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Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want
Chapter 29: You Are My Future

Chapter 29: You Are My Future

Qin Shu remained in a daze on the tatami for some time before she went to wash up.

Fu Tingyu had prepared her clothes in advance. They were in the adjacent room, which was a walk-in wardrobe filled with branded outfits where there were many styles to choose from, including a swimsuit.

Even though Fu Tingyu had left, she needed to pull herself together and make herself good enough for him, and her appearance was no exception.

She needed to become stronger before she could stand shoulder to shoulder with him.

Qin Shu changed her outfit and left the room.

Since she had lived here in her past life, she was very familiar with this place and did not need anyone to show her around. 𝚒𝐧𝐧re𝚊𝙙. 𝙘o𝓶

Besides eating and taking walks, she would also study and make use of the time she spent on the island to review study materials from the modules she was taking.

Qin Shu sat before the mirror and gazed at herself. The scar on her right cheek had grown faint and the scratch marks from the cat were completely gone.

After enough time, the scar would thoroughly vanish as well.

She had not expected something good to come out of being scratched by Boss.

The discovery of her fading scar put Qin Shu in an exceptionally good mood, and she made the effort to change into her swimsuit and head outside to have fun.

She walked along the beach barefoot and the waves swept over her ankles, one after another, a magical feeling.

Qin Shu sat along the beach and raised her phone. She adopted a relatively flirtatious posture and smiled beautifully at the camera, as she took the photo with a click.

After she reviewed the photo, she sent it to Fu Tingyu with satisfaction before she headed into the sea to unwind.


At the same time, in a conference room at Fu Enterprise, representatives from the Finance department dutifully reported the amount of money that entered and exited the company that quarter to Fu Tingyu.

He raised some doubts from time to time as he listened to them until the phone located on his right side vibrated twice.

He had the habit of setting his phone vibration mode whenever he was not around his babe to prevent missing out on her messages.

Additionally, this was the first time he left her in a foreign place. It was only natural for him to be worried.

He glanced at the lit screen and discovered that it was a message notification from his babe. His slender fingers unlocked the phone and a chat box immediately surfaced.

When he saw the selfie that his babe had taken of herself in her swimsuit as she sat along the beach, his gaze instantly darkened.

At the recollection that Shi Yan stood right behind him, Fu Tingyu quickly exited the chatbox.

“I did not see anything,” Shi Yan was speechless and thought to himself.


The following day, he received another message from his babe. This time, it was a photo that she took while she was in the sea.

In the photo, his babe’s hair was tied into a bun. There were strands of shiny, wet hair plastered to her cheeks that were as pale as jade.

The water reached her collarbones and revealed only half of the dark-colored love marks on them.

Fu Tingyu’s eyes darkened and he licked his lips.

Shi Yan walked in at this exact moment, and when he witnessed this scene, he wondered if Mr. Fu was hungry.


On the third day, the photo that Qin Shu sent him was taken of her during breakfast. She was dressed in casual home clothes. Her seaweed-like hair was deliberately set loose around her shoulders and her head was tilted at an angle that made her hair appear jet-black and shiny but it covered and concealed her face.

The photo was not what he had been expecting. Fu Tingyu’s heart felt like it was missing something.


On the fourth day, at the time that he usually received her photos, Fu Tingyu sat in his office with his legs crossed and his phone in his hands while he waited for his babe to send him a photo. He was filled with anticipation and wondered what kind of photo she would send this time.

When the time came, his babe punctually sent him a photo.

Fu Tingyu opened it expectantly, but his face instantly darkened when he saw it.

The photo was the back view of a maid cleaning the floor. Beside her was a pair of pink bedroom slippers. After one look at them and he instantly knew that they belonged to his babe.

The only thing worth looking at was the pair of feet exposed in the bedroom slippers.


On the fifth day, Fu Tingyu had his phone in his grip the entire day and waited expectantly from morning until night, afraid that he would miss out on a message from his babe.

Yet, after waiting the entire day, he did not receive a photo from his babe.


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Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want Chapter 29: You Are My Future