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Cornered by the CEO
Chapter 15: Everyone Talks About #MoYunCP

Chapter 15: Everyone Talks About #MoYunCP

His face suddenly turned unamused. He was mulling over her words in his head before his eyes narrowed. "Have dinner with me."

Qian Meng stared at him blankly. They had just fought and called each other out. What was going through this man's mind? "What?"

"Have dinner with me," he repeated, his black eyes shockingly appealing.

"Be serious." Qian Meng sighed.

"I am serious," he insisted.

"I can't have dinner with you." She is almost offended when he looks surprised. He must think he is a boon to womankind. Or he has never been rejected before.

"Why not?" he questioned. There is no way he was that stupid. "Despite our differences, we have similar paths to success. I don't see why we can't have dinner together."

"A dinner implies that both of us should be single. It almost sounds like a date." He shrugged.

"If this is about the fiancé of yours," he started. Her eyes widened because the news hadn't been advertised as of yet. How did he know? "He is a joke. If you marry him, you'll be no more than filth in my eyes." The implication was that he thought highly of her and she would waste potential if she married that man.

"I don't see why that is your business," Qian Meng retorted with the shake of her head. She didn't have to be told about Bai Ye Qing being trash. Her gut told her the same. But that didn't mean she would have dinner with the enemy.

Mo Qingchen smiled, not like the smug one before. It looked sincere enough for her to reconsider his offer. "So, next week?" he asked.

So stubborn. "Not in a million years," she replied, deciding that she would just have to remove herself from the room. She grabbed her bag from the table.

Realizing her intentions, he blocked her path. His gaze was dark as he tried to figure out what she should say next. "Let's talk. Reaching out to the enemy and understanding them is the most valuable information in business," he said, a conniving look in his eyes. He had almost enticed her but she remained undeterred.

"That's what opposition research is for," she said. She stared at him shrewdly, trying to figure out what he was doing, clutching her coat and bag at the sides and refusing to budge.

"You'll find out way more from my mouth than your investigator can tell you. It will cost less money, too." Qian Meng knew. Mo Qingchen had realized that she loved money the most in the world. "Have dinner with me," he said again, his voice earnest, cutting through her thoughts.

She rolled her eyes and looped her bag over her shoulder. She side-stepped him with every intention of walking away. But just as she walked over the threshold, she turned around to give him the last taunt. "Call me on the day I earn more money than you," she told him. So far, it had not happened. And he would probably not be interested in talking to her when it did.

Self-deprecating? A little.

"Ah, so never?" he called from behind her.

She shrugged. "It might happen sooner than you think." She stepped out and as she walked down the hallway, she heard the sound of his laugh follow her.

As she entered the elevator, she pulled out her cellphone and called Li Min. "I'm coming down," she informed her gruffly. When she reached, her secretary was waiting patiently by the car. As per normal order, they entered the car.

"Miss Yun, please check social media for further information," Li Min said, looking at her boss through the mirror. Qian Meng nodded and pulled her cellphone out. As she scrolled through her social media, she noticed that her name was trending. As was Mo Qingchen's. She squinted as she read through the polarizing commentary.

"Seems like there are a lot of posts for both sides of the argument," she said in a contemplative tone. Li Min shot her a bewildered look. Had the previous trending topic somehow disappeared?

"Ma'am I was talking about the #MoYunCP." She waited in silence as her boss looked at her with confusion. Eventually, she looked down at the rank 1 trending topic and clicked on it.

Post after post on Mo Qingchen and her butting heads. The usual audience that tuned in spoke about the political and financial commentary but some people had posted about... the sexual tension?

User 1: Even though they are fighting, they look like they will jump each other any second. Is this the so-called chemistry between arch-nemesis? I want it, I want it.

User 2: I think they are dating.

User 3: Petition to see them fight again.

User 4: See them fight? I want private videos!

User 5: Perverts! Leave my Yun Goddess alone. Mr. Mo has to go a long way to be worth her.

User 6: @previous comment, are you okay? How are these two comparable?

User 7: If they get together, the world would come to an end. Or dominate the world. Me scared.

The comments went on and on. There were memes and edits on their pictures.

On the drive back to the office building, edited pictures of them in different situations came up, too. These people really had some imagination, thinking that she, Yun Qian Meng, would ever get together with the demon Mo Qingchen. Not in a million years. From what angle did they look like the perfect couple?

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Cornered by the CEO Chapter 15: Everyone Talks About #MoYunCP