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Crimson Overlord
Chapter 7

“Mm… Nn…”

Sunlight shone through the curtains and fell on the young man’s eyelids, stirring him from sleep. He opened his crimson eyes and looked beside him.

Before him was a pair of breasts, rising and falling in a gentle, constant rhythm. The pajamas covering them were open slightly, giving the young man a peek of the white underwear hidden beneath. If he was a greenhorn, he should be swallowing his saliva in front of such sight.

The young man sighed and looked up only to be confronted by the beautiful face of a sleeping girl. Her platinum blonde hair shone in the golden rays of the morning. The girl’s pink lips were parted as light; adorable breaths slipped from between them. Lovely eyelashes quivered as she slept, though her smooth, white skin remained undisturbed.

”A maid sleeping in her master’s bed without his invitation. It seems that I’m too soft on you, Amber.” The young man mumbled before with a thought. Amber’s body shook, and she was forced to wake up.

”Nnng… Mmm…” A Carnal sigh escaped Amber’s lips as the girl with the platinum blonde hair eyes fluttered open. Her ice-blue eyes, like the surface of a clear lake, fixated themselves on the young man, the devil to whom she sold her soul, her master.

”Good Morning Miss Amber.” The young man said in greetings.

”Ah, Good morning, master,” Amber replied in a tired voice. It might be because she became a vampire, but the current Amber seemed to suffer from low blood pressure in the morning.

”So, what are you doing in my bed again?”

”Huh? Ah, erm…” At that question, Amber looked away in a random direction.

”Don’t try to dodge the question by acting cute,” the young man scolded in exasperation.

”Master, it just that your body was trembling last night; you seemed to be in pain, so I decided to sleep beside you to calm you down. It’s true, I swear.” Amber muttered.

”I see. Thank you, but now I’m fine. Get up and prepare us some breakfast.”

Amber nodded before starting fidgeting. The young man immediately understood what she wanted.

”Sigh! Here is it.” He said before extending his wrist at her. Amber licked her lips, and her eyes immediately turned red; as a vampire, she needs blood to live on, but unlike a low-level vampire, she doesn’t need it all the time, nor does she fear the sun. The reason she wanted her master’s blood was because of how addicting his blood was; she wished she kept sucking forever but knew it was temporary; her master was letting her suck his blood because it was to strengthen her.


Amber’s small fangs penetrated the young man’s wrist, and blood flowed out.

“Nnn…mhaa…nnng.” Amber’s tongue coiled around her master’s wrist ecstatically as carnal moans began to escape her mouth. The alluring slurping sounds of her licking and suckling on his wrist quietly echoed through the room.

After one minute, the young man forcibly pries open Amber’s fangs from his wrists; his wound slowly healed while Amber seemed disappointed, but it only lasted a moment; soon, she regained her calm, jumped out of bed, and disappeared into the kitchen.

”Ah, my injury is getting worse and worse. I need to find a solution.”

As he said those words, the young man got up from the bed, strolled to the window, and looked outside. From here, he could see a bustling city mainly composed of humans, but from time to time, other races could be seen mixed in, an Elf, even demi-human.

The young man closed his eyes and checked his body; his eyes passed through a layer of organs to finally stop on his heart where half of his heart was gone, it was regenerating, but slowly, something that looked like a white chain was wrapped around his heart trying to squeeze it but failed, this black chain seemed to be slowly getting corroded turning into a crimson color.

Upon seeing this small chain, he remembered the past but quickly shook his head and returned to reality.

After freshening up, the young man stepped into the all for breakfast. He happened to see Amber moving to the table with a plate of food.

Amber carried breakfast to the small table. On the plate were freshly baked round buns served with milk, butter, and cheese. Next to these sat hardboiled eggs, a salad made with fresh produce from the agricultural plant, corn soup, and a bunch of grapes.

She sat across from her master dressed in her special maid’s clothes; Amber looked at her master, who nodded; she prayed before she cut the whole wheat bread; its steam filled the room with a rich aroma that tickled young man’s nostrils. He couldn’t help but admit that Amber was great.

The breakfast was peaceful like any other day. After cleaning the table and finishing other chores, Amber stared at her master, sitting quietly reading the newspaper. She could not but be curious about her master, curious about his past; the young man seemed to be shrouded in mystery; her woman’s intuition was whispering to her that her master was carrying a huge secret; this made the young vampire extremely curious.

Suddenly, Amber seemed to have remembered something; her eyes opened wide, she felt ashamed; she had spent seven days with her master without knowing his name, it was probably because she only referred to him as master. The information she received when she was getting reborn into a vampire didn’t contain any information about her master’s name, just that he was extremely powerful vampire. So, naturally, now that she remembered that she didn’t know her master name, she wanted to ask but didn’t know how to ask.

As if he could read her mind, her master stopped reading the newspaper and said.

”If you have something to ask, just ask it.”

Amber felt pressured but still gathered her courage and asked.

”Master, what is your name?”

Her master did not immediately answer; he smiled first, a rare smile; it was Amber’s first time seeing him smile; she was mesmerized by his smile; it was a devilish smile that could steal anyone’s soul.

”My name is Orpheus Kyle N. Blake.”

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Crimson Overlord Chapter 7