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94 The Confession

“Your Majesty,” Zenon stood in front of Caspian’s chamber and knocked on the door.

However, there was no answer.

‘Is he asleep already? Should I just inform him about that woman tomorrow?’ Zenon pondered while staring vacantly at the door.

Soon, Percy saw the lord waiting by the King’s door. So he came to him and informed, “Lord Zenon, His Majesty is in Her Majesty’s chamber. I think he will be staying there tonight.”

“Ah! Is that so?” Zenon nodded his head and asked again, “And how is Her Majesty’s health condition? Is it something serious?”

“I heard that her fever has gone down now. And her maids were saying that Her Majesty will get better after resting for a week,” Percy summarized the things that he had learned from Tilla.

Zenon gave a nod and then walked down the gallery to reach in front of the Queen’s door. He even raised his hand to knock on the door. But he couldn’t hear a sound coming from inside the room, so he stopped. ‘I guess they both are asleep by now. It’s so late already.’

‘For now, I will assign someone to stand guard at the dungeon and around the castle.’ He then thought of meeting the King early in the morning tomorrow and left.


A gust of fresh morning breeze frolicked the curtains and gently brushed against Anastasia’s hair and face.

Her dark ginger hair got blown to her face and tickled her eyes. Anastasia let out a soft groan and knitted her brows together. She brushed the hair away from her face and softly fluttered her lashes.

She opened her eyes to see the faint light livening up the room.

‘My head feels so much lighter than yesterday,’ she thought to herself while yawning.

Anastasia felt like getting down from the bed and stretching her legs around the room. She slowly turned on her side to get down. But she was surprised to see Caspian sitting on a chair by her bedside.

He was resting his arms and head on her bed and was sound asleep.

‘Did he sleep like this for the whole night?’ Anastasia felt a pinch in her heart thinking how uncomfortable he might have been. ‘He could have climbed on the bed and slept with me.’

Anastasia kept on gazing at her husband’s angelic face with appreciation and love in her eyes.

Another gust of breeze came in through the window. This time, it caressed Caspian’s face and his blond hair. A few strands of hair fell down to his eyes. And he furrowed his brows in reaction.

Anastasia’s hand reached out for Caspian on its own. She slowly brushed away those stray strands of hair from his face. It was still very early in the morning, so she wanted him to sleep for a little while longer without feeling uncomfortable than he already was.

However, that action of hers woke Caspian up instead. He gave the sweetest smile to his wife. He held her hand and put her palm on his cheek.

And when Anastasia began to caress his cheeks, he softly whispered to her, “Good morning, wife.”

“Good morning,” Anastasia replied with a bright smile on her face.

Caspian lifted his head from the bed and then took Anastasia’s hand in his. “How are you feeling now?”

Anastasia leaned a little closer to Caspian. She looked him in the eyes and replied, “I feel so much better. I think I will be back to my normal health sooner than I expected. After all, my dear husband is taking care of me day and night.”

Caspian smiled ear to ear. He pulled Anastasia into a tight embrace and whispered to her, “That’s good to hear. If it means that you will get better faster when I take care of you, then I will do my best until you heal completely.”

Anastasia had thought that she would wait until she healed to tell Caspian what she had been hiding until now. But every time Caspian would say things like this and show how genuinely he cared about her, she always felt a knot in her stomach because she was being dishonest with him.

She loved him, yes. But she had come to Sorvando for a selfish reason. And she knew that even though she had grown to love Caspian for real now, it would be interpreted as an act if Caspian was to find out about her poor health from somewhere else.

So, she didn’t want to wait for some more days to tell Caspian what was due. She pulled herself away from his embrace. She then looked deep into his beautiful red eyes.

And she forced herself to speak. “Caspian, I... I have something to tell you.” She closed her eyes and took a deep breath in to prepare herself. And she opened her eyes back and whispered, “I-”

But Caspian stopped her from saying another word by placing his index finger over her lips. He looked into her beautiful emerald green eyes. “Let me speak first.”

When he got a nod from Anastasia, he said from the bottom of his heart, “I love you, Anna.”

Anastasia’s eyes widened a little because she hadn’t thought in her wildest dreams that he would confess first. And she felt as though something exploded in her heart and that something ran down throughout her body, giving her an intense tingling sensation.

Caspian swiftly lifted his finger away from Anastasia’s lips. And he said while smiling, “I’m sorry I cut you off like that. But I wanted to say it before you did.”

He leaned closer to Anastasia. And he gave a gentle kiss on her forehead.

Now Anastasia felt a sudden sharp pain in her heart upon realizing that Caspian had thought that she was going to confess her feelings just now.

She wanted to say it back so as not to hurt his feelings. She had also been meaning to confess her feelings yesterday. But the words wouldn’t come out of her mouth because she was overwhelmed by her guilt. “I... Er... I...”

Before she stuttered for some more, she was saved by a knock on the door.

“Your Majesty, are you awake?” They both heard Zenon’s voice from outside the door.

Caspian rolled his eyes and sighed because he was eagerly waiting to hear those magical three words from his wife’s mouth.

But Zenon had to ruin the moment for him.

Caspian still kept on looking at his wife for her to complete what she was about to say.

However, Zenon wouldn’t stop knocking and talking, “Your Majesty, I have something important to report to you. I wanted to report to you yesterday night but I didn’t think-”

“What?” Caspian angrily opened the door and stared right into Zenon’s soul. “What’s so important that you couldn’t wait until office hours started? Can’t you see I am occupied here?”

“I apologize for the intrusion, Your Majesty. But I had to inform you sooner than later.” Zenon hurriedly gave a polite bow to avoid getting hit by ‘thunderbolts’ of Caspian’s rage. And he quickly added, “You were right in guessing what could have been behind that incident in Silver Keep.”

After a brief pause, Zenon added, “We captured the werewolf.”

Caspian’s eyes were suddenly filled with immense rage upon hearing the word ‘werewolf’. And he was back to being that merciless Vampire King instead of a gentle husband. His fangs elongated along with his claws. His eyes turned darker with the need to rip off a limb or two.

And he asked in a growl, “Where’s that thing?”

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