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Chapter 426: In chapter 426, Qiao Nichang was the second Princess Consort

Qiao Nichang was a little disappointed when she heard the word “Sister”, but she immediately smiled again.

Brother Ang did not have a woman he loved yet. He had been playing with her since he was young. As long as she persevered, brother Ang would definitely accept her.

Lu ang asked again, “Cousin Qian, Qian Yu is here?”

“Yes, he is going to take the examinations next year and the Chang ‘an Qian residence will be renovated. He is staying at my house now.”

Lu ang said, “I went to look for him, but I have not seen him for a long time.”

After Lu ang left, Qiao Nishang said to Qiao nihong, “Don’t joke around with him in the future. I am afraid that he will hate me because of this. He really only sees me as his sister.”

Nichang said, “There are no other women around Lu Ang. He has treated you differently from others since you were young. Now that you are still young, he will understand when you are older.”

Qiao Nichang rested her chin on her hand and sighed. “Sigh, since ancient times, my cousin will not have a good ending if she marries my cousin. That Zhou Sisi from the Zhou family caused the Zhou family to collapse and die...”

Neon looked at Qiao Nichang and smiled. “If that’s really the case, is there still time for our Qiao family to sever our relationship with you?”

Qiao Nichang:”...”


After Qian Qingyu recovered from her illness, the butler arranged for her to be the second prince’s servant. When Qian Qingyu learned that she would be the second Prince’s servant in the future, she was very happy.

Originally, there were servant girls in the manor. Even the smallest one looked bigger on her. Qian Qingyu then asked another servant girl named lucky to borrow a needle and thread.

The clothes worn by the servant girls by the second prince’s side in the manor were all made of silk. Qian Qingyu was very careful when changing her clothes.

Lucky saw that Qian Qingyu’s needle technique was very good. “Your needle technique is superb. It looks like the skills of the palace.”

Qian qingyu said, “I learned some skills from the embroidery ladies in the palace when I was in the Academy.”

“Then you must be very good at embroidery?”

Qian qingyu shook her head and said, “I don’t know how to Embroider.”

Lucky said, “The second prince is very kind to people. He treats the servants and palace people very well. Usually, he doesn’t scold or scold them. The chief of the Prince’s mansion and the nanny who manages the servants are a little strict. However, as long as you do your job well, they won’t blame you.”

Qian qingyu gratefully said to lucky, “Thank you.”

Lucky said, “You really look like Miss Nichang. Do you know Miss Nichang?”

Qian qingyu nodded and said, “Everyone knows to thank the eldest daughter. Qiao Nichang, the most beautiful woman in Chang ‘an. She will be even more famous after she reaches her marriageable age next year.”

Lucky said proudly, “Not only that, she is also the second prince’s consort. Everyone in the mansion knows that she will be our mistress in the future.”

Lucky looked at Qian Qingyu’s appearance and said, “You look similar to her and are still working for the second prince. is that a blessing or a curse?”

The embroidery needle in Qian Qingyu’s hand poked her thumb. Thinking about it carefully, no mistress would be willing to look the same as a servant girl..

No matter how magnanimous Miss Nichang was, she would not be able to tolerate it..

Qian qingyu lowered her eyes and sighed. No matter what, she could only take it one step at a time. Perhaps by the time Miss Nichang entered the house and became a princess consort, she would already be married?

Qian Qingyu changed into a new servant girl’s clothes and went to the second Prince’s main courtyard.

The main courtyard was managed by eunuch Ma and Nanny Ning, the first chamberlain of the Prince’s mansion.

There were a total of eight servants in the second Prince’s courtyard. These eight were the second Prince’s personal maidservants. There were also more than ten second-class maidservants who were doing chores and cleaning in the courtyard.

Qian Qingyu entered the second Prince’s study and knelt down to greet him. “Your Servant Qingyu Greets Your Highness the second prince.”

Lu ang said, “Get up. You can be my servant in the future.”

“Thank You, Your Highness, Second Prince.”Qian qingyu smiled slightly. In a roundabout way, she became the second Prince’s servant girl again.

The second prince must have recognized that he was also a servant girl in front of him when he was young, right?

Lu Ang did not remember Qian Qingyu. He had long forgotten the servant girl whom he had spent a few months with when he was young. The reason why he let Qian Qingyu stay by his side was because he felt sorry for her.

Also, she had the same face as Nichang at first glance. It was inappropriate for her to be bullied outside. If she was an honest person as her good friend had said, then he would let her be a good maidservant.

If she was not honest and had other thoughts in the pursuit of wealth, then he would directly exile her to the border.

Lu ang asked Qian qingyu, “Do you know how to grind ink?”

“Yes.”Qian Qingyu went forward and picked up a piece of ink to grind in circles.

Lu ang saw her wrist, which was very slender.


Before the mid-autumn Festival, the people in Chang ‘an loved to talk about the crown prince’s consort selection.

When Nanny Ning was not around, the maidservants in the mansion also gathered together and said secretly, “I heard that the Empress will choose a consort for the Crown Prince and His Highness at this year’s mid-autumn Festival!”

“Isn’t Our Highness’concubine already decided to be Miss Nichang?”

“Maybe it’s not just Miss Nichang? After all, there’s no rule. In the future, the royal family can only have one concubine. Miss Nichang is still young. Who knows, she might be given a side concubine first?”

“Qingyu, His Highness has only allowed you to serve these days. Have you heard about this?”

Qian qingyu shook her head and said, “No.”

“Sigh, if a side concubine comes to the estate, I wonder if our days will be so good?”

“I would rather Miss Nichang enter the estate as soon as possible. Miss Nichang’s personality is extremely good, and the servants by her side are also extremely good. Please don’t come with any side concubines!”!

Ji Xiang tugged at the servant girl who said this, “If Miss Nichang enters the estate, what about Qingyu?”

The servant girl said, “What does that have to do with anything? From Qingyu’s words, it can be seen that His Highness can’t wait to let Miss Nichang enter the imperial residence. Otherwise, why would he find a servant girl who looks similar to Miss Nichang to enter the imperial residence?”

Everyone agreed unanimously.

On the night of the mid-autumn Festival, the Master of the residence was not around, so a group of servant girls were in the residence to pay their respects to consort Yue.

Lucky tugged at Qingyu and said, “You should make a wish. Consort Yue’s wish will come true.”

Qingyu looked at the full moon in the sky and silently made a wish in front of the candles. “May the Empress of the Moon Bless the second Prince’s health, peace, and happiness.”

This was a wish that she made every year during the mid-autumn Festival. Every year at this time, she could always remember that the second prince had secretly hidden the mooncakes that the empress had personally made for her to eat during the palace banquet.

Qingyu had known about the fresh meat mooncakes from the Hundred Savory restaurant since she was very young. However, at that time, there was no money at home and her father drank too much, so she could only watch helplessly.

After her mother brought her to Chang ‘an, it was the second prince who gave her the mooncakes so that she could eat the fresh meat mooncakes for the first time.

“The second prince is back. What are you guys doing here?”

Qingyu went into the room to greet the second prince. After Lu ang came in, he took off his cloak and gave Qingyu a box of mooncakes. “Take it and share it with lucky and the others.”

Qingyu saw the still hot mooncakes and bowed. “Thank You, Your Highness.”

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