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15 Know Nothing about Fairness and Sense

It was already past 10 p.m. when Isabella was back to the Smith’s.

Carl couldn’t help frowning at the sight of Isabella, “Why do you come back so early?”

Isabella wondered if this so-called father would be pleased only when she was taken away and abused like a prostitute by those shameless men.

“I had a good chat with two gentlemen. They left for urgent business but drove me home first.” Isabella said submissively.

“Two gentlemen? Who are they?”

This was what Carl really cared about.

Isabella handed the business card over, “Here is the business card they gave me. They will ask me out when they have time.”

Carl looked at the business card for a while and finally smiled, “Well done, Isabella. You did a good job today.”

“Thank you, Dad.”


Isabella looked at Rosa who showed her sadness in the eyes, and put on a comforting smile to show that she was fine.

A loud sound rang out.

Suddenly, the door was forcefully knocked open. Rosy and Lukas helped John, drunk as a lord, into the room. Rosa stepped forward hurriedly and said, “What happened to John? Is he drunk again?”

“What are you waiting for? Help Mr. John upstairs. Hurry up!”

Carl, who had just showed a cold look just now, stood up immediately and urged the servant, “Cook some soup for Mr. John! How come John gets so drunk? What a poor child!”

Isabella looked on coldly and wasn’t as anxious as everyone else.

John was the first and youngest son of Rose and Carl in their marriage, also the only son of the Smith clan, therefore, he was Carl’s priceless treasure.

Because he was favored by Carl, John led a life of indulgence, including smoking, drinking, brawling and bullying female students.

Actually, he lived a life as that of a ruffian at his 17 years old.

If something bad did happen after he got drunk, then John fell into a trap set by himself.

“Fortunately, Lukas and I found him at the door. What if something bad happens?”

Rosy kicked off her high heels and yelled at Rosa, “Can’t you take good care of John? He’s embarrassing us!”

“What are you talking about?”

Although Carl liked Rosy, he preferred John much more, so he scolded Rosy, “He is your little brother. He’s just young and doesn’t know much. What’s there to be embarrassed of?”

Rosy bit her lips and didn’t dare to say anything else. She caught a glimpse of Isabella and asked with confusion, “Isabella, why are you wearing a waitress uniform of Empire Entertainment Center?”

Isabella looked at the cheongsam on her body.

Her imposing dress was torn into pieces by Joseph in the suite. When she promised to help Joseph, there were no suitable clothes for her. Then under the emergency, she put on a waitress uniform.

This uniform was a white, simple and elegant cheongsam, and one might think it demureness at first glance. Perhaps, that was why Charlie regarded her as cute and conservative.

Isabella couldn’t tell the truth, so she said, “I messed up my clothes by accident, so I got...”

“You went to Empire Entertainment tonight?”

Rosy interrupted Isabella and her expression suddenly became odd.

Isabella felt that something was wrong with Rosy’s tone, but she still nodded honestly, “Yes.”

Rosy laughed.

She pulled Lukas immediately and said in excitement, “Darling, did you hear that? Isabella actually went to Empire Entertainment! A ‘carnival party ‘ was held there tonight! You got me!”

The unsightly scenes of the party suddenly appeared before her eyes, and Isabella felt her ears hot instantly.

“Maybe she stayed in a private room, and did not attend that carnival party.”

Lukas glanced at Isabella, seemingly intending to help her, “Did you, Isabella?”

“How is it possible?”

Before Isabella could reply, Rosy laughed wildly, “Zachary from Ten Billion Club had booked the whole Empire tonight, and anyone there must attend the party. How come mediocre Isabella would refuse to soil her hands?”

Then, she asked Isabella on purpose, “Isabella, how did you mess up your dress? Can it be a man’s....?”

Everyone was stunned by such a speech and Rosa’s tears fell silently.

Isabella was dumbfounded.

Actually, she had got used to Rosy who was bad to her, and did not care how the Smiths thought of her, but Lukas was here...

She just wanted to preserve her dignity before Lukas whom she once had a secret crush on.

“It was stained with wine.” Isabella tried to explain, “So I came back early.”

“Came back early...”

Rosy fiddled with her long wavy hairs and said, “Members in Ten Billion Club have at least ten billions worth wealth. They have seen all kinds of women. How could be they be interested in you? Isabella, you should have the wisdom to know yourself. I feel ashamed for you! Are you driven out for your ignorance?”

Isabella pinched her palms, as it was a difficult question to answer.

If she said yes, Carl would think that she was incompetent and might even get beaten up.

Saying no left an illusion that she was eager to be appreciated by those men...

Oh, she was lost for words.

“Rosy, you made a mistake.” Carl said with satisfaction, “Isabella was sent back by two gentlemen tonight. There is the business card for further communication!”

These words instantly confirmed the purpose of her trip to Empire Entertainment Center and the dirty deal.

“Two men at one time. Isabella, I did underestimate you...”

Rosy was good at framing Isabella. She smiled complacently, “It is hard to get a man with ten billons worth wealth. You should grasp your luck, as you will get well paid even if they dump you.”

Then she pulled Lukas and said coquettishly, “Darling, I’d better go to your apartment tonight. I always feel that the strange scent wore by Isabella makes the air in this house weird.”

Lukas shot a glance at Isabella and lowered his eyes slightly. He patted Rosy’s head fondly and said, “Up to you.”

“Dad, I’m leaving now!” Rosy said goodbye to Carl happily, but she would never call Rosa Mother.

Isabella raised her head slowly. The scene that Lukas and Rosy left the house hand in hand prompted her urge to catch up with Rosy, grab her long hairs and beat her to the ground....

But she knew clearly that only a pull on Rosy’s hairs would lead to her being hanged and beaten up in the basement by Carl until the dawn, not to mention a hit on Rosy...

Isabella had never known sense and fairness under this roof.

For Isabella, a good life in this family meant food, no scolding, and no beating.

“Dad, Mom, if there’s nothing else, I would like to go upstairs for a rest.” Isabella turned around and whispered to Carl and Rosa, “I felt tired.”

“Take a good bath before you go to sleep!”

Carl covered his nose and mouth with suspiciousness, trying to avoid something dirty, “Don’t mess up the air in the house.”


Isabella turned around and clenched her fists tightly.

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