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As A Cardinal, I Don't Do Overtime
Chapter 54 - Two-Headed Werewolves

Chapter 54: Two-Headed Werewolves


Hearing these three words, Ace fell silent.

Almost every city had a place like this.

These poor people were the products of this aristocratic society.

But Monn felt that there was no need to sympathize with them.

Poor people all have their own faults.

If these desperate people were really willing to work hard, even if they were not doing well, they would still be much better off than they were now.

Monn’s body floated lightly. He did not want his feet to be contaminated.

He looked at the direction where the footprints disappeared and floated over.

Ace followed Monn and floated in the air. She followed closely behind Monn.

Monn found the footprints in a dark alley.

The footprints made a gesture toward Monn in the depths of the alley. Then, they turned into specks of fluorescent light and disappeared in the air.

Ace rushed over and said, “My spell has been dispelled. It seems to be inside.”

Suddenly, faint gasps and sounds of biting could be heard from the depths of the alley.

They continued to go deeper.

Two furry figures appeared before their eyes.

As if they had heard the footsteps behind them, the two figures raised their heads at the same time.

Two ferocious wolf heads instantly appeared before their eyes.

Fresh blood flowed from their long wolf mouths.

Their dark green wolf eyes flashed with a cold light.

When they saw who it was, one of the larger werewolves grinned. He had a fierce look on his face, and a hoarse voice rang out from his throat.

“Keke, this is great. Two rations delivered to our doorstep.”

“Brother Rama, the two of them look like they’re from the Orthodox Church.”

Rama smiled disdainfully. “It’s just the Orthodox Church. They’re here to fill our stomachs.”

He picked up the human corpse in his hand, took a bite, and swallowed the flesh.

The wounds on his body started to squirm, and new flesh sprouted, completely healing his injuries.

He stood up and threw the useless corpse aside. He laughed fiercely. “One for each of you. Finish it quickly and complete leader Ange’s mission as soon as possible!”

Rama’s wolf foot stomped heavily, and cracks appeared on the ground instantly. He brought up gusts of strong wind and attacked Monn.

After he attacked, another werewolf also found AI si and slapped down with its metallic claws.


Ace pulled out her holy sword and blocked the werewolf’s metallic claws.

The werewolf grinned. He was about to say something sarcastic when he heard a boom.

A violent explosion sounded behind him.

He turned around and saw that brother Rama, who was supposed to tear Monnn into pieces, was kicked back by the man in red and fell into a pile of rubble.

The entire wall was smashed into pieces.

Rama lay on the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood. His wolf eyes were filled with disbelief as he exclaimed, “Saint-level!” 𝚒n𝐧𝑟ea𝚍. 𝒄𝑜𝚖

The werewolf who was fighting against Ace was shocked and immediately prepared to retreat.

He did not expect that Ace would seize this opening and the sharp holy sword instantly pierced through his heart.

The light on the holy sword seemed to have found its prey.

Like the blazing sun, it burned the werewolf’s heart away.

The werewolf let out a miserable cry and endured the intense pain as he forcefully pulled out the holy sword.

He retreated to Rama’s side with great difficulty.

He said resolutely, “Big Brother, use that move!”

Rama did not hesitate at all. He nodded, and his sharp wolf claws instantly pierced into his heart.

The werewolf’s eyes instantly lost their luster.

Rama swallowed the heart that was about to be roasted in one gulp.

His entire body was instantly filled with blood, and his body suddenly shot up. He only stopped after rising up to more than three meters.

His neck suddenly squirmed violently, and a wolf head broke through the flesh and drilled out.

His aura grew rapidly, and only stopped after he broke through to the intermediate level of the saint level.

Meng en narrowed his eyes and took a look. The newly grown Wolf’s head was exactly the same as the one that had died.

Ace came to Meng En’s side with a solemn expression.

She had only broken through to the amethyst level when she was in the Imperial City, and had successfully advanced to the primary level.

If she did not liberate the holy sword, she would not be a match for this two-headed wolf at all.

But if she did release the Holy Sword…

She looked hesitant.

Looking at Meng En, she remembered the pope had said that Meng En’s red robe was very strong.

But as for how strong he was, Ace didn’t know.

She looked at Monn, who was about her age, and shook her head. No matter how strong he was, he was probably just as strong as her.

Because even in the capital, which was filled with geniuses, she had never seen anyone more outstanding than herself.

Just as she was thinking, the two-headed wolf waved his fist.

The surrounding houses instantly collapsed.

He opened his wolf’s mouth, and the stench of blood instantly poured out.

“You hit me real hard just now, it’s my turn!”

The two-headed wolf lunged at Monn, and the ground beneath his feet instantly collapsed.

A huge shadow covered the two of them.

Ace’s expression was solemn as she pulled out the holy sword.


Just as she was about to chant the holy sword, a slender hand reached out,

“Lend me your sword.”

Monn’s calm voice sounded behind her.

The sword in her hand was easily taken away.

Ace instantly became anxious.

Without the holy sword, how could she fight this two-headed wolf!

Monn hefted the sword in her hand and nodded in satisfaction.

This wolf was too disgusting. He didn’t need to dirty his hands if he had a handy weapon.

The two-headed wolf that pounced over saw Monn’s calm attitude and became furious.

“You brat! You actually dare to look down on us!”

The wolf’s claws instantly extended, and the metallic luster was exceptionally bright. The density of the entire claw once again increased by several times.

It became harder and sharper.

Monn continued to act at a leisurely pace, as if he did not care about them at all.

He raised the holy sword and pointed it in the direction of the two-headed wolf, and a cyclone suddenly rose.

Seeing his posture, Ace was secretly anxious.

She was about to reach out to grab the holy sword and chant the holy words.

Monn’s voice turned cold. “If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t move!”

Ace was shocked.

The two-headed wolf’s attack came in an instant.

Ace stared at the holy sword and the metal wolf’s claws colliding.

Strangely, there was no sound of metal colliding with metal.

The next moment, she knew the answer.

The metal wolf’s claws were like a piece of tofu, easily sliced in half by the holy sword in Monn’s hand. There was no obstruction at all.

Ace widened her eyes and was a little confused for a moment.

This two-headed wolf was so powerful, and this was what he got?

When she saw the cyclone on the holy sword clearly, she finally understood.

The werewolf wasn’t too weak, it was Monn that was too strong!

This kind of spell was definitely not something that could be used when one had just entered the saint level!

It was funny that she had just analyzed in her mind that Monn might not be as powerful as she was.

Ace silently laughed at herself.

When she thought of her attempt to grab the holy sword, her face turned pale.

If she hadn’t been stopped by Monn just now, what would have happened to her…

The flying wolf claws flashed across her mind.

She shivered violently.

She patted her chest and rejoiced in her heart. “It’s okay, it’s okay…”

“Ah! !”

After thinking so much, it only took a few seconds.

The werewolf’s scream brought her back to reality.

The two-headed wolf held its bleeding claws and took a few steps back in a daze. It was incredulous as it roared ferociously, “No! Impossible!”

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As A Cardinal, I Don't Do Overtime Chapter 54 - Two-Headed Werewolves