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CEO's Secret Lover
Chapter 797

"Uncle, I know what you want to say." Huo Jiabao interrupted him and grabbed She Meixin’s hand. With a serious expression, he looked at her father and said, "What happened in the past is unimportant. She is now my woman. I will be responsible for her life in the future."

When his father heard Huo Jiu’s sincere words, he knew he was serious about his daughter and couldn’t help but tear up. As he wiped away his tears, he turned his head to look at his wife beside him, "Beautiful girl, this is great. Beautiful woman has found such a good man, we don’t have to worry about him anymore."

"That’s right, it’s a family heirloom. Thank you. In the future, we’ll be counting on you for our beautiful hearts." Mother He also wiped her tears as she sobbed.

When She Meixin saw her parents acting in such a manner, besides feeling moved, she also felt extremely guilty.

She finally understood that in these past few years, although her parents had never urged her on about marriage, they were still very anxious. They were just afraid of putting pressure on her, so they didn’t press her.

Now that she was with a man with an illustrious status like Huo Jiabao and they had a cute daughter, her future was guaranteed. The old couple finally heaved a sigh of relief and relaxed.

"Dad, mom, don’t worry. The family heirloom is very good to me. We will live a good life in the future." Her red eyes revealed a sweet smile as she assured her parents.

"Alright, alright, this way your mom and I can be at ease." Father He nodded and laughed again. He said to the Huo Jiajue, "I’m really sorry about today, but there are too many people in the family. We didn’t want to alarm everyone, but who would have thought that all of our relatives would come. I didn’t scare you, did I? "

"They’re probably worried about the beautiful heart as well. I don’t mind." Huo Jiabao smiled in a very appropriate manner.

At this time, She Meixin’s face was filled with disdain, "Eldest Young Master, you are too naive. Among my relatives, other than Second Uncle and Uncle who really cared about me, the rest of them came to watch the show to make money. "In the past, they didn’t care about me that much and only added insult to injury when I was down. But now that I’m doing well, they all come over to take care of me."

"Beautiful heart, you shouldn’t speak of them like that. They are all your elders." Father He was worried that She Meixin’s words would make Huo Jiu feel that she was a petty person who held a grudge, so she immediately reprimanded her.

"Dad, it’s not like I’m wrong. You’re just too honest, so Third Uncle and the others always like to bully you. Don’t always be stingy in the future." She Meixin tried to persuade her father otherwise.

"Silly girl, it’s a blessing to be at a disadvantage. Look, your dad and I have suffered for half our lives, and now it’s all because of you. As long as you live well, no matter how much we suffer, it’s worth it. " His mother laughed.

She Meixin shook her head as she turned to Huo Jianji and said, "Did you see that? Our family is made up of honest people. You must treat me better in the future."

Huo Jiabao smiled as he heard this. He then turned to look at She Fumeng, who was standing at the side. She Meixin immediately added, "That also happened because she inherited your genes. That’s why she’s so crafty."

"Mommy, just chat, don’t get on my body." He Yi Meng protested in Qian Jun’s arms.

When everyone heard this, they immediately burst out laughing.

The family sat together and chatted for a while. Seeing that it was getting late, they got up and went to the hotel.

One of the He family’s relatives had finished his lunch. Huo Jiajie told Qian Jun to send his future father-in-law and mother-in-law home, while he himself drove He Meixin and his mother back to the villa.

On the way, Huo Jiu was driving, when his phone suddenly rang.

"Let’s see who it is." Huo Jiabao didn’t take the phone from the center console. Instead, he looked in front of him and thought to himself, "Look who called."

She Meixin obediently picked up the phone for him and glanced at it. Her expression changed slightly, "It’s your mother."

"Is it Grandma?" When He Youmeng, who was sitting in the back seat, heard this, her eyes instantly lit up.

"Yes, Grandma." She Meixin nodded, but her eyes were fixated on Huo Jianji.

"Give me your phone, I want to talk to Grandma." At this moment, She Yimeng took the initiative to answer the phone.

She Meixin was about to ask Huo Jiu for permission when he heard him say, "Give it to Yi Meng. Let her speak to my mother first."

Thus, He Meixin handed the phone to He Yunmeng and urged her, "Talk to Grandma properly."

"I know what to say to Grandma." She Yimeng blinked at her, took the phone, and opened the answer button. She placed the phone close to her ear and shouted, "Hi grandma, I’m also dreaming, do you miss me? "I missed you ..."

She Meixin knew that she was overthinking things. He Yi Meng was an eccentric person, so she probably knew how to talk to Tang Yingyue more than she did.

"Daddy? He’s driving. Well, we went to Gramps’s house today. Daddy said it was a marriage proposal. Grandmother, what does this mean? Is it that Daddy and Mommy are getting married? Yi Meng was very happy. After Daddy married Mommy, Yi Meng could move to the big house to live with Grandma. Was Grandma happy? "When the time comes, our family will be together ..." He Yimeng was talking on the other end of the phone in a brisk manner. She Meixin was momentarily stunned. She had no idea how the other party had answered the phone, but she felt cold sweat trickling down her back.

This little girl, when did they say they were going to get married and move back to the mansion?

This was simply digging a hole for her.

Was this taught to him by Huo Jiabao?

Turning his head to look at Huo Jianji, he saw Huo Jianji smiling with an unfathomable expression.

"Alright, Grandma, don’t worry, I’ll tell Father. Hmm, I’ll see you tomorrow night. Goodbye Grandmother, I love you. " With that, He Yi Meng hung up.

"Yimeng, what did Grandma say to you just now? Why didn’t you give the phone to your dad and hang up on yourself? " He Meixin looked at He Huan Meng and asked curiously.

"It’s nothing, Grandma said she wanted us to go to the house for dinner tomorrow. I’ve agreed in your place, so I don’t need to let Dad pick up the phone anymore. It’s not safe to drive a car phone call. " He Yi Meng waved her hand like a young lord.

"To the house to eat... Eating? " When She Meixin heard this, her heart started beating like a drum.

She had always been in awe of Huo Jiu’s parents. When she worked at Huo Family, she had heard from Huo Xiwen that this Mr. and Mrs. Huo were extremely powerful. She felt a chill down her spine at the thought of such a person becoming her parents-in-law in the future.

"What is it? "You don’t dare to go?" Huo Jiabao probably knew what she was worried about, so he deliberately asked her.

"I ..." She Meixin did not dare to go as she did not know how to face them.

Back then, Wu Wei’s parents were so cultured that she would even feel uncomfortable meeting them, let alone Huo Jiu’s parents, who had a bad temper.

Just the thought of it made her feel terrible.

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CEO's Secret Lover Chapter 797