one's technology. Human beings have gone to outer space. There are not only cosmic colonies similar to Gundam World, but also many countries have sent their own space forces to explore Mars and Jupiter. This time it is mainly Actions to extend the influence of various countries."

"At present, Mars has been transformed successfully, and some people on earth or residents of space colonies have begun to immigrate to Mars."

"Moreover, the lifespan of humans in this world is much longer than that of Blue Star's humans in the previous life. Humans in this life can live to about 200 years old. Although 18 years old is considered an adult, middle-aged people are still young." One is middle-aged when one is over 100, and one is old when one is 150."

"However, this world is not peaceful. When human beings have colonized outer space and alien planets, they gradually become greedy. Countries have launched wars to increase their power. Although this world also has nuclear bombs, those who can already run For people living in outer space and alien planets, the deterrence of nuclear bombs is not as strong as before, and the technology of defense missile systems is becoming more and more advanced. Since the laser defense system, the deterrent effect of nuclear missiles has become smaller. After many small countries have also developed this defense system, they are no longer afraid of the nuclear deterrence of big countries, which will lead to more violent wars."

"Although there is no large-scale war now, there are still small frictions in many places."

"Although the war has caused many people to experience pain, for me who was born in a wealthy family, such suffering is far away from me. Before the age of 16, I was a carefree young master. Apart from studying my In addition to these technologies of the brain, I have also studied many technologies of this world. In my past and present lives, I was a nerd, doing what I like to do."

"But after my 16th birthday, my parents in this life died in an accident when they went to outer space to discuss a business, and my three older sisters and I inherited a huge fortune from my parents. .”

"In the last life, my parents divorced long ago. I never felt the love from my parents. This time, I felt the love from my parents in this life. Their death made me cry for three days, and then I locked myself at home. For a period of time, I was a little decadent, but I also knew that I couldn’t continue to be decadent, and after thinking for a long time, I decided that the knowledge I gained in this life would make a difference.”

"When I was 21 years old after graduating from university, I handed over all the rich property left to me by my parents to my three sisters, and then I left a note to say goodbye to the three sisters, and went abroad alone. Space, decided to start a company in outer space to make a fortune.”

"The place where I am now is a meteorite field that is a long distance from the Earth's circle. It was originally an abandoned mining factory. Later, I bought it at a low price from the relevant departments of the country (Michaon) within the sphere of influence here. Get down to this abandoned factory, and then transform it into a factory for manufacturing arms and use it as a base for the mercenary group I set up."

"Although there are MS weapons like Mobile Suit Gundam in this world, Ms can also be called mechs. Of course, most of them are directly called MS, but MS is just a weapon that has just been put into the battlefield in this world, and its combat evaluation does not exceed that of battleships and warships. Fighter planes, at present the main armaments of war are warships and fighter planes.”

"As for my munitions manufacturing factory, the current main production is fighter jets."

"Di...di...di..." There was a sound from the table.

I glanced at the desktop and said, "Connected."

A set of three-dimensional virtual images are projected on the table top.

A three-dimensional virtual image is a middle-aged man with black skin and stubble in work clothes. He is the director of my manufacturing factory, and his name is Simmons.

"Boss, the mobile phone developed has been adjusted, please come and take a look, boss."

"I see, I'll come over later."

After hanging up the communication, I got up, changed my clothes, and walked out of the room. On the way, I met my best friend, Li Xiucheng.

He was my playmate when I was young. To say that his origin is different from mine, I was born in a merchant family, but he was born in a military family.

We are very different families, but we have become friends.

"Although Li Xiucheng has been educated like a soldier since he was a child, he doesn't have the rigid personality of a soldier, and he doesn't like the life of a soldier very much. I don't know if this guy has some brain problems. Compared with As a soldier, he prefers the life of a mercenary. Three years ago, he secretly retired without telling his family. I met him when I started a company there, but also because of his relationship, it happened that he helped me find this abandoned mining field. According to him, he and his troops sneaked into Michaon four years ago Wipe out a regiment of space pirates within the borders of the world."

"Because of his relationship, I set up two companies in one go. One is called Tianyi Arms Manufacturing Company and the other is called Tianyi Mercenary Group. At the beginning, I handed over the mercenary group to him to manage, but he quickly One of his uncles is also a retired school official who secretly called him and recommended his uncle to me. He would secretly call him over, mainly because he has a very good relationship with his uncle, and He once explained to me that he was only a second lieutenant in the army, and he was not suitable for managing an army at all, but his uncle was a colonel before retiring, and he must be better than him in managing an army. For his sake and recommendation, I will hand over the entire mercenary group to his uncle Li Jiaming to manage."

"Old Fei, are you going to the factory hangar now? Let's go together. Your mobile suit ms is so handsome, I can't wait to drive it immediately."

Li Xiucheng put his arm around my shoulder and patted me with a familiar attitude.

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter : Prologue My name is Long Fei