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Binding System
Chapter 259  I Want to Torture Them

Chapter 259  I Want to Torture Them

"So, how is it? Do you agree to work together to destroy Nightshire City with me?" Henry hoped Dezmavas would agree to cooperate with him because he had asked many questions to him.

"Sure." Dezmavas decided to agree because Henry was not lying.

Vianola and the others were no longer suspicious of Henry and accepted him because Dezmavas said Henry was not lying.

"Great!" Henry smiled happily.

"Because we are allies now, can you tell me how strong Nightshire City is?" Dezmavas inquired.

"Nightshire city has…" Henry began telling them about the strength of Nightshire city.

Even though he was not one hundred percent sure, he estimated Nightshire City had around twenty thousand soldiers.

Henry kept giving them information about Nightshire City. "Including people from three big families, they have nine awakeners at the Master rank."

At this moment, Liam remembered Ace.

'I forgot to tell my lord about him.'

He forgot to tell Henry that Ace had broken through to the Grandmaster rank.

He walked closer to Henry before finally whispering in his right ear. "My lord, Ace had broken through to the Grandmaster rank."

Henry instantly looked at Liam. "Why didn't you tell me about this yesterday?"

"I'm sorry, my lord." Liam forgot about it because Henry immediately gave him a task yesterday.

"What's wrong?" Dezmavas asked curiously.

"One of the citizens had broken through to the Grandmaster rank." Henry gave an honest answer.

At this moment, Henry felt uneasy because an awakener at the Grandmaster rank could change the result of the war.

"You don't need to worry about it because I'm already at 4-star." Dezmavas told Henry how strong he was.

Henry let out a sigh of relief after hearing it. "May I know how many troops you have and how strong they are?"

"We have 25,000 troops." Dezmavas recruited two thousand magical beasts in the past two days. "Including me, we have one at 4-star, nineteen at 3-star, and the rest at 1-star and 2-star."

Henry was thrilled because their troops were superior in number.

'Their number of troops is much bigger.'

After finding out the number of their troops and how strong they were, Henry was sure the possibility of them winning the war was high.

"Oh right, can you just beat up Scarlett and Ace later?" Henry did not want them to die in the war.

"Why?" Dezmavas inquired.

"I want to make her my slut and torture Ace." Henry responded, "I don't want them to die right away because I want to show them what it's like to be in hell."

Dezmavas' lips curled up into a smirk. "Sure. I will just beat them up later."

"Good. Haha." Henry laughed happily.

"Henry, I will tell you about our plans now." after saying that, Dezmavas told Henry about their plans.

"That's a great plan!" Henry stated. "Don't worry. I will help you carry out your plan."

"Good. Haha." Dezmavas laughed happily. "Ardryll, come here."

A terrifying wolf walked closer to them.

The wolf had red eyes and was about two meters tall.

When he was close to Dezmavas, the wolf transformed into a human form.

"I will leave him in your care, Henry." Dezmavas uttered.

"Alright." Henry responded.


The moon illuminated the dark night, and countless stars were scattered in the sky.

Henry and the others were currently in the backyard. They returned to his house using a secret passage he made several years ago.

His house was located right next to the wall, so it was easy to create a secret passage leading out of the city.

"So, this is Nightshire city, huh?" Ardryll, who was in human form, uttered, "I really like this place because the city is filled with the smell of prey."

"Ardryll, I hope you can control yourself, or else it will ruin our plans." Henry did not want Ardryll to kill human as he pleased.

"I know what I should not do." Ardryll responded before finally sitting on a wooden bench.

"Good!" Henry stated. "Liam, let's go carry out our plan."

"Understood, my lord." Liam responded.


The following day, Henry and his subordinates met Dezmavas again. Like yesterday, they left Nightshire City through the secret passage.

Henry could not let anyone know what he was doing, so he always used the secret passage.

"Haha." Dezmavas laughed happily.

There were ten females and twelve males in front of him. All of them were unconscious because it was the easiest method to take them to Framingburns forest.

"Well done, Henry. Well done." Dezmavas was satisfied with Henry's work.

"Dezmavas, are you sure you only want me to hide Ardryll?" Henry inquired. "How about I hide more of your subordinates?"

"Not all of us can transform into a human form. And he is the only one who can mimic human's aura." Dezmavas would have hidden more magical beasts in Henry's house if they had the same abilities as Ardryll.

"Then why don't you order one of the kings or queens to hide in my place?" Henry inquired.

"I can't do that." Dezmavas responded, "Don't worry. If everything goes smoothly, Ardryll will be more than enough to carry out our plan."

Henry did not say anything anymore after hearing Dezmavas' words. After talking for several minutes, Henry and his subordinates returned home.


Allan and fifty of his subordinates were riding giant birds. They went straight to Nightshire City after his parents allowed him to help Ace.

Of course, his parents told him to abandon Nightshire City if the situation was out of their control.

This was the reason why his parents ordered fifty people to protect him because they did not want something bad to happen to him.

"Young lord, is mister Ace really an Aeris?" Angela asked curiously.

In addition to her job as a top auctioneer at Wynn Trading House, Angela was a powerful awakener at Master rank.

She was also one of the Wynn family's trusted subordinates. That was why Allan's parents ordered her to follow him.

"According to the letter I received from the branch, he is an Aeris." Allan answered. "The letter states that all citizens know about this because Ace revealed himself when fighting Leo a few days ago."

"All the citizens know about this? Then it must be true." her lips curled up into a smile. "I suddenly can't want to meet him."

"What is this? Are you going to seduce him?" Allan joked around.

"He is an Aeris, young lord. There is no way I can seduce him. I'm sure he is surrounded by many gorgeous ladies every day." Angela only wanted to meet Ace because she had never met an Aeris before.

"Well, I can't say you are wrong." Allan had the same thought as her. "But you are also a gorgeous lady, Angela. You should not say something like that."

"Then, should I try my luck later? Hehe." Angela joked around.

"You should do that." Allan joked too.

As they were heading to Nightshire city, Ace practiced martial arts in his backyard. He also needed to prepare himself, so he decided to train.

"Huft…Huft…Huft…" he stood as he breathed heavily.

'I will take a rest now.'

He said in his head.

When he was heading to the stone chair, a voice suddenly rang out. "Ace…"

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Binding System Chapter 259  I Want to Torture Them