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Chapter 2 - Potion Revolution

Chapter 2: Potion Revolution

“That was a potion you prepared for yourself, right? Why didn’t you drink it?”

“Stinks. Noela, don’t like. Bought for first time. Brought with.”

It was the first time she’d bought it, so she didn’t know what kind of thing it was?

As we trod through the forest, I asked Noela all sorts of things.

Right now it seems that the Demon Lord that rules the demons is beginning to war against humans in this world.

The Esto Region of the Grenado Kingdom (is what the name seems to be) where we are is the furthest region from the frontlines, so it seems the Demon Lord’s army won’t be coming here.

Noela was in a city near the frontlines, so she also came this way recently.

It would be different if I had combat skills, but this is convenient since I only have crafting skills.

There’s probably no need for me, who painstakingly came to this world, to risk my life on purpose.

Noela’s ears twitched.

“This way.”

She showed me the way as she pulled me by the hand.

“Could it be … you can tell if there are monsters around?”


Noela made a smug face for a bit.

Feeling grateful, I patted her head.

Noela is shorter than me, a height where you wonder if she’s even 15〇 cm.(not quite 5ft)

Even though she’s larger than me in wolf mode; werewolves are mysterious.

Before long we left the forest and continued on the road.

“Why was Noela collapsed in such a place? Did someone do something to you, perhaps?”

“There was, strong monster. Noela, took sudden attack. Ran away.”

It’s difficult to understand from her fragmented statements, but she happened across a strong monster and barely escaped with her life, it seems.

It was a formidable monster that slipped past Noela’s enemy detection.

If we continue in this direction, there’s a city she often comes and goes from called Carta, Noela said.

But she doesn’t have any particular job, so she’s living a day-to-day lifestyle.

And so it seems she went into the forest to look for food.

As we continued walking the city, Carta, came into view.

As a city it was on the small side, but rather than a village it’s a rural town.

When we went into the town, a cute growl came from next to me.

“Master. Stomach, empty.”

“Un, it growled, huh?”

Without any embarrassment, Noela grandly announced she was hungry.

I was thinking about eating something, but I don’t have any money.

If I can sell the potion I made I’d be able to make at least a little money, probably.

I had Noela show me to a place that sells all kinds of things, the so-called general store, and searched for the shopkeeper.

“Welcome. You’re a face I haven’t seen before, Nii-chan, a traveler?”

I give the sociable shopkeeper a small nod.

“Um… well, something like that. I would like to sell a potion I made myself, but would you take a look at it?”

“Hoh, a self-made potion, huh… that would help us out. Recently, the army’s been buying up all of them so we’ve been out for a long time here.”

“This place is quite far from the frontlines, right? Despite that, even?”

“That’s exactly why. A rural town that the Demon Lord’s Army won’t come to won’t need potions – that’s their reason.”

Certainly, it might be seen like that, but there’s no doubt it’s an item that’s necessary if people get wounded.

“Even if it’s produced it hardly gets to the market, so prices have also soared…”

If that’s so, this might make quite the profit.

I took the bottle out of my bag and showed the shopkeeper.

“What is this? This is a potion?”

“Good taste. Good taste.”

Noela’s eyes sparkled as she pointed at the bottle.

“Is it different? What is a normal potion like?”

There’s also the possibility that the potion Noela had was an exception.

Wait a second, na; with that, the shopkeeper oji-san rustled about, searching under the counter.

“This isn’t something I’m selling, it’s a potion I have for my household’s medicine.”

[Potion: a normal potion. Easily heals hemorrhaging and surface wounds.]


Un, it’s the same.

When I gently brought it towards Noela’s nose, kyan, she whimpered and displayed her beast’s agility, fleeing out of the store.

“Master, that, no good. Stinks. Noela, don’t want.”

Peeking into the shop from outside, Noela shook her head side to side.

“Watcha saying? A potion is this kind of thing, right? Bitter, disgusting, and stinky.”

You don’t understand anything, boy.

With a face that seemed to say that, the shopkeeper oji-san shook his head like it couldn’t be helped.

“—Hey, you! Aren’t the things you had to wash not washed!? Come here this minute-“

“No, de-ar! I’m serving a customer right now! There’s a customer! I’ll do it later –”

The shopkeeper turned and said.

Then he turned back around to me.

“Sorry for THAT.”

He stuck up his little finger and smiled.(meaning it’s his wife)

“Enough, come now!!”

The loud voice frightened the shopkeeper into scrunching up his shoulders, and he looked at me anxiously.

“Ah. Don’t mind me, go ahead. I’m not in a hurry.”

“Haha. Sorry about this…”

The shopkeeper withdrew into the back.

After a bit, we could here loud sounds and yelling.

“It’s because you hardly earn anything, right!?”

“D,dear, I’m sooooorry!”

Having a wife who runs the household must be tough, I thought idly.

“Signs of battle… Noela, Master, protect.”

Noela, who came back, clung to my back as she said so.

Un, her gallantry is cute.

The shopkeeper came out from the back, saying, “Good grief” as he shook his head with a cynical smile and returned to the counter.

He keeps his same posture, but there’s a blue bruise around his eye and he has a nosebleed.

“Ah, good timing. Try drinking this. It’s definitely effective.”

“… Nii-chan, sorry, but I’m actually not good with potions. It’s bitter and bad-tasting, and above all is the stink.”

He had a face like, that’s just how potions are, but it seems he’s actually bad with them.

“Good taste, good taste.”

Noela said so over and over, so the shopkeeper picked up the bottle in puzzlement.

Closing his eyes, he timidly poured it into his mouth.

“–! Delicious … wh,what is this? This‘good taste’…”

His shaking hand set the bottle down, and the shopkeeper’s body jittered and shook.

“F,for a potion to be delicious, i,impossible ….!”

The shopkeeper’s molars are chattering together, and he’s looking at me like I’m a monster or something.

The purple bruise is also disappearing, and the nosebleed has stopped.

As I thought, the (excellent) potion is something different.

“I….it’s a revolution!”

“Nono, you’re making too much of it.”

Noela shook her head.

“Master, amazing. Noela’s Master, amazing. Revolution, potion, good taste.”

“It’s easy to drink and the taste is exceedingly good. Nii-chan – if this isn’t a revolution, what is!?”

Somehow, his excitement isn’t half-assed.

The shopkeeper’s tension was too high, and he left me, the manufacturer, behind.

Bang, the shopkeeper struck his head against the counter.

“Nii-chan, I beg you! This, this, sell this to my shoooooop!”

“Yes, that’s fine, that’s what we were discussing.”

“Well, of course, of course that’s how it is … a product this revolutionary, it would be such a waste for you to sell it at some tiny general store in a rural town, I understand.”

“No, listen to what I’m saying. … Like I said, it’s fine, okay? Because I’ll sell it.” 𝒊𝓃𝗻𝘳𝘦𝐚𝐝 𝒄o𝓶

“But I’m begging you, please wait … My household’s got five brats, and our finances are in dire straits. I might have to close up my shop. Please, please, I want to sell this revolutionary potion in my store – Together, let’s raise this revolution?”

His revolution fever is amazing. He’s way too passionate.

“How many portions will this make?”

The stinky potion’s container is quite small, and it seems like we’ll have a considerable number if we go by the typical size.

“We’d put it in this to sell, but … e, it’s fine?”

“Master said, it’s fine. You, not listening.”

Noela pointed out bluntly.

“I’m grateful, I’m grateful… Y,your name, Nii-chan – – no, the face of the revolution, what is your name–”

“I’m called Kirio Reiji. Reiji is fine.”

The shopkeeper and I firmly shook hands.

We quickly put my self-made potions into small bottles.

“Revolutionary Reiji, the sound of it is great, fufu.”

Enough, move your hands, old man.

Noela drank some so there’s less than what I had initially made, but even so there were twenty-five bottles of potion.

At present, normal potions seem to be selling at 10,000rin.

I wonder how much yen a rin is.

When I wondered about it, Occhan taught me.

“The nearby inns are 5,000rin per night, and lunch is around 600rin.”

The prices might not be all that different from Japan.

“I will immediately start advertising the effectiveness of this ‘Good taste’…!”

“Ah. Let’s sell it at a slightly discounted price at the beginning. It should be easier for customers to buy it, and then they will probably spread reviews about this revolutionary potion.”

“–!? T,the things the Revolutionary says are something else…!”

The first twenty-five bottles will be sold at 8,000rin, less than the market price.

As for me, I received 2,000rin per bottle.

Just that amount of work and I have 50 thousand all of a sudden…!

With this I can live for several days without having to worry about food or being troubled over the inn.

The shopkeeper left the shopkeeping to his wife and dashed out of the store.

“Sorry about my husband.”

When the wife came out, Noela hid behind my back and clung to it.

“Master, will protect. Noela, will protect.”

Patting her head reassuringly, I returned the wife’s smile.

“Your potions will definitely sell.”

“Thank you.”

I bowed and left the store behind.

Occhan made a bit too much of a deal over it, but it definitely feels nice to be thanked.

We went to the food court that Noela often goes to, and we ate there.

I didn’t really understand the letters written there, but mysteriously, I was able to read the menu.

I wondered what I’d do if some completely mysterious food came out, but it was easily-eaten teriyaki, salt-pickles, and soup and bread, so I was able to eat it.

When we went walking around to find an inn, the front of the general store was noisy and bustling with activity.

What happened?

When I went to sneak a peek, the general store was filled with men.

“Only one per person-!”

I can hear the wife’s voice.

The ones who had come to the store were middle-aged farmer looking men, men who seemed to be woodcutters, soldiers with light armor, and the like – – they were people who would likely get injured in their line of work.

A young soldier-like oniisan who came out of the store looked at the special potion and tilted his head.

“It’s a strangely colored potion, na … I tried buying it because he said it was easy to drink, though. I’ll just try a little … . — So gooooooood!? What is this!?”

The soldier oniisan was so surprised it’s like his eyes were going to pop out of his head.

Noela greatly nodded her head in fierce agreement.

“E, is this really a potion!? It doesn’t taste like garbage-!!”

The usual product tastes like garbage…

I’m so glad I didn’t drink it.

I wonder what kind of recipe the people who make it are using to make potions.

“This is a revolution, sure enough.” “The potion revolution has come.” “It’s so revolutionary it’s seriously a revolution.”

The people who had left the store and drank it were trembling at how good the taste was.

Everyone sure seems to like the word revolution.

The effectiveness will be shown according to Status, so there’s probably no need for them to worry.

The shop’s occhan came over to give his thanks.

“Niichan, thank you! As expected of the revolutionary potion! Can I have you make them and bring them to me again? If you prepared a larger amount, then everyone can …”

“It’s fine, I’ll make them tomorrow and bring them over again.”

“Thank you.”

And Occhan narrowed his eyes pleasantly.

If I sold them myself I’d probably make more, but it’s not like I’m after the money.

As long as I have enough money to avoid being inconvenienced, it’s enough.

“Niichan, do you have a place for the night? It’s a bit noisy, but won’t you come to our home? Let us give our thanks?”

“I have money from selling the potions so we’ll get an inn. Your feelings are more than enough. Thank you very much.”

So saying, we parted from Occhan.

Inviting a person he had just met today to stay at his house, what a nice person.

You always want good people to be happy.

“Master, what is it? Say something?”

“Nah, it’s nothing.”

With light steps, I searched for an inn.

The first day of my other world life was passed in this manner.

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