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Crimson Overlord
Chapter 190 Brunhild 1

After punishing Nemesis, Orpheus decided to spend the night with them.

The gentle rays of the rising sun peered their way through the light curtains and provided a serene light in the tent.


Mm~" With a soft groan, Kaguya's naked body collapsed on his chest as her body twitched softly.

They both sighed in satisfaction. If you are wondering when Kaguya joined them, well she has been invited by Nemesis.

Kaguya's expression of satisfaction after a climax is very sexy. To be honest, he was tempted to start a new round of attacks after seeing it.

But well, it's already morning, so he should stop already.

He smiled softly and felt the warmth of the two girls on the bed. It was Nemesis and Kaguya to be expected.

Last night was sure intense. Remembering it he couldn't help but chuckle.

Just at that moment, the demon's princess at his right opened her eyes dazedly.

''Good morning, my love.'' She said with a small smile.

"Good morning, Love." Orpheus grinned and kissed her soft lips, making the beautiful black-haired beauty giggle before returning the kiss.

Unfortunately, it seemed like she was not satisfied with just a kiss. She glued her naked body against his and kissed his lips repeatedly, her expression was one of extreme happiness.

''I love you,'' She said sweetly.

Orpheus simply nodded.

He smiled and caressed her hair, kissing her forehead softly.

Right then, he felt someone kissing his neck from the other side.

Naturally, it is Kaguya.

In front of the attacks of these two beauties, Orpheus got a reaction, his holy weapon which had been in a holy crusade the entire night was once more ready to go to war.

But at that moment, the door of the tent was pushed open.

''Enough already it's morning.''

He said stopping them from going further, he had to go back to Lily's side as soon as possible.

''What a shame,'' Kaguya said before leaning back into the bed once again. She was dissatisfied with this but choose not to continue pestering him.

''Kyle, darling. I'm hungry. Go prepare something for us to eat. It has been a long time since I last eat a dish made by you. Are you not tempted, girls?'' Nemesis said while glancing at the other girls after they joined them.

And when they heard her, their eyes began to shine, some even started salivating.

Naturally, they joined Nemesis pushing him out to go cook something. He could only smile, let's let them get what they want.

One hour passed and now everything was ready.

There were a few tables placed in the middle of the tents.

On the big table were numerous dishes, as the chief responsible for this feast he couldn't help but smile.

The table was laden with delicacies lying in wait.

Mushroom soup, bitter greens with tomatoes the size of peas, rare roast beef slices as thin as paper, noodles in a green sauce, and cheese that melts on your tongue were on the table with sweet blue grapes.

There was even an omelet and salad of mixed greens and parmesan cheese. White bread, creamy yellow butter, blackberries.

The rich aroma of the dishes wafted down and beckoned you. You could not resist the delightful sensations that whipped up inside your memory at the mere thought of delving your teeth deep and fast into their dishes.

Kaguya who was beside Orpheus gulped. Also smelling the delicate aromas coming from these dishes she could help but blurt out,

''The smell of cooked foods is what a serenade is to the ears of musicians.

''Beautiful.'' Nemesis declared.

''Indeed.'' The others girls said in unison.

The girls were already out, drawn by the smell of the dishes, their eyes were shining, especially Eleonora, she was salivating.

''Nice, I'm hungry.'' Xiao Qing'er said before sitting down. The other girls followed her and each sat down.

Xiao Qing'er first observed the dishes on the table and then observed me, she repeats this twice.

''Say it,'' He said with his arms crossed.

''I never thought, you are a good cook. Guess you have some good side too.'' She said, admitting defeat.

After dinner, Orpheus left to join Lily and Ilya, and they decided to go toward the ruin together. ๐“ฒ๐“ทnr๐’†๐šŠd. ๐˜ค๐‘œ๐˜ฎ

Meanwhile, Brunhild who had disappeared recently was carrying out a certain mission. She coldly stared at the two men still standing, around them were corpses, those two were the ones left alive but they were injured.

The agonizing, stabbing pain of their wound was all that kept them conscious. Their head felt light, everything around them seemed to spin and a feeling of nausea crept up slowly. Cold shivers shot through their body and both their hands and legs were trembling. Ten seconds passed, then twenty, then thirty, and the pain never subsided. At least it wasn't getting worse, yet.

Fortunately, there were some calm moments, moments when the pain was easy to manage and even easy to ignore, but they didn't last. Maybe giving up was the right choice, "always listen to your body" they always said. Their legs gave out from under him and they dropped to the floor. Perhaps they were right.

She crushed the neck of one and slowly left the last one to experience an agonizing death.

The mind mumbled before his death.

'It hurts! It hurts so much! I can't take this anymore! Somebody make it stop! I can't. I can't move, it's too heavy. My arms are too heavy. Somebody, please make it stop.

The only thing holding me up is this stupid chair beneath me. Maybe I can use it to stand up, walk away and find help. No, it's no use. I'm too weak.

Why? Why must it end like this? I'm not ready to die yet. I'm not ready. End, it mustn't end. I can make it out, I can still live. I just need... Something. Somebody. I need help, I need to live.

I'm so exhausted, I'm so weak. I can't lift my arms, I can't even move my feet. I just want to sleep and wake up in my bed, leaving all of this behind as a mere nightmare. But I can't. I can't escape and I can't sleep, if I sleep I die. Somebody find me please, I can't sleep, but I can still escape.

This is the end, I can see it. I'm beyond saving, beyond the point of no return. I'm going to die. No, please, I don't want to die. There must be something that can be done. I need... I need a miracle.

I feel woozy. Everything is distorted and hazy. It's hard to make sense of everything, I can't focus. My head's too heavy to lift, I'll just close my eyes instead.'

''Ah! I think he will behave for a while after having lost so many men that traitor.'' Brunhild sighed before disappearing, she wished to see her master as soon as possible but knowing that his orders are absolute she decided to move to her next location and meet Nemesis's mother, the Holy pope of the Holy Church.

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Crimson Overlord Chapter 190 Brunhild 1