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Constellation Door
Chapter 71 - Yuan Shuo’s madness (1)

Chapter 71: Yuan Shuo’s madness (1)

In the basement.

Li Hao felt that he had improved greatly after this absorption.

However, Li Hao was still doubtful whether it had reached the level of ten cuts, because Liu Long and the others were too vague. They might have thought that it was useless to tell Li Hao because he hadn’t arrived yet. Even now, Li Hao still didn’t know what characteristics of ten cuts were.

Did he just become stronger physically?

At this moment, seeing that Liu Long was more talkative than before, this cold and arrogant Captain wasn’t as arrogant as before, probably because Li Hao’s performance wasn’t bad.

Seeing this, Li Hao asked again,”boss, is there no other way to judge the tenth level other than actual combat?”

“There are!”

Liu Long nodded.”Liu Yan probably didn’t bother to tell you before because you’re just cannon fodder. You might die before you even reach the tenth realm. Other than being concerned about actual combat, you don’t need to care about these things ...”

Good fellow!

Li Hao suddenly felt that he didn’t regret his kick at all. It was a good kick.

Liu Yan, this woman, was smiling on the surface, but she was certain that she wouldn’t live long?

As expected, women were all one-faced on the surface, but they were two-faced on the inside.

“Then what’s the difference between the tenth realm?”

Liu Long thought for a while before saying,”first, let’s talk about the premise. There’s no need to differentiate realms from actual combat ... Actual combat is the foundation. You Must Remember This!”

Li Hao nodded. This was understandable.

“If you look at actual combat, you can understand it literally. This requires you to practice it yourself. Whether it’s breaking a hundred or fighting a thousand, you’ll naturally understand when you try the military camp.”

Li Hao laughed dryly.

I don’t want to die.

Besides, if you were to barge into the military camp, the other party would not fight you with bare hands. If they fired a cannon and a thousand guns at the same time, even a warrior of the Qian dynasty would be killed.

Even if you want to die, you shouldn’t do it this way!

Liu Long continued,”if we don’t look at actual combat, just looking at the realm alone, there are also obvious characteristics.” When one reached the tenth realm, they would be a Martial Master in the true sense. The so-called Martial master’s Qi came from the inside! It’s the internal strength that we, the common folk, teach ... Or you can think of it that way! Before the appearance of superpowers, martial masters were also beyond the scope of ordinary people. Their most prominent characteristic was their vigorous inner Qi!”

“Internal strength?” Li Hao’s eyes lit up.


Liu Long nodded.”It’s actually a type of force. The convergence of inner force and the transformation of force into Qi. To put it bluntly, when one reaches the Martial Master stage, one’s qi and blood will be abundant, blood will surge, and the bones and muscles will ring together ...”

After saying that, Liu Long suddenly shook his arm.

At this moment, it was as if the bones in his arms were ringing together.

“Pa pa pa!”

Like a long whip, the air exploded.

Liu Long laughed,”see that?” This was the most obvious characteristic of a Martial Master, which was also the tenth realm! The punches and kicks, the sound of the bones, and the filling of inner strength ... This is the final result!”

Li Hao’s eyes lit up.

Ten cuts!

This was the weakest Martial Master, the most basic Martial Master. His bones and bones actually rang out with one punch. Amazing!

He couldn’t do it now!

This also meant that he had yet to reach the tenth level. Even if he did not look at actual combat, he had not reached it in terms of realm. 𝐢𝙣nr𝙚a𝗱. 𝚌૦m

“Then what about a hundred?”

Li Hao asked, becoming more and more interested.

Liu Long furrowed his brows and said,”over a hundred ... You’d better not think about this. Martial masters have already declined!” You’ll have no chance of breaking through Ten Realms. You’ll enter the realm of superpowers directly. Once you break through a hundred ...”

Letting out an imperceptible sigh, Liu Long calmly said, “Don’t try to break a hundred! There are many martial masters in the tenth realm who have advanced to Starlight master, but those who have broken through 100 ... I’ve almost never heard of them. Perhaps there were some in the past few years, but I’m afraid there’s none now. ”

“Li Hao, remember, it’s best not to absorb attribute-less mysterious energy in the future. To martial masters, attribute-less mysterious energy is a treasure, but it’s also a disaster! If he absorbed too much, his Constitution would become too strong, and his strength would become even stronger ... Which would make the transformation even more difficult! If you really break 100, your chances of becoming a super will be very slim. ”

It was somewhat self-deprecating.

Once upon a time, a powerful Martial Master with over 100 points had become a burden.

If they were weaker, they could still advance to super.

The difficulty of breaking through 100 points increased sharply instead because it required too much mysterious energy. Even if there was enough mysterious energy, it might not be able to advance.

Twenty years ago, both he and Yuan Shuo had been the leaders of the martial masters.

But now ... One was teaching archeologists, while the other was a frontline law enforcer.

His status seemed high, but in reality, it was not as high as a young man who had just entered the supernatural realm.

Liu Long seemed to be in a daze.

Li Hao tactfully stopped asking.

According to Liu Long’s explanation and some of the things his teacher had mentioned, Li Hao could understand that the stronger a Martial Master was, the lower the possibility of becoming a super.

The attribute-less mysterious energy, on the other hand, was more used to increase a Martial master’s strength.

If he wanted to become a superpower, he should absorb the mysterious energy.

If you encountered a highly-matched attribute Mystic ability, you might directly become a super. Of course, the premise was that you were still alive. The mortality rate was not low, and there was still a 90% chance of survival in the night patrolman organization.

In a demon hunting squad, it might only be 10%, so Liu Long didn’t let Li Hao absorb the attribute mystic energy. Instead, he first improved Li Hao’s physique.

“It’s not good to aim too high!”

Li Hao secretly reminded himself that it was not a bad idea to reach the tenth realm first.

Inner strength burst forth, and the bones and muscles rang in unison. This was the sign of cutting ten. As for actual combat, who cared about it? it was enough as long as he kept up with the foundation.

Actual combat was actually very simple. One just had to fight more and kill more people. If others fought a hundred battles in ten years, one would be able to fight a hundred battles in a year and keep up. This was not a problem.

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Constellation Door Chapter 71 - Yuan Shuo’s madness (1)