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Chapter 31: I Miss You

Qin Shu felt slightly apprehensive after sending that message because the man had never believed her feelings for him. Naturally, he would not believe this message from her.

Yet, even if he did not believe her, these words did come from the bottom of her heart.

She glanced at the time and realized it was late at night and that he must be asleep by now. The earliest he would see the message would be the following day.

With that, Qin Shu placed her phone on the bedside table and went to sleep after turning off the light.


It was a quiet night.

Qin Shu, in a state of half-consciousness, suddenly felt an overwhelming pressure so intense that she could not easily breathe. That feeling made her open her eyes abruptly.

In the dark room, all she could see was a dark silhouette in front of her.

She picked up on the man’s unique scent and found it to be accompanied by a familiar feeling of sadness. Needless to say, the man before her must be Fu Tingyu.

“Fu Tingyu is here?” she thought.

Like she had just woken up from a dream, Qin Shu stared incredulously at the man who had suddenly appeared before her.

“It’s so late, what are you doing here?” Qin Shu asked, her voice was slightly hoarse from sleep. Even if he wanted to come, he should have waited until daytime.

Fu Tingyu lifted his head. The darkness of his deep eyes blended into the night. “I missed you too.”

Qin Shu was stunned for a few seconds and her nose grew slightly sour.

She hugged him tightly to ascertain the realness of the person in her arms.

However, she discovered that the man’s clothes were completely drenched.

“Why are you drenched?” she hurriedly asked.

“It’s raining outside.” It was only then that Fu Tingyu made the startling realization that his wet clothes were wetting the blanket and he stood up and turned on the light and made the dark room grow bright instantly.

“I’ll go take a shower.” Fu Tingyu turned around and walked into the bathroom as he spoke. He licked the corners of his lips and seemed to not have fully expressed himself yet.

Qin Shu watched the man’s slender back, her eyes brimmed with distress. “Why is he so silly? Why did he come rushing over so late at night in the rain?” she wondered.

A low glance at the bed granted her the discovery of the damp bedsheets and blanket.

Qin Shu immediately stood up and removed the existing bedsheets and blanket and retrieved a new set from the wardrobe.

Shortly afterward, Fu Tingyu emerged from the bathroom with nothing but a white towel cinched around his waist. His defined muscle lines indicated a lack of limit in his explosiveness. He was the perfect example of someone who looked slim in clothes, but extremely muscular out of them.

Qin Shu approached the man and took his hand. “Let’s go to bed. It’s late.”

Fu Tingyu lowered his gaze and glanced at the girl’s hand around his. Her skin was very fair and her hand was very soft. The temperature of her palm was just to his liking as well. “I’ll sleep next door.”

“Why do you have to go next door, isn’t it nice sleeping here?” Qin Shu’s eyes revealed that her feelings were hurt. She thought that they would no longer have to sleep in separate beds since he rushed over here so late at night. She had not expected him to still want to maintain their separate sleeping arrangements.

Fu Tingyu suddenly bent over and murmured darkly into her ear, “Babe, have you forgotten what I told you?”

The man’s voice was low, deep, and almost bloodthirsty, and what he said left Qin Shu stunned.

His eyes darkened and he turned around and left without giving her a chance to talk.

Qin Shu only came back to her senses when the door was shut. She stared at the closed door and remained in a daze for a long time.

The closeness of their relationship had nothing to do with their sleeping arrangements.

However, sleeping in separate beds all the time would definitely affect their relationship negatively.


The following day, Qin Shu woke up naturally. She slowly opened her eyes, but instead of seeing the familiar ceiling, she saw.....


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