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Combat Maid Harem
Chapter 783 [Bonus] The Eight Divine Magics

Lawrend started gathering the mana from the environment similar to before. But unlike back then, he utilized his new understanding of magic to speed up the process and increase the amount of mana rain that fell onto his body.

Unfortunately, night fell. It wasn't that bad since he could wait, but before he could proceed with the Divine Light Magic, he needed the sun to be above the sky.

He patiently waited as the mana storm disturbed the desert. No one was there to witness that scene except for Aleshia's group. They were confused why Lawrend stopped and looked for him, but he was nowhere to be found.

And then he was back again. They waited near him and watched the phenomenon happening around him.

"Father is too anxious to become a Heaven Mage," Veronica said as she stared at the sky.

The iridescent mana clouds continually rolled and turned while pouring down mana rain. All of which, Lawrend absorbed.

"Who is he?"


The group turned their head and found a young-looking woman wearing a red dress. She had two bright red horns above her head that made her race obvious. Her hair was black, and her pupils were pitch black like the void.

"Who are you?" Aezel asked with a furrow of her eyebrows.

"I'm Juju," the woman calmly replied.

"Juju? It's rare to see someone here."

Aezel stared at Juju suspiciously. She didn't know if this woman was a foe or a friend. She appeared out of nowhere, not letting them know she had arrived behind them.

Ramiela was the most irritated one. A demon suddenly appearing out of nowhere made her want to kill Juju.

"I came here to see him. Who is he?" Juju asked and ignored the hostile stares they gave her.

"He is our Master and their father," Elena answered. She pointed at her maid outfit and at the elegant clothes Lawrend's children were wearing.


Juju's eyes brightened. She looked at each of them curiously. She counted them and found there to be ten maids and nine kids.

Lawrend's maids and his children, likewise, sized her up. They had made a village nearby with stones and magic. This was the first time they encountered a native demon.

They started whispering to each other. Juju ignored them and continued watching Lawrend's attempt to become a Heaven Mage. Her eyes were filled with worry and hope.

She wanted him to succeed.

Aleshia noticed that look in her eyes and became suspicious. She couldn't tell if she was imagining it or not, but those eyes reminded her of her Maid Sisters. Her eyes were like theirs when they were looking at Lawrend.

Lawrend didn't know that Juju had already met up with Aleshia and the others. They were far enough from Lawrend to notice them since he was still focused on his magic.


Lawrend stopped and opened his eyes. He looked up at the red moon above his head. The circular hole made from the eye of the mana storm gave him a direct view of it.

"There is light mana from the moon?"

Lawrend was surprised. This was the first time he had realized this. Moonlight was still a form of light.

"Ah! So that was what I was missing!"

Lawrend widened his eyes in realization. After sunrise and sunset, came nighttime. The moon cast its rays over the world to provide light in the midst of darkness.

Lawrend's soul started glowing. He became as bright as a fire before quickly overshadowing the moon and becoming a sun in the night sky.

But compared to the light of the Demon World, his light was pure and stainless. Sprinkles of light mana came down from the moon. Lawrend couldn't help but smile.

If it wasn't nighttime, he wouldn't have noticed this phenomenon. He might've even failed to become a Heaven Mage. He became more confident with his odds now.

His different light manas smoothly fused together and formed a tiny speck of dust. It released a blinding light for its small size.

More and more of it gathered in his hand, and it seemed like he was holding the sun in his hand.

"Interesting. The Eternal Light Mana. It is borne from the heavenly bodies…" Lawrend muttered. 𝙞𝚗n𝓇𝘦аd. 𝗰𝘰𝚖

He released his Divine Fire, Holy Water, Spirit Wind, Ancient Earth, Divine Tree Seed, Golden Divine Lightning, Eternal Light, and Desolate Darkness manas. These eight different elements shot to the planetary system in colorful rainbow arcs.

The Divine Fire landed on the sun.

The Holy Water landed on the oceans.

The Spirit Wind created the weather.

The Ancient Earth made the land suitable for plant life.

The Divine Tree Seed shattered into countless particles that rained down over the desolate earth.

The Golden Divine Lightning crackled and stormed the oceans and lakes.

The Eternal Light landed on the moon and at the sun.

And finally, the Desolate Darkness encompassed the whole planetary system.

Darkness would always be there. Light was merely a temporary shelter from it. It was there and will be there in the past, present, and to the future.

The whole planetary system changed. It had life. The planet resembled Earth from satellite images, and the Sun tamed down to allow life to form on the planet.

The moon became active at night and illuminated the land, pushing the darkness away and giving the world's beings eyes.


A cocoon of ripples covered Lawrend's body. His whole body was separated from the world by his Space Magic. He was there, but also not there. The only way to touch him would be to use Space Magic.

The speed of flow of time in the planetary system hastened rapidly. The mana storm dissipated, and the only sign that Lawrend was still there was the faint afterimage of his soul and physical body.

"What happened?" Nao worriedly asked.

"Master will take a long time to come out again," Aleshia replied.

She already knew from past experience.

"How long would it take?" Juju asked in turn.

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Combat Maid Harem Chapter 783 [Bonus] The Eight Divine Magics