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CEO's Secret Lover
Chapter 783

In the past, she had never dared to imagine that she could have any sort of interaction with Huo Jianji in this life. She had thought that it would be She Yimeng who would end the fight between them.

Until she came back from America with He Yumeng and appeared in front of him again, and even until he took away the child and she went to live in this big house, she had never thought that one day there would be any future with him. He was always cold to her, always vicious. Why did it become like this now? Did he ask her to marry him because he felt that his daughter’s mother marrying another man was embarrassing him?

As for Wu Wei, from the time they had gone to America together six years ago to the time they had returned together five years ago, she had never had any ill intentions towards him, and he had never revealed any signs to her. But why, when he returned home, did he take a whole bunch of birthday presents, surprise her, and tell her that he loved her and wanted to marry her?

When she thought back on it now, it was like a dream. This dream was filled with a thick layer of mist that continuously obscured her eyes. She always felt that she couldn’t see it clearly enough, so she could only choose based on her senses.

This time, both of them suddenly extended their hands towards her. What should she do?

The words he said to choose Wu Wei were a sign of respect for his own heart, but did he really have no regrets?

Like Darling said, was she really sure she loved Wu Wei that much? Did Wu Wei love her that much?

If her love for him was based on his love for her, then what would she do if he suddenly told her one day that he did not love her? Although she had been with him for such a long time, it was as if she had never truly entered his heart. There seemed to always be something between them that could not be touched, something that could not be seen.

Early the next morning, when she opened her eyes, she saw He Yi Meng waving a few tickets in front of her.

"Darling, what’s this ticket for?" She could just make out her name printed on the ticket, and it was clear that there was one of hers.

"Mommy, Daddy said there’s a new product launch in Japan. It’s very grand, let’s go there and play." He Yi Meng waved the ticket in her hand and said with a smile.

"What?" To Japan? " He Meixin quickly sat up from the bed.

"Yeah, Mommy, we haven’t been to Japan yet." He Yi Meng said with her beautiful big eyes.

"How many days will it take? When are we leaving? " She remembered that today, Wu Wei had asked her to choose a wedding dress and then prepared to customize it.

"We’ll leave in two hours and go for three days." As He Yi Meng spoke, she lifted He Mei’s quilt and ran to her wardrobe. Opening it, she threw a beautiful white dress in front of her and said, "Mommy is wearing this. This one is as beautiful as a fairy."

"Darling, Mommy has a very important matter to attend to today. Can I let daddy accompany you alone?" She didn’t want to put Wu Wei’s pigeon on the table anymore. Since she had already made up her mind to marry him, she shouldn’t think too much about it, right?

"Mommy, you don’t love me anymore, do you?" Upon hearing He Meimeng say that she wasn’t going, his eyes began to tear up.

"Little fool, how could Mommy not love you? It’s just that Mommy promised her godfather that she would choose a wedding dress today ... "So ..." It would have been better if She Meixin hadn’t chosen the wedding dress. Once she said it, She Yimeng cried even harder. "Mommy doesn’t love me anymore. Mommy loves godfather. I hate Mommy, I hate ..."

As she cried, she ran to the door without looking back.

When She Meixin saw this, she instantly felt upset. An indescribable feeling filled her heart.

Could it be that she was destined to have to choose between Wu Wei and He Yimeng?

Now that Huo Jianji had proposed to her, she could have given He Yunmeng a happy family, but she had already agreed to Wu Wei’s request.

If it weren’t for She Yimeng, would she have chosen Wu Wei without the slightest hesitation based on her own feelings?

She could never forget the scene in Q City, where he was willing to exchange hostages with her, and the scene of him letting her leave with Wu Wei in the hospital first. At that time, her heart hurt as if something had pulled at it, until she thought something had happened to him.

Perhaps, at some unknown time, he had already secretly entered her heart, but she, because her heart was filled with Wu Wei’s figure, ignored his existence. Until now, when he forcefully entered her heart with an absolutely domineering attitude, reminding her of his existence, she finally panicked.

I hate myself for starting to waver. She took a deep breath and told herself, She Meixin, in this life, the one you love the most is Wu Wei.

On the other side, She Yimeng ran down the stairs crying. Huo Jiabao had already changed his clothes. Seeing She Yimeng crying so miserably, he held her in his arms and asked her what was going on.

He Yi Meng began to narrate her ’misfortune’ to Huo Jiuzi. Huo Jiajie put He Yi Meng down, then turned around and walked up the stairs to He Mei Xin’s room.

She did not knock on the door but instead barged in. At this moment, She Meixin was preparing to go to the cloakroom to change her clothes.

Seeing Huo Jiajue walk in, she threw the white dress she was holding onto onto the bed. She looked at him with a smile and asked, "Are you here to seek justice for your daughter?"

"Are you going to call Wu Wei, or should I?" He took out his mobile phone and fixed his gaze at He Meixin as he asked.

"What are you doing?" When She Meixin heard this, her expression changed. Was this bastard about to have a fit again?

"It seems like I’ll still have to make this call." The corners of his mouth curled up. With a sinister expression on his face, he made a gesture to start dialing the number.

Seeing that, She Meixin opened her mouth immediately: "Stop ... "I’ll fight, I’ll fight."

"Hurry, the plane is not waiting." Huo Jiu threw her a "at least you know what’s good for you" look. He then ordered her, turned around and left, closing the door behind him.

She Meixin discovered, a carelessness, that she had succumbed to the power of the hooligan.

He was her natural nemesis.

In the end, She Meixin followed Huo Jiabao and He Yimeng onto the plane to Japan. Before leaving, she gave Wu Wei a call to explain the situation. Wu Wei didn’t say anything and just told her to stay safe.

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CEO's Secret Lover Chapter 783