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Chapter 6: Make a Plan and Return to Your Peak!

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The surrounding students were animated as they discussed Wu Mo. But when they saw that he was reading with a straight face and his head lowered, they got tired of talking about him.

It was not until ten minutes later, when the teacher in charge of their class walked in, that the voices of the various blacksmiths gradually disappeared.

Sensing that the voices had weakened, Wu Mo immediately raised his head and looked at the door.

He immediately noticed the teacher who had arrived. It was Professor Zhou Yan, who had urged the group to hand in their final-year designs last night.

Professor Zhou Yan rushed into the class with a document bag. Today, she wore a black shirt and jeans, showing off her slender and well-proportioned curves.

Her long black hair fell over her shoulders, and her hair was slightly curled. Together with her exquisite and charming facial features, she gave off a scholarly temperament.

Wu Mo immediately closed his book. “The information in the textbook is too general. Even if I memorize all of it, it won’t improve my casting ability by much!” he said with slight disappointment.

“Good morning, students. By the way, you should have your final-year design drawings prepared, right? Now, please hand in your design drawings, and I’ll review them for the academy’s leaders!”

“If everything goes as expected, you’ll need to forge the weapons you’ve designed for the graduation assessment next month. Therefore, in the next month, you will need to focus on practicing the skills that you lack,” Professor Zhou Yan opened her document bag and said to everyone with a serious face.

The classroom immediately quieted down. After a few seconds, someone stood up and walked toward the professor with the drawing of his design.

Wu Mo remained in his seat, looking at the crowded aisle in the middle. He planned to wait until the end before he got up.

The students in front of him handed in the design drawings that they had put their blood and sweat into one after another. Meanwhile, Professor Zhou Yan placed them into her document bag one by one.

The young blacksmiths returned to their seats with full confidence. However, someone soon discovered that Wu Mo, who was sitting by the window, had not moved at all.

“Haha, I was right. This guy didn’t prepare any design drafts!”

“He’s probably completely ruined. He owes several million for refining high-level Divine Weapons, and his strength has regressed to less than one star. I’m afraid he won’t be able to produce any decent designs at all.”

“Tsk tsk, it’s a pity. He was clearly a talented blacksmith in our group back then. Fate is playing tricks on him.”

More and more people began to talk about Wu Mo. They seemed to find some sense of superiority over the miserable Wu Mo. They could not help but feel pleased with themselves.

Soon, Professor Zhou Yan also noticed that something was wrong. She immediately turned her gaze to Wu Mo. She frowned slightly and could not help but think to herself, ‘Wu Mo, haven’t you snapped out of your obsession?’

Most of the people in class were focused on Wu Mo. They wanted to see how the former genius blacksmith would end up this time!

In the face of his classmates’ ridicule and the teacher’s doubts, Wu Mo sniffed and stood up from his seat with a calm expression. He held the design blueprint that he had prepared beforehand and walked steadily toward the podium.

“Hey... this guy actually came prepared!”

“Hmph, he deliberately didn’t hand it over just to make us notice him. He’s just a clown!”

“Wu Mo hasn’t been to class lately. His strength has plummeted. Under such circumstances, what kind of design blueprint can he draw?”

“In my opinion, it’s definitely a Regular-grade Weapon that only the most elementary cultivators would use!”

“Trash! If Wu Mo wants to forge a Regular-grade Weapon in front of the entire school once the graduation assessment begins next month, I’m afraid that he’ll bring disgrace to our class!”

“Someone like him should have been expelled from the Divine Arms Academy long ago, but Professor Zhou Yan cares too much for him...”

When they saw Wu Mo walk toward the podium, the students in the class were immediately shocked. For a moment, they started to discuss among themselves. At the same time, they were curious about what kind of blueprint this fellow, who usually did not attend classes, could produce!

Professor Zhou Yan, who was standing on the podium, looked at Wu Mo with a conflicted expression. She felt rather regretful toward this student of hers. With his talent, he could have definitely strived for a “Five-star blacksmith” title before the graduation assessment. Unfortunately, the other party’s thoughts had changed, and he had become silent. Being dominated by the obsession in his heart all day long, he became increasingly depressed!

“Professor Zhou, this is my final-year design blueprint. Please have a look.”

Wu Mo walked up to the professor and raised his head with a smile as he handed her the rolled-up blueprint.

Zhou Yan was slightly stunned. Her hand, which was suspended in midair, froze.

She realized that Wu Mo’s expression was nonchalant. His eyes were shining as if he had returned to the confident and calm intelligent blacksmith from before!

Even the smile on his face was calm. It did not look anything like the stubborn and gloomy Wu Mo from before. It was as if he had changed into a different person!

“Professor, are you not feeling well?” Wu Mo raised his eyebrows and asked suspiciously.

“Oh... No, I just didn’t have a good rest yesterday.”

Zhou Yan gave him a random excuse and immediately accepted the design draft. She slowly unfolded it and took a look.

However, Zhou Yan was a professor in the field of forging after all. With just a glance, she could tell that many parts of the blueprint did not make sense. The shape of the hammer was completely different from a sharp weapon. Even if such a tool was forged, it would likely not be of much use.

She shook her head, closed the design draft, and put it directly into her document bag.

After looking at the design draft, Zhou Yan felt that her previous assumption had been completely groundless. If Wu Mo was really back to the way he was, he would definitely not design such a thing.

In her heart, she stopped thinking about guiding him. The current Wu Mo was too paranoid, and no matter what she said, it would be useless.

“Wu Mo, you should be more down-to-earth. Don’t keep thinking about innovation, and don’t just aim high but forget about the original practicality of weapons. Now that your studies are coming to an end, you should first ensure that you can graduate successfully and find a stable job before you consider pursuing your dreams...”

‘Otherwise, you’ll ruin yourself!’

Zhou Yan did not want to see Wu Mo being held back in the end, so she still gave him some advice. However, she did not say that last sentence. Ultimately, Wu Mo was already under pressure from the rest of the class, hence there was no need for her to put him down.

Wu Mo stood straight on the spot. Once Professor Zhou Yan finished speaking, he nodded and seriously said, “I understand, Professor Zhou. Thank you for telling me so much.”

After Wu Mo finished speaking, he got ready to turn around and leave. He knew that Professor Zhou Yan was very good to him, but he did not intend to explain anything.

At the end of the day, the drawing was his first draft of Mjolnir. It was a Divine-grade instrument. Even if he said everything out loud, the others would probably think that he was crazy.

Instead of wasting his breath, it was better to take action. When the time came for the graduation assessment, he would make everyone shut their mouths!

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