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Chapter 430: Chapter 430, Qian Qingyu requested to leave the mansion

Qiao Nihong investigated for three whole days, and all the people she visited thought that Qian Qingyu had deliberately seduced him.

When Lu Ang was not in the mansion, Qiao Nihong found Qian Qingyu and went straight to the point. “These days, I visited many students and gentlemen in West Mountain College. They all said that you were the one who seduced Jiang Wan.”

“You have been in the West Mountain College for many years. Many of your classmates have known you for many years. I don’t think they need to tell such lies. Qian qingyu, you’d better leave the mansion by yourself. Don’t bring this matter to the Queen’s side.”

Qian qingyu bowed and said, “Yes, Princess.”

Qiao Nihong looked at Qian qingyu curiously and said, “Don’t you want to explain more?”

Qian qingyu sighed and said, “This servant knows that this matter can not be explained. It is useless to explain.”

The prince in the dream hugged himself and comforted him, saying that he would believe her.

Even if the dream was fake, it was enough for her.

“It’s just that this servant still owes the second prince two hundred taels of silver. The contract is also in his hands. This servant can not leave just because this servant says so.”

Qiao Nihong took out two hundred taels of silver notes from her purse. “Here, I don’t expect you to return it to me. Just leave the mansion as soon as possible.”

“Thank you, Princess.”


Lu Ang had lunch in the Changle Palace before returning to the mansion.

He had drunk cold water last night and did not sleep well. Lu Ang wanted to go back to the mansion to take a nap.

As soon as Lu ang entered the house, he saw Qian Qingyu kneeling in front of him. “What are you doing?”

Qian qingyu lowered her head, held up two banknotes with both hands and said, “Your Highness, I have collected the silver taels. I would like to ask your highness to return the deed. I also want to leave the mansion.”

Lu ang said, “Didn’t you say that you have no parents? Where did you get the banknotes? Besides, what else can you do after leaving the mansion? If you become a servant girl, you will not meet a better master than me.”

With a new master, Qian qingyu only cared about sleeping by herself last night. She had long been punished.

Qian qingyu said, “I still have my aunt in the world. When mother took me away, my aunt’s family was already doing well. My aunt said that if I couldn’t stay in Chang ‘an anymore, I would go back home to find her.”

“Where is your aunt?”


Lu ang frowned and said, “Then you don’t have to think about leaving. Jiangnan is a long journey, and you have met many people of all walks of life along the way. You haven’t written to your aunt for many years, so maybe your aunt is no longer in Jiangnan. You’d better stay in the Royal Mansion.”

Lu Ang carefully looked at the banknote in Qian Qingyu’s hand and said, “This banknote is neon, right? Why did she give you the banknote? Tell me!”

Qian Qingyu somehow gave herself away, but she did not dare to hide it from Lu Ang, she came out with a tray and said, “Princess Nihon was worried that I was a vixen. She was afraid that your highness would be affected by my reputation, so she went to the academy to investigate for a few days before she let me leave the mansion.”

Lu ang said, “You just stay in the mansion. Even if you make a scene in front of mother, I will protect you.”

Qian qingyu lowered her head. “But I don’t want to implicate your reputation. I don’t want others to think that you are stupid and seduced by a fox.”

Lu ang heard this and said coldly, “I don’t need you to fulfill my reputation. Just stay in the mansion.”

After Lu Ang said that, he left the mansion and went to Marquis an Yuan’s mansion.

When neon heard that Lu Ang had come, she went out to welcome him.

When Lu ang saw her, he said, “You forced Qingyu to leave the Prince’s Mansion?”

Qiao neon said, “She complained?”? Lu Ang, the servant girls in your mansion have all been spread. Qian Qingyu’s reputation was not good when she was in the West Mountain. If you keep her by your side as your personal servant girl, it will only harm your reputation. I helped you out of kindness. You won’t Bite Lu Dongbin, right?”

Qiao Nishang came over and said, “Don’t you dare call brother Ang a dog!”

Lu Ang:”...”

Lu Ang said helplessly to Qiao nishang, “When have I ever blamed you? I know that you’re doing this for my own good, but Qingyu isn’t that kind of person.”

Qiao nishang said, “When she was young, she was already disloyal enough to tell us about our plan. In order not to become your maid, she even promised Aunt Queen to go to the West Mountain Academy and Betray You. How do you know that she’s not that kind of person? “You said it yourself when you were young. You will never play with Qingyu again.”

Lu ang heard Qiao Nihon’s words and recalled the past. “So it’s her! No wonder I feel that she is familiar. She is the Qingyu from back then!” 𝒾𝐧𝚗𝙧𝙚𝐚d. 𝗰o𝓶

Qiao Nihon said, “So you didn’t know that she was the qingyu from back then. Now she is the same as she was when she left you.”

Lu ang said, “You really misunderstood her. She dreamed about this last night. The murmurs in her dreams were wronged. She cried and begged me to believe her. She even cried in her sleep. If she really is that kind of person, why would she be afraid in her sleep?”

Qiao nishang said, “I visited West Mountain Academy for three days. Everyone is sure that she seduced Jiang Wan. If you don’t believe me, you can go and investigate.”

Only Qiao Nishang asked, “Brother Ang, why did you hear whispers in your sleep?”

Qiao Nishang widened her eyes and said, “You slept with Qian Qingyu?”

Lu Ang found it hard to explain himself. As the second prince, he got up in the middle of the night and poured water for himself. He didn’t have any dignity. He was still thinking of an excuse.

Qiao Nishang ran away with red eyes.

Qiao Nishang snorted. “You, you disappoint me!”

Qiao Nishang chased after Qiao Nishang.

Only Lu Ang was confused. So what if he slept with his maid? Why did it make him look like he had committed a heinous crime?

Qiao Nishang ran all the way to a lake. Her eyes were full of tears. “SOB, sob, sob, sob. I don’t like brother Ang anymore. I hate brother Ang.”

Qiao Nishang rushed over and said, “Alright, stop crying. Without brother Ang, there are many other brothers. For example, brother Qian Yu. He has always been good to you. He even got hurt because of you!”

Nishang sniffed and smiled. “Yes, there’s still brother Qian Yu. I Don’t want brother Ang anymore.”

Qiao Nishang:”...”

She had never seen a girl who was easier to coax than Qiao Nichang.

Qiao Nichang wiped her tears with a handkerchief and said, “However, I’m still worried about brother Ang. If Qian Qingyu is really that kind of vixen, brother Ang will be implicated. At that time, he won’t be able to avoid being blamed by the empress. Have you investigated thoroughly?”

Qiao nichang said, “I’ve investigated thoroughly. The gentlemen there also said that Madam Jiang’s appearance isn’t bad. If it weren’t for Qingyu intentionally seducing her, musician Jiang wouldn’t do such a thing!”

Qiao nishang said, “But I believe that a person wouldn’t lie in a dream.”

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