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CEO's Secret Lover
Chapter 796

It took a long time before She Meixin regained her senses. She immediately frowned and looked at He Yunmeng, who was standing beside her, "Little girl, whose side are you on?"

He Yi Meng didn’t say anything. She just lay on Qian Jun’s shoulder. However, her attitude told He Mei Xin that she had completely given in to his father’s authority.

The family took a taxi back to the villa. After settling down, they took an early rest to reverse the time difference.

The next day, the family dressed up and went to He Meixin’s parents’ home.

This was the first time Huo Jiu had formally met the He family’s people. Originally, He Meixin only wanted everyone to come out for a meal, but Huo Jiu insisted on coming over to propose out of respect for her.

On the He family’s side, the new son-in-law was knocking on his door and had been flustered since early in the morning.

The old house had been torn down, and Qian Jun had given them a big house under the influence of the Huo family’s heirloom.

Because the news of She Meixin and the Huo family’s heirloom had already spread like wildfire, the He family’s friends and relatives all knew that She Meixin had become a phoenix and had come to visit the He family.

Now that they heard that Huo Jiu was going to arrive early, many of their friends and relatives came to the He family home early without waiting for their father’s invitation.

His father and mother were disreputable people, so she had no choice but to stay for the meal as her relatives were too embarrassed to chase them away. Therefore, when She Meixin and her family arrived at the He family residence, the 150-square-meter house was already filled to the brim with people.

Huo Jiu was experienced, but he was still scared by these passionate friends and relatives.

There was no need to mention She Yimeng. She had never liked crowds. Previously, when she returned, she had only met her grandparents a few times. As a result, she saw a room full of people. Her whole body was not in a good condition as she lay in Huo Jiu’s embrace, motionless.

The moment He Meixin stepped into the room, a few middle-aged women rushed forward and held her hand as they looked her up and down.

"Aiya, my beautiful heart, I haven’t seen you in a long time. I heard your parents say that you’ve left the country, but I didn’t expect you to be so promising."

"That’s right. I already said that you would be someone with potential since you were young. You really gave us, the He family, face." Tsk tsk tsk, this ring has become very valuable. " Someone touched the diamond ring on her finger, speechless.

Mother He was in the kitchen preparing lunch. When she heard the noise outside, she immediately came out. Seeing that her daughter and son-in-law were surrounded, she immediately stepped forward to help them out. "I said that all of you should stay away from the door and let the children in."

"Her second and third aunt, go to the kitchen and help me. I can’t do anything here." His mother called out to the middle-aged woman beside He Meixin.

"It’s here, it’s here." The two finally let go of He Meixin and headed to the kitchen.

At this time, Father He walked in front of Huo Jiuzi, looked him up and down, and said with an excited voice, "Huo ... "Mr. Huo, please ..."

"Uncle, call me my family treasure. From now on, we are family." Huo Jiabao politely smiled.

"Ai, a family heirloom, alright. Our beautiful hearts are truly blessed to be able to meet you. Sit down, don’t stand. " As his father spoke, he looked at his daughter again. Seeing that his daughter’s eyes were brimming with tears, he could not help but feel his eyes grow hot and his nose began to feel sore.

"Grandfather, there’s a lot of people at home." At this moment, She Yimeng stuck her small head out of Huo Jiu’s arms and whispered to his father.

"Dreamy, these grandparents, aunties and uncles are here to see you." Although these words were directed at He Yunmeng, he was actually explaining it to Huo Jianji.

Huo Jiajue didn’t show any displeasure on his face. He only glanced around the living room, and then looked at Uncle He, "Uncle, aunty is in the kitchen cooking. Tell her that there’s no need to trouble her. With so many people, we can’t even sit at home. Let’s go eat at the hotel. "

"Sigh, there’s no need for that. Why waste that money? Everyone can squeeze in and out. With two tables, we can almost squeeze in." Father He said in embarrassment.

"That’s right, it’s a family heirloom, we’re all like that, a family, squeezing together, it’s nothing. Let’s not go to the hotel and waste our money. " He Meixin’s second uncle echoed.

"Second brother, what do you mean? Do you think they are the same as us? It’s not that you’re afraid of being squeezed, but what if you’re squeezed by a beauty’s heart and a family heirloom? " At this time, He Meixin’s Third Uncle spoke up.

Although his words were said to make Huo Jiujiao feel that it was a good thing, but to Huo Jiujiu’s ears, it wasn’t a bad idea at all. 𝒊𝒏nr𝐞𝘢𝐝. 𝒄𝒐𝗺

He really wasn’t short on money, and he really didn’t want to live in the same room as twenty or so people. It was too uncomfortable.

"This ..." His father also realized that his consideration of the matter was not good. Thus, he looked towards He Meixin in front of him.

She Meixin laughed and said, "Let’s go to the hotel. It doesn’t matter if we squeeze in. This is the first time Jiu Gui is meeting with his uncles and aunts. Don’t neglect everyone. How about this, Third Uncle, you’re the one who’s most familiar with this piece of land, so I’ll have to trouble you to bring everyone to our best hotel and order our dishes. "

"No problem, good heart. Don’t worry, I’ll arrange everything properly for you." Third Elder He happily accepted the task and happily invited everyone out.

In just a short while, a large group of people had left the house, leaving the room empty.

At this time, Mother He also stopped working in the kitchen and went to her room to change.

"Mom and Dad." Only then did She Meixin properly greet her parents, and the family sat down on the sofa.

Qian Jun had carried too many things with him before to enter the house because there were too many people around. At this time, he walked in from outside, "Mr. He, Mrs. He, this is a betrothal gift from our CEO. There are ginseng, deer antler, swallow’s nest, some gold and silver jade artifacts, as well as a house purchase contract. This is a private villa in the lakeside for the two of you to take care of your family, and there is also a bank card with 50 million in it, which is for the two elders. "

When the He family’s parents heard the list of betrothal gifts, both elders were stunned.

They knew that Huo Jiu was rich, but after all, this was the first time they had come into such close contact with him.

"This... Too much. We don’t need it. We don’t need the house or the money. As long as the two of you have a good relationship, as parents, we can be at ease. " His mother said as she wiped her tears.

"Uncle, aunt, don’t worry. I will take good care of her." Huo Jianji knew the worries the two elders held in their hearts. With He Meixin’s birth and marrying into a rich family, their future wouldn’t be so easy. The only thing he could do was protect her and prevent her from getting hurt.

"Jiao, you know before we were nice to her ... "At that time, it was also your aunt and me who were at fault. We forced her to be too hasty and ruthless, which is why we misjudged her ..." As for She Meixin’s previous marriage, there was still a knot in her heart. He was also worried that Huo Jianxue would care about it.

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CEO's Secret Lover Chapter 796