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CEO's Secret Lover
Chapter 790

"So ..." He Meixin did not quite understand.

"So, didn’t Wu Wei announce your wedding?"

"And?" He still did not understand what was the relationship between these things.

"And then, your young mistress is now playing with Huo Jianji in Japan so happily ..." Chen Dong’s eyes rolled upwards as he spoke.

"Chen Dong, you’ve come to find me to talk about this?" She Meixin probably understood what Chen Dong meant. She had come to warn her that since she had chosen to marry Wu Wei, it was better to keep her distance from Huo Jianji.

"Beautiful, is there something that you’re unsure about?" When Chen Dong saw He Meixin’s dazed expression, he seemed to have understood something.

"No, Dong Dong, don’t worry. I will take care of these matters." Shaking her head, He Mei did not allow herself to have any other thoughts.

"Then tell me, what exactly do you plan to do now?" At this moment, Chen Dong’s occupation instincts were revealed once again. She Meixin couldn’t help but wonder if she was here to persuade her or to ask for more information.

"I’ll have a wedding with Wu Wei next month. By then, all the gossip will be gone."

"I was so happy to see your mother and daughter taking pictures with Huojiao in Japan. Would that baby of yours really support your decision? Didn’t she support her father? " Chen Dong was 100% skeptical of He Meixin’s words.

"Chen Dong Dong ..." With her weak spot pierced, He Mei was at a loss as to what to say.

"Alright, alright, I understand. You continue to be conflicted, slowly struggling. Sis still has a lot of work to do. Remember, if you’re really going to get married next month, send me a wedding invitation. " Chen Dong knew that he wouldn’t be able to get anything out of her. She could tell that He Mei Xin’s heart was currently in a mess, so he got up and said his goodbyes.

"I will, Dong Dong. Thank you for being so concerned about me." Standing up to see her off, She Meixin said as she walked to the door.

"Only I can care about you now, if you are like this." Chen Dong waved his hand and then casually said, "Okay, stop sending me off. Hurry up and go to work."

Looking at Chen Dong Dong’s leaving figure, He Mei felt a sense of disappointment in her heart. Just as she turned around and returned to her desk, a light knock came from the door.

"Come in."

"Hello, Assistant He. I’m the new CEO’s secretary. My name is Li Jing. President Huo asked me to specially work with you. " It was the new secretary, dressed in a proper OL suit, with a very gentle, formal smile on her face.

When She Meixin saw Li Jing, she thought of her secretary, Lisa, who had gone with her to Q City. Unfortunately, after she went, she was unable to come back, and died in a foreign land just like that.

"Assistant He ..." Seeing She Meixin in a daze, Li Jing softly called her name, reminding her of her existence.

"Oh, hello. We welcome you to the Huo family." Coming back to her senses, He Meixin immediately gave her a brilliant smile.

"This is your itinerary for today. I’ve already arranged it for you. Do you have anything you need to change?" Li Jing opened the folder in her hands in front of He Meixin.


She, a mere assistant, had to make a trip?

She Meixin’s gaze fell onto the timetable. For a moment, she felt that she had become busier than the country’s prime minister.

"Meet the president of Ayrlarng at three?" What is this? Didn’t the upper echelons of the Arendia Group just buy the Hooligan hoard?

"Yes, President Huo said that you are the Acting President without him." Li Jing nodded and continued, "After meeting Yalan’s CEO Xu and renewing the contract for the next three years, it’ll be a meal for President Huo at 5 pm. You have to attend. There’s still a ball at 8 pm."

"Stop, stop, stop ..." The more She Meixin heard, the more she felt that something was amiss. Huo Jianji had actually arranged for her to spend the night together with his assistant. He clearly didn’t understand what was meant by the fact that the boss couldn’t interfere beyond eight hours.

"Is there anything else from Assistant He?"

"No ...." "It’s fine, you can leave first. Thank you for your hard work." He Mei Xin chuckled dryly as she waved her hand. It was useless to say anything to her.

Hearing this, Li Jing nodded and turned around to leave.

He Meixin picked up the phone and dialed Huo Jianji’s number. The phone rang twice before it was connected.

"What is it?" Huo Jiabao seemed to be in a bad mood, and the tone of his voice when he answered the phone didn’t sound right.

"That new secretary ..." She Meixin wanted to say that she didn’t want a secretary, but when she thought about it again, this secretary was the CEO’s secretary. She wanted to say that she didn’t want a secretary, but she felt that this secretary was the CEO’s secretary. We can’t just let people lose their jobs, can we?

"Did she make you angry? You can decide on your own with regards to personnel, you don’t have to ask me for permission. "

"No, she didn’t, but why did you let her line me up so much?" He Meixin muttered.

"Working hours are within eight hours and your daughter’s time is outside those eight hours. She Meixin, have you not figured out the situation?"

"Wh ..." "What?" He Mei Xin did not understand. The secretary had arranged a meal for her tonight, so what did a party have to do with He Yi Meng?

"You’ll know when the time comes, remember the time and place, don’t be late." Huo Jiabao stopped talking with her and hung up the phone.

When She Meixin got off work in the evening, she received a call from Wu Wei. They had arranged to meet tonight.

Therefore, He Meixin naturally threw Huo Jianji’s words and his secretary’s arrangements to the back of her mind.

When she walked out of the office building, she saw Wu Wei’s car driving towards them. Right when he turned the car into the parking lot at the front of the building, a car suddenly charged out and crashed into Wu Weifari.

She rushed over to take a look and found that Wu Wei had fainted, while the driver was desperately apologizing to her.

After dialing 120 emergency calls, He Mei’s heart burned with anxiety. She dared not touch Wu Wei lest she hurt him somehow. All she could do was watch foolishly as he tightly closed his eyes and lowered his head onto the airbag.

The ambulance arrived in five minutes, and She Meixin followed the paramedics to the hospital. She was wheeled into the emergency room, but she could only wait outside.

Just as she was sitting outside the emergency room, waiting anxiously, a call from Huojiao came in.

"Where are you now?" His tone was not very pleasant.

"Hospital." The tears had not dried on her face, and her voice was muffled.

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CEO's Secret Lover Chapter 790