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CEO's Secret Lover
Chapter 806

"If you think you can’t accept it, then I ..." She Meixin opened her mouth to speak, but her voice was soft and choked with sobs.

"So what do you do?" Huojiao looked down at her and asked.

"I... "I can leave ..." She wanted to say that she could leave, far away, and not let him suffer from her reputation.

However, before she could finish her sentence, Huo Jiuzi interrupted her, "At this point, how do you plan on escaping?"

He Mei Xin lowered her head. She wasn’t trying to escape, but other than leaving, she really didn’t know what else to do.

"I’m sorry." Her voice was low and apologetic.

"Sorry for what?" he asked, his voice not gentle.

"I don’t know why they’re here today. It’s my fault. I should have thought of it. How could someone like me be worthy of you? "I overestimated my abilities and caused you to lose face in front of your parents. I’m sorry, I’m sorry ..." As He Mei said this, tears began to flow down her face.

This type of past where she was powerless to change filled her heart with a feeling of helplessness. 𝐢𝚗𝚗re𝐚𝚍 𝘤𝘰𝒎

"Stupid woman!" He could no longer maintain his smile as he pulled her into his arms, "Why do you still have so much distrust towards me?"

She Meixin leaned into his embrace, astonishment written all over her face.

What did he mean?

"Do you think I care about your past? Would you care what kind of man you used to be with? " His voice came from above her head, low and gentle.

Do you mind?

She didn’t dare think about it.

"I only regret that I appeared too late in front of you, causing you to suffer so much misfortune. If I had appeared earlier and met you before that scumbag, you wouldn’t have to go through all those troubles. " His voice was like a sweet summer rain, moistening her heart bit by bit. This caused her initially anxious heart to gradually become calm and secure.

Yes, she should have believed him.

After all that had happened, she should have understood that if Huo Zui really cared about her past, they wouldn’t have made it this far. It was even more unlikely that he would give up his life for her.

"Do you know your mistake now?" He raised his hand and grabbed her little face with his large palm, slightly lifting it so that she could look him in the eye.

She Meixin stared at him as tears flashed past her eyes. She nodded as her gaze turned resolute, "I understand."

"What’s wrong?"

"I shouldn’t have distrusted you, much less our relationship. "I should have some confidence in you. You’re different from those ordinary men. You’re Huo Jiu, the only and best man in the world." She couldn’t help but want to praise him to the heavens. At this moment, she finally felt true happiness.

Who knew if she had saved all of humanity in her previous life, or had accumulated some great virtue to be able to make her meet a man as good as Huo Jianji in her current life.

"En, since you know that I’m the only and best man in the world, then treat me better, do you understand?" His fingers brushed the bridge of her nose, and he smiled.

"I will treat you well. I will treat you well for the rest of my life." She leaned into his embrace, her voice soft but clear.

"You have to be good to me in the next life as well." he stressed.

"Yes, we will be together in the next life." She nodded.

In the Huo family’s mansion.

It was night. She Yimeng had been coaxed to sleep. Tang Yingyue came out of her bedroom but did not return to her own. Instead, she went straight to Xu Lan’s room.

At this moment, Xu Lan was sitting on the sofa, playing with her cell phone. Upon hearing the knocking sound, she immediately got up and went to open the door.

When she saw that the person standing at the door was Tang Yingyue, a warm smile immediately appeared on her face, "Aunt, it’s so late, why haven’t you rested yet? And dream? Is she asleep? "

Tang Yingyue didn’t have a smile on her face, so she didn’t answer her. Instead, she directly entered the room and swept her gaze across the bedroom before walking to the window. With her back facing Tang Yingyue, she asked, "Do you think that you’re very smart?"

Hearing this, Xu Lan’s expression froze, as if she didn’t quite understand what she meant, "Aunt, what you’re saying is... "I ..."

"What is it? Do you still want to continue acting in front of me? " Tang Yingyue said with a cold expression.

Seeing her expression, Xu Lan immediately lowered her head in fear, "Aunt, I don’t quite understand what you mean. If there’s anything that I’ve done wrong, please tell me, I’ll definitely correct it."

"Change?" Tang Yingyue smiled mockingly. "I’m afraid you’ll never be able to change your mind in this lifetime." Let me ask you, were you the one who called those two people at the entrance today? "

"Ugh ..." When Xu Lan heard her ask about this, her expression became somewhat guilty.

"What’s wrong? You don’t dare to accept the honor of doing so? " Tang Yingyue continued to sneer.

"Aunt, I did all this for Brother Jiu, for our family. Furthermore, among the two people at the door today, one is He Meixin’s ex-husband and the other is her former mother-in-law. Their words are all true, so I didn’t teach them how to speak nonsense. " Xu Lan hurriedly explained.

"Is that so? Then why didn’t you bring them in front of me earlier and have them speak of these things in front of my face? Instead, you chose to tell it to everyone on a day like today, or at the entrance of our house. Do you know that while you were harming She Mei Xin, you also caused us to lose a lot of face? " Tang Yingyue naturally wouldn’t care about She Meixin’s life or death, but what she cared about was that after the scandal broke on She Meixin, the ones who would be implicated would be her son and their Huo family.

Moreover, looking at Huo Jiabao’s attitude today, it was likely that he wouldn’t give up on He Meixin. Tang Yingyue’s move was very bad, but it didn’t have much effect on Huo Jianxue.

"Aunt, you have taught me a lesson. I have indeed been inconsiderate enough in this matter. "I was in a hurry too, I’m afraid ..."

"Are you afraid that if we meet this time, the matter between her and your Bao-ge will be settled?" Tang Yingyue knew what she wanted to say, so she simply interrupted her. "Do you think that just because you’ve played such tricks, your Bao-ge will turn his back on her and choose you?"

Xu Lan could clearly see how ugly Huo Jianji’s expression was today. She believed that her plan had worked.

Tang Yingyue saw that the expression on her face didn’t change much and knew what she was thinking. She couldn’t help but snort coldly, "You’ve been staying by my side all these years for nothing."

"Aunt, what do you mean?" Hearing this, Xu Lan’s expression changed.

"Tomorrow, pack up your things and move back home." Tang Yingyue couldn’t be bothered to talk to her any longer and directly ordered her to leave.

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CEO's Secret Lover Chapter 806