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106 A Chance

Ruby hardened her stomach and held her breath to suppress the excruciating pain that she was feeling inside her mouth.

She felt as though something was tearing her gums from the inside. She wanted to open her mouth and scream at the top of her lungs. But she didn’t want to lose her only chance at running away. She didn’t want the vampires to get air that something was happening to her at the moment.

Slowly, her vision started to come back. And the pain in her mouth also began to soothe. She ran the tip of her tongue over her teeth to find that almost all of her teeth were sharper than before.

When she was still confused about how her teeth changed, all of a sudden, a gust of wind came in and she felt like vomiting. She could smell hundreds of vampires, all at once.

A drop of sweat trickled down from her forehead to the tip of her nose. And it dripped down to the dusty ground.

‘I’m really close to that Isolation Center, aren’t I?’ she questioned herself.

Something hot ran down her spine.

‘It’s now or never!’ she screamed in her mind.

And without waiting for a second more, she grabbed onto the vampire’s waist and swung her head close to his spine.


Before any of the vampires could react, she dug her sharp fangs into his spine, as deeper as she could. And then she chomped his spine in a flash.

“Arghhhhhhhh...” the vampire screamed in agony and instantly dropped to the ground since his lower body was unresponsive.

And unlike the normal days when the healing would kick in as soon as he was hurt, his wound started to get worse and worse. And the pain started to get the better of him when Ruby’s lethal venom entered his bone marrow.

“Arghhhh... Help...” His shouting didn’t stop.

And all this happened so fast that both Vincent and the other vampire couldn’t react in time.

Ruby didn’t waste any time. She stood on her feet and leapt at the vampire who was behind her.

That vampire was standing there like a strong pillar. And it was easier for her to dig her claws on his shoulders and cling onto him like a baby monkey.

“You bitch! Get off m-”

His whole body went numb the moment Ruby dug her fangs into his neck. And he dropped unconscious to the ground before he could even make any sound, let alone retaliate or attack Ruby.

Ruby swiftly turned around to face Vincent next.

But her heart hammered inside her chest like a loud drum when she saw him standing a leap away from her. He looked so calm and confident even after everything that just happened that she thought it was now her turn to be the one dropping to the ground.

She was spreading out her claws and gnashing her fangs while cautiously waiting for Vincent to make the first move.

However, unlike what she had thought, Vincent didn’t attack her. Rather, he looked into her glowing amber eyes and calmly said, “I think you should go to the Kingdom called Xanmar. You will find your kind there.”

Ruby couldn’t believe what she just heard.

Why would the vampire who helped to catch her also help her in her escape?

She kept on glaring at him as she couldn’t decide whether that was his trick to make her lower her guard so that he could attack her or if he was sincerely saying that to her.

And seeing how she wasn’t moving from her spot, Vincent spoke again, “I will give you a ten-minute head start. Run as fast as you can. And don’t look back. And most certainly, don’t make me catch you again.”

He even went as far as pointing in a direction. “If you run in that direction, you will reach Xanmar.”

Ruby couldn’t smell any hostility from Vincent. And she could see it in his eyes that whatever he just said, he meant it from the deepest corner of his heart.

“Thank you, Milord,” Ruby bowed to him.

In an instant, she turned on her heels and raced in the direction that Vincent had pointed.

Her eyes were full of tears. And her throat felt lumpy. She was surprised by Vincent’s kindness. And she was grateful that he decided to let her go.

Ruby wiped her tears with the back of her palms. And she kept on running as fast as her newfound speed could take her.

She didn’t care about the sharp pebbles and thorns that were pricking her feet every now and then. She had gone through pains that were much more deadly than this. All she cared about was getting out of this vampire Kingdom as fast as she could.

And while running away, she thought of finding the man who had turned her into this new creature.

‘I hope he won’t ask me to go back like he did the last time... Even if he does, I’m not returning. I can’t.’

Vincent, on the other hand, kept on watching her until she disappeared from his sight.

He then heaved a deep sigh and wondered, ‘And why the hell would I let a werewolf escape?’

He looked down at the vampire guards who were by now foaming from their mouths.

‘She even poisoned these two.’

“Ugh!” Vincent scratched his head in frustration. He couldn’t decide whether to wait for them to die or whether to go and call someone to help him carry them.

He looked in the direction where Ruby had disappeared into. But he turned in the opposite direction where the Isolation Center lay not too far away from there.

And as he ran towards the Isolation Center, he thought to himself, ‘Maybe I wanted to give her a chance at a second life, just like how Caspian gave it to me.’

Alexander went to open the door to his room when he heard a soft knock on his door.

“Holy heaven!” He was shocked to see Everard who looked drunk like a fish.

Everard was reeking of alcohol. He was barely able to stand on his feet. If it wasn’t for the short man who was supporting him, he looked like he would instantly drop to the ground. And he wasn’t even able to properly open his eyes.

“What happened to him?” Alexander asked the same man who had brought Everard with him.

And Lorenzo answered, “Mr. Everton drank a bit too much.”

“Who’s Ever- Oh, of course... I can see that.” Alexander grabbed Everard’s shoulder and brought his friend inside the room. 𝘪𝑛𝒏r𝘦𝚊𝐝. 𝒄o𝐦

After dropping Everard on the sofa, he looked at the door where that young man was still standing. “I am very grateful for your help. And I’m sorry that you had to bring him here.”

“Not a problem at all, Milord.” Lorenzo curiously looked around the room and said in a merry voice, “You have a lovely dorm.”

“Thank you,” Alexander smiled at that man.

There was an awkward silence between the two of them.

And since the young man wasn’t going anywhere, Alexander awkwardly asked, “Would you like to stay for a cup of tea?”

“If you insist then...” Lorenzo happily walked inside the room.

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