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120 Brewing the Tea

More than a week had passed since the disappearance of Ruby from Sorvando.

Anastasia was finally able to get back up on her feet.

And Caspian had resumed his duty in the court. He had a lot to catch up on.

Anastasia was sitting down on the sofa of her antechamber. She had a new novel in her hand. She wanted to go back to the old routine that she had before she had fallen sick.

However, since she was accompanied 24/7 by Caspian for so long, she could barely focus on her book. She was craving for his presence by her side, and she was craving his attention.

“Your Majesty, would you like a cup of tea?” Tilla asked the Queen. She had been watching her for a while now. And she could tell that Anastasia was utterly bored. “Maybe the tea will freshen up your mood?”

Anastasia looked at her handmaid and gave a nod. “Yes, please. I think the tea is exactly what I need at the moment.”

“I will be right back then.” Tilla pointed at the novel that Anastasia was holding and further added, “And I would love to listen to what’s written in that book. I heard that you read the books for Martha and Holly. I would like it if you did the same for me too.”

Anastasia smiled brightly because she caught a hint of jealousy from Tilla. “And I would like to read it for you too.”


Tilla smiled back and then went out of the room.

Anastasia, on the other hand, put the book aside and stared out of her window. The day was very pleasant. The sun was mildly warm. A gust of breeze would pass across every now and then. She also noticed that the trees in the woods were starting to change their colors.

She rested her head on the sofa and thought to herself, ‘It has been so long since I last stepped out of this castle. It would be lovely if I could grab a horse and travel around as I pleased.’

A gust of wind blew in through the window, and along with it came a dried leaf. It landed on Anastasia’s lap. She picked it up and looked at it. Her face suddenly turned gloomy.

‘Autumn is approaching huh...’

She got up from the sofa and went to stand by the window. She looked outside and directly stared at the sun even though her eyes hurt because of the brightness.

‘What if this is the last time I see this warm sun? Soon it will start to rain. And then it will start to snow... I will be eighteen soon...’

The more she thought about it, the gloomier she felt. The rims of her bright forest-like eyes were glistening with tears.

‘Why am I thinking such things? I will be fine... Will I be fine?’

She didn’t have an answer but she wiped her eyes and took a few deep breaths in. The soreness that she felt in her throat started to soothe.

‘I should live in the moments. If I get healed, that’s amazing. If not, I should make the most out of the time that I have left with me. Sulking will only make me die faster.’

A while later, Tilla returned to the chamber while carrying a tray with everything required to prepare a freshly brewed tea.

She set the tray on the table and began preparing the tea for the Queen.

And while she did that, Anastasia keenly watched Tilla. Even the simplest thing such as brewing and preparing the tea made her feel intrigued.

“How do you always manage to get the taste right? I don’t see you measuring the amount of milk or sugar before pouring it into the cup,” she asked Tilla after taking a sip of the tea.

Tilla smiled and replied, “I have been doing this for so long, Your Majesty. I just know.”

“Hmm...” Anastasia enjoyed the tea along with the view that she saw from her window.

After finishing the refreshing tea, a thought came into her mind.

‘Why don’t I prepare tea for him and take it to where he is? That way I will get an excuse to see him.’

She glanced at Tilla and excitedly asked, “Tilla, why don’t you bring me the required ingredients to make tea? I want to prepare it for Caspian.”

Tilla furrowed her brows and asked, “But will he be able to digest it? It’s not his typical diet.”

“I’m sure he will be fine.” Anastasia thought back to all the times she had spent with her husband this past week. And she said, “He used to taste all the foods before he fed them to me, remember? Doesn’t that mean he can eat other things besides... besides the obvious?”

Tilla had seen Caspian going to the bathroom after he finished feeding Anastasia. And she had guessed that he went in there to throw up. But she wasn’t so sure about that since she never saw it with her own eyes or heard it with her own ears.

So she replied, “I guess he will be fine. I will bring another lot then.” Tilla then grabbed the tray and left the room again.

After waiting for another 15 minutes, Anastasia finally got what she wanted. She and Tilla went to find Caspian in his workroom.

“Anna, should you be walking already?” Caspian hurriedly went to the door to hold her hand when he saw her entering his workroom.

“I’m fine,” Anastasia replied happily upon seeing her husband. She liked how he came to receive her at the door.

Caspian saw Tilla entering the door right after. And when he saw her carrying the tray, he said to Anastasia, “You could have called me to your chambers if you wanted to sit with me while enjoying your tea.”

“Shh... follow me.” Anastasia guided Caspian back to his chair and tried to make him sit down.

“What are you doing?” Caspian asked while laughing because his tiny wife was struggling to even move his arm.

Anastasia giggled and said, “Sit down! I’m going to make a cup of tea for you.”

“Er... you’re going to make tea for me?” Caspian asked skeptically. He was raising his brows thinking about where she got that idea from. “You do know that I don’t drink tea, right?”

“Maybe you will like the tea that I make for you.” Anastasia whimsically grinned and then looked at Tilla. She then asked Tilla to place the tray on the table. And she also asked, “Guide me, okay? I will do as you say.”

“I will, Your Majesty,” Tilla replied with a polite bow.

“It’s your first time making the tea, huh...” Caspian was already skeptical about liking the tea. But he didn’t want to ruin the happy mood that his wife was in for some reason. So he kept quiet and watched her preparing the tea for him.

“Oh... its color came out really nice,” Anastasia said while excitedly looking at her work. She looked at Caspian and said, “I will taste it first, okay?”

“Sure, go ahead.” Caspian was looking at his wife while resting his cheek on his palm. He was unable to stop smiling the whole time.

Anastasia took a sip from the cup. Her eyes instantly widened. She was pleased with herself and towards Tilla for guiding her.

“Here.” She happily presented the cup to Caspian.

Caspian took the cup in his hand and built up some courage before taking the first sip. He instantly raised his brows and praised his wife, “Don’t lie to me, wife. This cannot be the first time you prepared the tea.”

“You like it?” Anastasia asked while smiling ear to ear.

“It tastes so good! How can I not like it?” Caspian then chugged the tea in one go because he didn’t want the warm tea to cool down before he could enjoy it.

He then took his wife’s hand and placed a kiss on the back of her palm. And he sincerely asked her, “May I have the luxury to enjoy the tea you prepare every day?”

Anastasia couldn’t be any happier. “Of course. I will brew it every day.”

“But just for me. No one else is allowed to enjoy it.”

Anastasia smiled and agreed. “Just for you.”

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