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CEO's Secret Lover
Chapter 798

"Do you really not dare to? [She Meixin, are you scared now?] I’ve already gone to see your parents and given them a betrothal gift. " Huo Jiabao raised his voice and said in an exaggerated tone.

"Who said I don’t dare? Isn’t it just to see your parents? Seeing is seeing, ugly wife always wants to see her parents-in-law. " In any case, even if they did not meet tomorrow, they would have met the day after tomorrow. It would have been better to meet earlier and settle these matters. It would have been better to die early than to reincarnate.

Of course, she couldn’t say the rest. If Huo Jiko knew that she had come to see her parents with such a sorrowful mood, it would be hard to say how she would mock her.

"En, it’s good that you have this kind of awareness. Moreover ..." Huo Jiu nodded, but stopped midsentence.

"And what?" He Meixin asked.

"Moreover, you’re not ugly, so you can’t be considered an ugly wife." Huo Jiabao said.

These words made He Mei’s heart warm.

It was the first time he had heard her say anything positive about her.

Instantly, he felt a hint of sweetness again.

Those people who were used to using venomous tongues would suddenly utter a nice sentence, giving others a more believable feeling.

"Mommy, why are you blushing?" She Yimeng couldn’t help but exclaim when she saw She Mei’s slightly flushed face.

When She Meixin heard him, she realized that her mood had been revealed and quickly covered it up, "Where ..." Where is there... I’m not blushing. "

"Yeah, it’s even redder than before." She Yimeng pointed at her face seriously.

"What is it? Didn’t anyone ever say before that you weren’t ugly? " Huo Jiabao suddenly asked.

"Ugh ..." When She Meixin heard this, she was stunned for a moment.

"That’s true. After all, not everyone has the same unique taste as me." Huo Jiabao shook his head.

She Meixin understood that this was definitely not a compliment. She immediately frowned, "Huo Jiajie, what do you mean by that?"

"It’s nothing. I just wanted to express my Wisdom Bead." Huo Jiabao laughed.

"Wisdom Swine? Mommy, are you a pig? " He Yimeng asked, barely understanding the situation.

"Aiya, no ..." "The pearl your father said was not the pig you understand." He Meixin quickly explained.

"Are there any more pigs?" "Then Mommy, are you a flower pig or a black pig?" He Yi Meng continued to ask.

"..." He Meixin was about to go crazy.

"Pearls." The Huo family was determined.

The moment She Meixin heard the word "pearl," she only felt a warm feeling flow through her heart.

It turned out that Huo Jiu wasn’t someone who was born with a venomous tongue and couldn’t speak good words. It was just that those good words would only be spoken to those he cared about.

Because he was going to the Huo family to see his parents the next night, He Mei was very nervous. After returning home, he called Luo Qingyun, the rich and experienced daughter-in-law of the Wealthy Class, and asked her for advice on how to deal with the Wealthy Class.

At 3pm in the afternoon, Luo Qingyun was sent to Huo Jiu’s villa by the driver. As soon as she got off the car, She Meixin was already waiting at the door to greet her.

The two of them held each other as soon as they met.

Before they could exchange pleasantries, they saw another car drive up to the entrance. The car stopped and Chen Dong’s pretty figure appeared in front of the two of them.

"Dong Dong, you came as well." When Luo Qingyun saw Chen Dong Dong, she was obviously very happy.

"That’s right. Since Young Lady Huo has invited me, how could I dare not come?" This little one pays respects to the two young mistresses. " As Chen Dong spoke, he even made a bow with a face full of jokes.

The two knew she was insulting them, so they did not hold back and waved their hands. "No need to be courteous, rise."

The three of them laughed and entered the house.

After passing through the villa, He Meixin brought them to the small garden at the back. The three women sat in the pavilion within the garden as the servants served refreshments and fruits.

Chen Dongdong unceremoniously picked up a piece of chocolate and put it in her mouth, then said with an expression of enjoyment, "The chocolate of a rich family is so delicious. Such high quality chocolate, even a hundred dollars wouldn’t hurt."

"Look at what you’re saying, you like to eat this chocolate, I’ll get someone to send you a big box of it every week, and I still need your staple food." He Mei Xin laughed.

"Then I’ll thank Young Mistress Huo first." Chen Dong immediately cupped his hands.

"That’s enough, Dong Dong. Stop trying to win her heart." Luo Qingyun reached out her hand to pat her shoulder, twisted a car and handed it to her: "Eat the fruits."

Chen Dongdong stuffed the car into her mouth and contentedly chewed on it a few times. Then, she thought of something important, so she said to He Mei, "That’s right, good heart, you called Qingyun and I over to your house today, you didn’t just want to meet and reminisce with us right?"

"What is it? Do I really have to have a purpose in meeting you all? " She Meixin rolled her eyes and said.

"That’s not true, but is it really okay?" With Chen Dong’s keen intuition as a reporter, he could sense that there was definitely something on He Mei’s mind. Furthermore, it was a big inconvenience.

She Meixin did not want to hide it, so she sighed and said: "It’s indeed something. About that ... I... I’m going to see the parents of the family tomorrow, and I’m a little unsure. "

"Wow, we’re finally going to see the parents? "Aiya, looks like I have to prepare a big red packet." Chen Dong said with a face full of anticipation.

"Beautiful heart, are you worried that Huo Jiu’s parents will be prejudiced against you?" Luo Qingyun was an experienced person, so she naturally understood He Meixin’s worry.

"That’s right, you all know my past. Although Huo Jiu doesn’t mind, but that doesn’t mean that his parents don’t mind either. I’m a bit afraid that they won’t accept me." She Meixin hung her head, unconfident.

"What are you afraid of? What’s there to be afraid of? " At this time, Chen Dong spat out the seed in his mouth and said passionately: "The person you want to marry is Huo Jiu, not his parents. You don’t have to worry about that since it’s just a formality for parents. You say that you two have experienced so much, and now nothing is a problem. "

"If only it were as simple as you say." Luo Qingyun shook her head, "Dong Dong, you are not close. You won’t understand that although the one who married with a beautiful heart is Huo Jiu, if she doesn’t get the approval of the Huo Family’s parents, she will be in the Huo Family in the future."

"Why? "Since Mr. Huo and Mrs. Huo don’t like being nice, she’ll stay in this villa with Huojiao. They won’t be able to see each other, so we won’t disturb each other. We’ll separate, then that’ll be fine." Chen Dong disapproved.

"In this way, the family treasure will be separated from his parents because of me. I myself have parents and children, I know what it means to be separated from my parents because of me. I cannot let the family treasure be estranged from his parents because of me." She Meixin shook her head.

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CEO's Secret Lover Chapter 798