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CEO's Secret Lover
Chapter 792

However, he didn’t refuse.

Because he didn’t even give her the chance to refuse.

So, did he still want to talk about this this this time?

"Maybe you won’t refuse, but I don’t want to take the risk. "Let’s rest early." He ignored her hand that was grabbing him and walked out of the room without looking back. She Meixin watched his back as she left in a daze.

After a sleepless night, she woke up in the morning, washed her face and rinsed her mouth.

Because she was in a bad mood, she didn’t have the slightest bit of appetite to eat, so instead of going to the restaurant, she headed straight for the door.

Huo Jiabao stopped him.

"To the hospital?"

She Meixin paused for a moment as she turned around to look at Huo Jianji. After a moment of hesitation, she nodded her head slightly.

"I’ll take you there." Wiping his mouth, Huo Jiu stood up and walked out of the restaurant to the front of He Meixin.

She Meixin was about to say no, but he pulled her towards the door.

After getting on the car, the two of them remained silent. The conversation they had last night didn’t continue.

The car arrived at the Y City First Hospital in half an hour.

After parking the car, Huo Jiu bought a bunch of flowers and a fruit basket from a kiosk next to the inpatient department. He Mei Xin took the flowers and the two of them headed upstairs to the ward.

When she walked out of the ward and knocked on the door, no one answered, so she pushed the door open and was immediately stunned by what she saw.

Wu Wei was actually hugging Ye Rongrong, their lips were tightly pressed together, looking extremely intimate.

The fresh flowers in his hands fell to the ground. He Mei Xin stared blankly at the spicy scene in front of her, not knowing how to react for a long time.

At this moment, Wu Wei also noticed the person at the door. Without panicking, he released his kiss on Ye Rong Rong’s mouth, then gave He Mei Xin a faint smile. "Rong Rong, there’s a guest. Hurry up and greet him."

These words completely froze He Mei’s heart, which had already fallen into the depths of the sea of ice, into ice before it shattered. The pain made her tremble all over.

Turning around, she no longer had the courage to stay and ran in the direction she came from.

Huo Jiu on the other hand, looked deeply at Wu Wei. From his eyes, he could see a kind of resolute heartache. However, he hid it well, and it only lasted for a moment.

"Sorry for disturbing you." He left behind these three words before turning around and chasing after He Meixin.

She did not understand, she really did not understand, why Wu Wei had suddenly turned into this. Ever since he had woken up, he had acted like a different person, treating her so coldly and with such warmth towards Ye Rong. However, he had clearly remembered her.

With an indescribable pain in her heart, she ran out of the Inpatient Department’s building. She was caught by the Huo Jianxue who came chasing after her and hugged her tightly in her embrace.

At this moment, She Meixin no longer had any scruples as she threw herself into Huo Jiuzi’s embrace and cried bitterly. She really wanted to ask Wu Wei why he treated her like this.

"Isn’t that great?" His voice was like a spell in her ears.

"Why did he do this to me?" He Mei Xin cried her heart out.

"Is the reason important?" From the look in Wu Wei’s eyes just now, he could tell that Wu Wei had really fallen in love with She Meixin. However, he didn’t know why he chose to let go of her at this time, but no matter what, he was still in a difficult position. Rather than lying to her for the rest of his life, he might as well use this method to end it.

Wu Wei, ah, Wu Wei, why can you do anything so perfectly without leaving a trace?

"I love him." Therefore, the reason was very important. He Meixin’s voice was hoarse and her eyes were red and swollen.

"You won’t be in the future." His voice was low in her ear as he took her by the shoulders and walked her toward the parking lot.

At the window upstairs, Wu Wei watched the two leaving and his expression darkened.

"Brother Wei, you ..." "Just now ..." Ye Rong Rong Rong was standing behind him. He was still a bit stunned by the sudden kiss he gave her after hearing the knock on the door.

"Don’t you like it? It will never happen again. " He did not turn around to look at her. Her gaze followed behind She Meixin as she disappeared around the corner.

This car accident reminded him of everything.

He had lost all his memories of the previous car accident, and he had unwittingly discovered that after her plan for She Meixin six years ago, he had chosen to continue with her plan, pretending to recover his memories and go to the city to save her, risking his life in order to save her. He knew that she loved him, and loved him to the point where he could give up everything, but with Huo Jiu by her side, if he hadn’t gone to the city, then his chances of winning would almost be nil.

Therefore, in Q City, he arrived before Huo Jianji. However, he didn’t expect that they would appear together in front of She Meixin.

After another car accident, he finally recovered his memory and realized how absurd everything he had done in this period of time was.

It turned out that in these six years, he had gradually given up on his plans. He had unknowingly fallen in love with her, and he was even thinking of how he could give her the perfect marriage and allow her to live a blissful life.

Unfortunately, it was already too late. The things he had done in the past few days, the harm he had caused to her, was already irreparable.

In order to show how much he cared about her, he did not hesitate to tell the media that she could not conceive again, in order to show that his love for her had reached the point where he could disregard anything.

In order to completely defeat Huo Jiu, he didn’t hesitate to spend a large amount of money to invite mercenaries to assassinate him.

In order to allow her to marry him without any way out, he did not hesitate to reveal all the secrets she had, from her first failed marriage to her one night love affair with Huo Jiuzi. He would reveal everything to the rest of the world without reservation, reveal her secrets to the public, so that she could put on a pitiful outer robe to force Huo Jiu into the limelight.

All of this was done by him after losing his memories. When he suddenly recalled it now, he realized that he was originally such a terrifying person.

Therefore, this should be the reason why he fell deeply in love with He Meixin.

She was so simple, so honest, in stark contrast to the "modest gentleman" whom his subconscious mind plotted against.

However, when he thought of everything that had happened, he realized that he no longer had the courage to remain calm and collected in front of her.

When she saw her sad face turn away, his heart went with it. It was time to end it.

This was a ridiculous trap.

The person who set up the plan was him, and he was the last one to taste the bitter taste.

If he could, he wished that he hadn’t extended a helping hand to her that time. They would just nod to each other and walk their separate paths.

At the very least, he wouldn’t let her feel so sad right now, nor would he treat her like this while scheming, plotting, and plotting step by step ...

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CEO's Secret Lover Chapter 792