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Chapter 257 “Man-to-man” Promise

"Captain Garvit, what exactly are you up to?" Vanessa stepped forward, recalling the grumble Garvit had shared with her the day before.

— (Ah, so this is the steed that has captured Sasa's heart at first sight. Indeed, among warhorses, it is a standout.)

"Good evening, Miss Vanessa... I am teaching this warhorse to keep its distance from Sasa." Captain Garvit's face was stern, yet his expression only made the scene more amusing.

Recognizing this as an opportunity to build rapport with Garvit, Vanessa feigned concern and approached.

"I had thought that a Pegasus would only be interested in another Pegasus. This warhorse certainly has some tricks up its sleeve."

"Please, Miss, no more teasing. I'm about to die of frustration."

Delis Town is a small place, and this is the only stable in town. Garvit could hardly take Sasa, the Pegasus, to an inn. Therefore, he must keep this warhorse in check here.

However, the more Garvit looked at this warhorse, the more familiar it seemed. He felt like he had seen it somewhere before.

— (Could this be a warhorse I know? Whose could it be?)

Garvit asked the stable manager for the name of the owner of this horse.

"It was left here by a young man named 'Felix'. Is there a problem?"

The manager's response left the air heavy with silence.

Garvit's eyes widened, and his mouth fell open, while Vanessa stifled a giggle amidst her surprise.

"No, no problem... you may go about your business."

Garvit waved the man off. It finally hit him - this was Lord Banning's warhorse! No wonder it seemed so familiar.

"What to do, Captain Garvit? Now that you know this horse belongs to your Lord Felix, can you continue to scold it?"

Vanessa's question hit the nail on the head, causing Garvit to hesitate.

However, thinking about Lord Banning's character, Garvit's uncertainty dissipated.

"Of course, I can. Lord Felix would never tolerate his subordinates acting out of line, even if it's a warhorse."

Garvit stood in front of the horse, now with a new perspective.

Since this is Lord Banning's warhorse, it must not be an ordinary horse. Perhaps a good conversation with it could yield some results.

"Moto-chan, I ask you - do you truly love Pegasus Sasa?" Garvit asked earnestly.

Surprisingly, the horse seemed to understand and nodded its head.

Vanessa was stunned, and Garvit couldn't help but secretly exclaim: Truly worthy of being Lord Banning's warhorse, it is indeed extraordinary!

"Okay, then, Moto-chan, let me tell you. Sasa is no ordinary horse. If you wish to be with her, you must prove yourself in the Emerald City Cavalry Unit. Only then will you be responsible towards Sasa. Before that, any affectionate action towards Sasa would tarnish her reputation. Do you understand?"

The warhorse Moto-chan nodded again, its bright eyes locked onto Garvit.

"Well, we have a deal then. Once you have proven yourself in Emerald City's Cavalry Unit, I will acknowledge you and allow you to officially pursue Sasa. Warhorse Moto-chan, do you accept this agreement?"

Garvit extended his fist towards the horse, and Moto-chan, after nodding, actually lifted its hoof to 'fist bump' with Garvit!

"Great! We have officially made a 'man-to-man' agreement! Don't let me down, Moto-chan!"

Moto-chan responded with a couple of neighs, then bid a reluctant farewell to Sasa and went into a separate stable.

Clearly, it understood Garvit's meaning and would no longer make any inappropriate moves towards Sasa.

As a participant, Garvit was once again deeply impressed by Lord Banning. He had only tried to communicate with the horse on a whim, but he hadn't expected this warhorse, Moto-chan, to be so spiritually aware.

Everything around Lord Banning was always so profoundly mysterious.

On the other side, Vanessa became even more convinced of her inference.

She believed that it must be Felix's aura of kingship that had influenced this warhorse. How else could a mere warhorse possess the wisdom of a human?


"Captain Garvit, tonight has truly been an eye-opener."

On the way back to town, Vanessa couldn't resist expressing her feelings once more.

"Are all of Lord Felix's subordinates as exceptional and distinguished as this?" Vanessa inquired.


"Yes, but I still have a long way to go. I need to strive to be on par with my fellow comrades." Garvit was fully aware of his role as a subordinate, yet at the same time, he didn't lose sight of his own limitations.

"Then, would it be possible to shed some light on Lord Felix's true identity, Captain Garvit?" Vanessa tested the waters with her question.

"I'm afraid I can't divulge that information."

"Could you at least tell me how you met Lord Felix?"

"I apologize, Miss Vanessa, but I can't reveal anything related to Lord Felix."

Despite Garvit's refusal to respond to any of her queries, Vanessa managed to glean one piece of information - everything about Felix was highly confidential.

This further solidified Vanessa's suspicions. Among the many influential figures in this world, those who lived in the shadows, unseen by the public, such as a king's illegitimate child, were the most representative.

"Let's do this, Captain Garvit. Take me to see Lord Felix. I'd like to talk to him face to face. Surely, you can't refuse me that?"

Garvit pondered for a moment.

Lord Banning hadn't explicitly forbidden this, however...

"Miss Vanessa, I don't know where Lord Felix currently is, but I can accompany you to find him."


In the end, Vanessa and Garvit bumped into Lord Felix just as he was about to return to his inn.

After saluting, Garvit promptly positioned himself behind Lord Felix.

Meanwhile, Vanessa lifted her skirt slightly, abandoned her previous pretentiousness, and greeted Felix proactively.

"Good evening, Lord Felix."

"Good evening to you as well, Miss Vanessa."

This time, Felix did not ignore Vanessa, which she took as a good start.

"Lord Felix, you must remember our chance meeting on the road. I didn't expect we would meet again here in Delis Town."

"Indeed... So, Miss Vanessa, what brings you here so late at night?"

Felix's directness was exactly what Vanessa wanted to hear. However, before revealing her true intention, she decided to probe a little further about Felix.

"Haha, there's nothing of particular importance. I just thought it would be a pity not to befriend someone as outstanding as you, Lord Felix."


Felix responded with a slight smile, then continued, "Is it a pity not to befriend me, or... is it a pity to miss someone who could potentially be the 'Dragon Shadow'?"

Vanessa, who had been quite relaxed, froze in an instant. Could this young man really know something about the "Dragon Shadow"?

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