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Combat Maid Harem
Chapter 785 Creating A Virtual World

The fourth year went by. Juju was now questioning herself why she was still waiting for him. Her heart had started cooling down since the time they met.

As for Aleshia and the others, they were getting used to living without Lawrend. Almost all of his children became Earth Mages. Inferno was on the verge of becoming a Heaven Mage, but he still lacked experience.

… 𝐢𝘯𝑛𝑟𝘦𝙖𝘥. ᴄ𝚘m

The fifth year came.

A change happened this time. The space around Lawrend's afterimages started making visible ripples that Juju noticed. She flew over and floated in front of it.

Five years and a month.

The ripples became strong enough for Aleshia and the others to notice while they were located far from him.

"What is going on with Master?" Aleshia asked Juju.

Juju still looked as beautiful as ever. It was like she didn't just spend five years watching over Lawrend. It wouldn't be a lie to say that she won their hearts with her dedication.

"I'm not sure. Juu… I've been staring at it for a month, but I can't understand the ripples.

Meanwhile, Lawrend had witnessed life appear and grow on his planet. It was a surreal experience. These creatures extended from plants, bugs, animals, bacteria, and monsters.

Almost a billion years have passed in the planet's time. Lawrend was surprised that time was able to pass that fast. Though, he wasn't able to interfere as that would've stopped the accelerated passage of time.

He could feel that this world truly belonged to him.

The speed of time slowed down. The sun still rotated fast, but it was its normal speed. The planet revolved around the sun slowly and gently.

The whole planetary system seemed to stop, but that was only because the flow of time had returned to normal. Lawrend entered inside with his soul body. He flew across the vast emptiness of the planetary system and entered the planet.

There was life everywhere. Butterflies gently fluttered their wings, small animals ran across the fields, trees towered over vast swathes of land, and streams flowed from high to low.

All in all, the planet seemed lively. Compared to before, it was a full-fledged world.

He looked up, and clouds rolled over the blue skies. The sun also provided warmth that wasn't too hot but perfect.

"What kind of path am I taking?" Lawrend asked himself in shock.

Seeing the real world before him made him curious as to what kind of magic path he was taking. He didn't expect to walk a path where he would actually create his own world.

Well, of course, his Will was to create a world where he could live forever with his maids and children. He didn't expect it to become literal and actually create a world.

"But I still can't take anyone in here."

Lawrend realized the limitation of this world. He might've created one, but it was only accessible to him. So in a way, this world was virtual and unreal. Only when he could take others in here could he confidently say that he had created his own world.

Lawrend started this path by trying to merge all of his different elements together. This was the solution he had found. Only by creating a planetary system could he represent all of the elements.

It was a unique system that Lawrend wouldn't have trod if it wasn't for Valentina. She taught him how to practice magic with his soul. He then compounded it and made it better.


Lawrend looked around and saw no one beside him. Maybe, maybe if Valentina was still here, she would've been able to walk through this world with him.

He remembered the leaf he buried, but the whole planetary system had been recreated. He had no idea where that leaf had gone, and he was sure it was destroyed.

Its remnants would have merged with the planetary system, and that was enough for Lawrend. It was only a leaf, but she still became a part of his greatest work.

Lawrend flew up and toured the lands. There were three continents in total one of them was coincidentally shaped like a crescent moon, another was shaped like a large sphere, and the other was oddly shaped.

Everything seemed to be simple and serene. There were no complex lifeforms with high enough intelligence like monkeys, humans, dolphins, etc. All of these creatures that walked his world were simple animals.


After having a thorough check, Lawrend left the planetary system.

It was finally time.

The barrier of space isolating him from the Demon World dissipated.

Juju, Aleshia, and the others smiled happily when they saw him come out.

"Move back," Lawrend said seriously.

They realized that he was not done and flew backward.

Lawrend lifted his planetary system above his head. It was about a meter in size, and it gave off an archaic aura.

"Universe, I present to you the materialization of my Will! I have created a world where I can walk the Will of creating a world where I can live forever with my maids and children!" Lawrend declared loudly.

His voice wasn't particularly loud, but it reverberated through space. His Will spread out, and every being that it touched sensed his desire to create his own world.

Lawrend prepared himself for another negative reflection of his Will.

He waited for a few seconds, but it never came.

All of a sudden, a golden light shone way up above his head. He looked up and saw thousands and thousands of golden threads shooting toward him.

They hit his soul's head, and a wavy string of golden light stretched out to connect his soul body to his physical body. It was an odd scene.

"His Divinity came down to his soul? The process was reversed!" Juju exclaimed in surprise.

Normally, the Divinity, or the golden threads, would connect to the physical head and then connect to the soul within the head. But in Lawrend's case, the opposite was happening.

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Combat Maid Harem Chapter 785 Creating A Virtual World