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Chapter 8: Visit Treasure Pavilion and Receive a Design Order Worth ¥350,000

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Wu Mo drew a curtain aside and walked into Treasure Pavilion. Immediately, many gazes gathered around him.

However, when the people noticed that Wu Mo was wearing a blacksmith’s robe, their curious gazes immediately became respectful.

Under the country’s rarest job class, not only did blacksmiths have a strict evaluation system, but they also had their own exclusive clothing.

At that moment, Wu Mo was wearing a dark blue blacksmith robe. The robe was made of soft silk that clung to the skin. Its overall design was gorgeous and elegant. There was also a golden embroidered pattern on his chest. It depicted a long sword that emanated a cold air as it was inserted into the ground. That was the Divine Arms Academy’s logo.

On top of the image, there were four stars that gave off a silver luster. They represented the identity of a Four-star blacksmith!

Wu Mo had six sets of similar clothes in his dormitory. Furthermore, they were divided into winter and summer. That was enough to prove the importance the country placed on blacksmiths!

It was also the only way for ordinary people to identify a blacksmith!

When they discovered that the guest who had entered was a young Four-star blacksmith, the surrounding people subconsciously took a few steps back, afraid that they would bump into the other party.

Their gazes toward Wu Mo also became respectful, gentle, and even adoring.

However, the preferential treatment of a Four-star blacksmith in society was far more than that. When the staff of Treasure Pavilion saw Wu Mo, they immediately walked over with quick steps and respectfully said, “Sir, welcome to Treasure Pavilion. Is there anything I can help you with?”

The person who spoke to Wu Mo was a woman in a cheongsam. She appeared to be in her early twenties. Her skin was fair and extremely supple. Her waist was slim, and her voice was like a silver bell. It was melodious and pleasant to the ear.

Her name was Yu Qing, and she was one of the receptionists in Treasure Pavilion. Thanks to her beautiful appearance and elegant temperament, she was arranged to only receive high-status guests such as blacksmiths and cultivators.

Wu Mo raised his eyebrows slightly and immediately answered in a deep voice, “I would like to take on the orders. I wonder if there are any suitable ones in Treasure Pavilion.”

Upon hearing that, Yu Qing smiled. “Don’t worry. There are all kinds of orders in Treasure Pavilion. There will definitely be some suitable ones for you. Let me show you around.”

The two of them walked forth in succession, and soon, Wu Mo arrived at the reception hall. He found a lot of information about the orders on a screen embedded in the wall.

He could not help but sigh in his heart. Treasure Pavilion was indeed a large-scale chamber of commerce. There were all kinds of orders.

“Sir, our Treasure Pavilion has a variety of orders. For example, the?OEM1?orders are for us to prepare the blueprints. The blacksmiths are responsible for casting the blueprints into rough shapes. There are also strengthening orders. For those, the blacksmiths are responsible for refining and strengthening the weapons that have already been roughly shaped. ”

“These two orders do not require high qualifications. A Two-star blacksmith can complete them alone.”

Once Yu Qing was done speaking, she immediately looked at Wu Mo. She wanted to see how interested this blacksmith was in the two orders.

After Wu Mo heard the introduction, he frowned slightly. He was not very satisfied.

He had seen the payment of many orders earlier. The payment for the strengthening types and the contract processing types were not too high. Most of the rare orders were only worth thousands of dollars.

He immediately asked, “Are there any others? The ones with higher payment.”

Hearing Wu Mo’s words, the smile on Yu Qing’s face became even brighter. “I believe that with your strength, you definitely won’t be interested in these two types of orders. Actually, there is another design-type order in our Treasure Pavilion,” she immediately explained.

“The design-type orders call for you, the blacksmith, to forge complete equipment according to the customer’s requirements. However, all the materials needed for the drawing, casting, and strengthening processes will be provided by the customer. As long as the blacksmith can forge a finished product that meets the criteria within the required period of time, it will be fine.”

Once she spoke up to this point, the corner of Yu Qing’s mouth curled into a seductive arc as she softly said, “Moreover, the design orders usually pay a lot. It’s at least ¥100,000 or more. I wonder if you are interested in this?”

In Yu Qing’s opinion, for Wu Mo to be able to obtain the job title of a Four-star blacksmith at such a young age, his ability had to be extraordinary. He might actually be able to complete the design order.

In the order hall, Wu Mo raised his head and looked at the order that popped up on the big screen. His heart was a little restless.

From Wu Mo’s point of view, there was nothing more suitable for his current situation than a design order. As long as he completed one, he would be able to handle his urgent situation.

Thinking of that, he immediately nodded his head and agreed.

Seeing that Wu Mo had given an answer, Yu Qing happily brought Wu Mo to a room not far away.

Generally speaking, a blacksmith who could undertake design would at least be three stars in strength. Naturally, Treasure Pavilion had built a special reception room because they did not want to neglect their hospitality.

Wu Mo walked into the reception room, and the door was gently closed, immediately isolating all sounds from the outside.

The decoration in the room was luxurious. There were many famous calligraphy paintings mounted on the walls, and the wool carpet under his feet felt soft. Gentle music permeated the room, and the air was filled with a natural floral fragrance.

Yu Qing led Wu Mo to the couch. Then, she took out seven or eight design sheets and placed them in front of Wu Mo.

“Sir, please have a look and see if there is anything suitable for you.”

Wu Mo glanced at the yard outside the window, which offered a pleasant view. Subsequently, he focused his attention on the order.

Most of the equipment requests on the order were weapons or defensive equipment, and the requirements were rare or even higher.

Wu Mo looked at it for a moment, and a special order immediately attracted his attention.

“Design and Production Order.

“Investor: Jia Wei (Guangli Trading Company).

“Investor Requirement: Create equipment that can reduce the weight of materials. Type of equipment is not limited.

“Pay: ¥350,000.

“Treasure Pavilion Evaluation: Relatively difficult. To accept it, you need to have the qualifications of a Four-star blacksmith.”

Looking at the contents of the order, Wu Mo was a little curious. However, what attracted him the most was the payment. As long as he could design something that met the requirements, he would be able to obtain ¥350,000. That was undoubtedly a huge sum of money for him!

“I think this isn’t bad. I should be able to meet the requirements and accept it.”

After making up his mind, Wu Mo handed the order to the receptionist and spoke with a firm expression.

Yu Qing stood up and took the order. She took a cursory glance at it, and her expression became a little awkward.

“Sir, I don’t recommend that you take this listing...”

Yu Qing contemplated for a moment but eventually told him the situation.

“Why? Don’t tell me I’m not qualified?” Wu Mo tapped his hand on the table rhythmically as he asked with a frown.

“Oh... No, I don’t have any intention of doubting your strength. It’s just that this is the most expensive design order in the recent batch, so it has attracted many blacksmiths to take it. Several Four-star blacksmiths have accepted it, and they have already begun to work on it.

“If you accept it now, not only will you fall behind in your progress, but the reward for the order might also go to other blacksmiths first. Therefore, the risk of this design order is too high. It’s better if...”

As a high-level receptionist, Yu Qing’s words were tactful and clear, allowing Wu Mo to quickly understand the whole story.

Even so, Wu Mo still intended to accept it, because he already had a brilliant idea in his mind!

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