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CEO's Secret Lover
Chapter 804

"En, it’s good that you’re here. Take a seat." Seeing her cute and obedient granddaughter, Tang Yingyue finally couldn’t hold it anymore. She nodded and pointed at the sofa opposite her.

At this moment, She Meixin took the gifts that she had prepared earlier and placed them in front of the two elders, "Uncle, Auntie, this is a small gift that the two of you have prepared for the two of you, I hope you like it."

"Uncle, Aunt, Miss He must be very valuable. I’ll help you put it away." At this time, Xu Lan stepped forward.

"Xu Lan, it’s not like you don’t know what kind of family background Miss He has. It’s not like she has that much money to buy some expensive gifts." Tang Yingyue said with an indifferent tone.

Hearing that, Xu Lan laughed: "Aunt, you have forgotten that Miss He is now rich. Last time, we gave her three hundred million just to get her over, didn’t we? Furthermore, even if she doesn’t have any money, wouldn’t Big Brother Jiajie have one? "

Her words reminded Tang Yingyue that she had spent 300 million to get She Yimeng’s custody in order to get Huo Jiuxin to return home. In the end, not only did Huo Jiu didn’t return, he even took She Yimeng out to live with him, making her angry just thinking about how much money she had spent.

He Meixin could see that Tang Yingyue was getting a little angry. She was prepared to explain the 300 million, but she didn’t touch it. As long as it was worth it, she would repay it.

"I’ve already given her three hundred million beauties. She didn’t stay behind." However, Xu Lan was right, even if I have good intentions and no money, I do. Mine is hers, so just accept this gift. Think of it as something we honor you with. " Huo Jiabao stood beside He Meixin, his voice calm yet exceptionally firm.

His meaning was clear. In the future, he and He Meixin would not be able to differentiate between each other anymore.

Tang Yingyue’s expression was clearly a bit uncomfortable when she heard Huo Jiabao’s words, but she also knew in her heart that no matter what she said now, it was impossible to change Huo Jiuyue’s mind, so she didn’t express the displeasure in her heart. She only waved her hand and said, "That’s enough, that’s enough. Xu Lan, go take a look at how the kitchen is doing, how much longer do you think it’s going to take for the meal to start? "

"Alright aunt, I’ll go right now." With a smile on her face, Xu Lan turned and left the living room in the direction of the kitchen. However, her gaze stayed on Huo Jiu for two more seconds as a hint of mysteriousness appeared in her eyes.

Everyone fell silent, and the atmosphere became awkward for a moment.

She Yimeng suddenly opened her mouth and said crisply to Tang Yingyue, "Grandma, Daddy said that Mommy and I can move in with you and grandpa in the future. Is that true?"

Tang Yingyue was stunned when she heard this. She had never thought about He Meixin coming to live here.

However, since Huo Jianji and He Yunmeng were willing to move over, she was more than willing to do so. As such, a look of joy immediately appeared on her face. "Since you and Dad are willing to move over, then naturally Grandmother will be very happy."

"And Mommy." He also dreamed that she purposely ignored He Meixin, so he proposed a way forward.

"This ..." Tang Yingyue’s expression froze for half a second as she looked at She Meixin, who was sitting opposite to her. She sat upright and looked a bit nervous. "This will depend on your mother’s decision. She might not be willing."

"Yes, of course she will. Right, Mommy? " He Yimeng immediately spoke to He Mei in her heart. It was as if she wanted her to give up on the spot and not give Tang Yingyue an excuse to reject her offer.

How could He Mei not understand the feelings of the two of them? One of them was naturally eager for her to agree, while the other clearly did not like her agreeing.

"As long as I can be with you, Mommy would be willing to go anywhere." He Meixin could only give a tactful answer.

"Cough, cough ..." He looked at She Meixin opposite him and said in a deep voice, "I remember the news from before. Miss He was with Mr. Wu from the Green Light World, so why did she decide to be with my son now?"

"That was a year ago." That was a year ago. Huojiao answered for her.

"How do you know? It’s not like you stay by her side every day. " Huo Linzhi retorted as he glared at Huo Jiabao.

"Grandfather, Mommy really has not met her godfather. That year in England, Yi Meng stayed by Mommy’s side every day, and Yi Meng was the clearest." He Yi Meng didn’t want her mother to be wronged, so she tried to explain as well.

"You’re so young, what do you know?" Huo Yuhao did not think that He Yi Meng’s testimony was valid.

"Mr. Huo." He Mei knew that if she did not say something now, Huo Lin Zhi would feel even more guilty towards her, so he adjusted his mood and slowly said, "Wu Wei and I ended a year ago, and now we each have our own lives. Since we chose to separate at that time, there’s no reason for us to disturb each other anymore. So, you don’t have to worry about this anymore. "

Huo Linzhi’s face was stern. What he cared about was not the relationship between He Meixin and Wu Wei, but the fact that he had never wanted to accept this daughter-in-law from the bottom of his heart.

He didn’t know about this beforehand. When Tang Yingyue notified him, he originally didn’t intend to attend, but in her heart, she was quite curious as to what kind of magic this woman had that could enchant her son so much. Thus, she agreed to eat together with her.

Looking at She Meixin now, it could be said that he did not have a good impression of her. Coupled with her previous experiences, it made it impossible for him to accept such a woman becoming her daughter-in-law no matter what.

"He Meixin, come out. You heartless woman, liar, shameless, we’ve really lost eight lifetimes of bad luck ..." Suddenly, there was a faint noise coming from outside the door. Since it was far away, everyone couldn’t hear it clearly.

Tang Yingyue heard the sound and frowned slightly. She turned to the housekeeper and said, "Go take a look, what’s going on outside?" It’s noisy. "

The butler replied and went out.

After a while, he returned to his room. He glanced at He Mei Xin, then said softly, "Sir, Madam, someone seems to be looking for ’Miss He’ outside."

"Looking for her?" "Who is it?" Tang Yingyue suddenly asked curiously.

"This ..." The butler appeared to be hesitating, and she did not forget to look at Huo Jianji who was standing beside him.

"What do you mean ’this and that’?" Can’t you tell me who it is? " Huo Ling Zhi said impatiently.

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CEO's Secret Lover Chapter 804