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117 Misunderstanding

Alexander and Everard were a little surprised to hear that the rich blond man was actually royalty.

Ruby, on the other hand, started to feel lightheaded upon realizing that she had taken help from and traveled with that monster’s cousin.

“You are my brother-in-law’s cousin? What a way to meet!” Alexander was immensely happy to have met Hamilton.

“Shall we go somewhere where we can sit down and talk?” he asked Hamilton while pointing towards the slightly busy street. “I would love to hear more about Sorvando, especially about how my sister is doing.”

“Of course. Why not?” Hamilton instantly agreed. He was there in the Capital to spend a few days anyway. So he didn’t mind some company, at least one of the companies.

“Please come this way.” Alexander gestured towards the street that would lead to his dorm room.

The two royalty – Hamilton and Alexander, started to walk ahead.

And Everard finally got the chance to focus his attention on Ruby. He looked at her, only to find her digging her nails into her palms and breathing heavily as though she was having a panic attack.

“Are... are you okay?” he asked in a concerned voice.


Ruby turned to look at Hamilton first. He was still close by. So Ruby looked at Everard and asked him breathlessly, “May I talk to you in private?”

Everard looked around. The only person who was near them was the coachman of the carriage that Ruby and Hamilton came in. So he replied, “We are alone.”

“Not quite.” Ruby instinctively grabbed Everard’s hand and pulled him in the opposite direction of where the vampire was headed.

Everard wasn’t sure what was going on but he didn’t mind being dragged by Ruby. He also had a few questions for her, starting with who she really was.

After making sure that they were far enough for the vampire’s ears to catch on to their conversations, Ruby finally stopped dragging Everard. She left the hold on his hand and looked into his ebony eyes.

‘They look different from before,’ she thought to herself.

Everard broke the eye contact first because this woman was beginning to stir something in his heart again.

He cleared his throat and then asked, “So, you were going to tell me something?”

“Umm... yes.” Ruby had a lot of things to say to him. She also wanted to ask a lot of questions to him. She had thought about all the things that she wanted to say during the ride. But now that she was standing in front of him, her mind went blank.

The silence between them was getting nerve-racking now.

So, Everard broke the silence by asking, “Er... what’s your name? I don’t think I caught it before.”

“I’m Ruby. Ruby Thompson. And I am from...” She turned to see if the vampire was somewhere around. When she didn’t see him, she continued, “I am from Sorvando. I lied earlier.”

“You’re from Sorvando?” Everard frowned and asked, “Then why did you lie? Are you sure that you aren’t already acquainted with that rude man?”

“No. I didn’t know that he was the King’s cousin.” Ruby nervously gripped her palms together. And the panic attack returned again. She began having a difficulty in breathing, her head started spinning, and her visions also started to get blurry.

“Ruby!” Everard quickly caught her by her waist when she was about to collapse to the ground. “What’s the matter? What’s wrong with you? Are you sick? That man didn’t hurt you, did he?” he asked in a deeply worried voice.

Ruby grabbed her head and got back up on her feet. But she could barely stand because her knees were trembling. So she went and sat down on the porch of a closed shop.

Everard also followed her and sat down beside her.

After taking a few moments to calm her heart, Ruby turned to face Everard. And she asked him with a straight face, “You are a werewolf, aren’t you?”

Everard was dumbfounded by that direct and most unexpected question.

All the conversation that the four of them had earlier finally caught up in his mind. He widened his eyes upon realizing that if Hamilton was the King’s cousin then he was also a vampire.

‘Oh, hell no!’ he was angered at the thought of Hamilton. And he suddenly got scared for his friend. ‘Alex is with him! What do I do now?’ 𝚒𝚗𝒏𝐫e𝒶𝙙. 𝒸o𝑚

Everard wanted to run to his friend in case that vampire tried to do something, that is kill his friend and drink his blood.

But his gaze fell on Ruby. She was staring at him and waiting for an answer. He cautiously slid away from Ruby, thinking that she was also one of those creatures.

And after staring at Ruby for a few more seconds while contemplating his next move, he answered her question with a question, “How do you know what I am? Are you also a...” He meant to ask her if she was also a vampire.

But Ruby gave a nod and replied, “Yes. I’m also a werewolf.”

“A werewolf?” Everard was getting shock after shock from Ruby.

She took a deep breath in before speaking further, “A werewolf that you created.”

“Excuse me?” Everard jumped up on his feet and stood while maintaining a considerable gap between him and Ruby. His jaw almost dropped upon hearing that.

“Well I was-”

Ruby was trying to explain further but Everard already had something else in his mind.

“What did you just say? How can I have a daughter who is around the same age as me? That doesn’t even make any sense!”

Ruby didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry upon hearing Everard. She just kept on staring at him in disbelief.

Everard took another step back from her while shaking his head.

“I knew you were trouble the first day I met you! For all these days, you made me feel pathetic for no reason. And now you are trying to make a fool out of me?”

“Sir, will you first listen to me? I didn’t mean to say that I was your daughter. What I meant was that-”

“You know what? We’re done here. I don’t have any obligation to keep on listening to your lies. I don’t even know who you are, for god’s sake! You are just a random woman whom I took pity on once.”

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