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As A Cardinal, I Don't Do Overtime
Chapter 53 - The Saintess Has No Sense of Direction

Chapter 53: The Saintess Has No Sense of Direction

At the market, Monn, who was buying groceries and preparing to go home to cook, could not help but frown when he saw Ace trailing behind him. 𝑖𝓷n𝘳ℯ𝐚𝐝. 𝒄om

“I’ve already gotten off work. Stop following me.”

Ace looked at Monn with an aggrieved expression. “But I don’t know the way back to the Holy Church.”

“Also, the Orthodox Church doesn’t have this rule at all!”

Speaking of this, Ace straightened her back and spoke righteously.

Munn ignored her and said, “Go north from here to the second intersection and head east until you reach St. Selwyn Square. Then just keep going northeast.”

Ace widened her eyes and listened with a blank expression.

She shook her head and said carelessly, “I don’t care. Anyway, his Majesty Andrew asked you to receive me. I’ll go wherever you go.”

She put on a holy smile again and bowed slightly, “Please, Cardinal Monn.”

Monn clicked his tongue and said, “So the Saintess has two faces.”

Ace’s smile suddenly froze.

He became a little discouraged.

He no longer pretended to be noble in front of Monn. He pointed at the place where the fruits were sold and said, “I want to eat that.”

Monn ignored her and went home after buying the ingredients needed for dinner.

What a joke. Why should the money he earned through ‘hard work’ be spent on other people.

Evening, Monn’s villa.

Elma sat at the dining table and asked curiously, “Father Monn, is this the mother you found for me?”

Ace, who was sitting opposite Elma in a reserved manner, almost fell down.

A blush immediately crept up her cheeks.

Monn, who was carrying the food, walked out of the kitchen and said coldly, “She’s just a poor woman who freeloads for food and drinks.”

Ace chuckled a few times but could not refute.

She could only secretly swear to eat more later,

until Munn’s heart ached!

With this determination, Ace was full of vigor.

When the food was served, Ace was instantly stunned.

“What about mine?”

Looking at the empty space in front of her and the steaming food in front of Monn and Elma, Ace was dumbfounded.

Monn picked up a green vegetable and said as he ate, “I only bought two portions. Of course, there’s no more for you.”

Ace: “…”

Beside her, Elma’s little face turned grim.

“Father Monn, you can’t bully Sister Ace!”

How could a father like Monn help her find her mother?

Elma realized the seriousness of the matter.

The next day, at nine o’clock in the morning.

Monn brought Ace, who was freeloading, to the sanctuary.

Ace followed Monn and looked at the busy members of the sanctuary. She said uneasily, “Is it really okay for us to come so late?”

Monn said calmly, “I didn’t stop you.”

Ace: “…”


But the feeling of sleeping until 9 am was too wonderful!

Afterwards, Monn found the person in charge of the werewolf investigation and asked if anything had happened last night.

“Cardinal Monn, your Highness.”

The paladin first bowed, then said, “Last night, there was a werewolf riot in the western suburbs.”

“Most of them were killed by our Holy Knights on the spot, but two of the amethyst level werewolves escaped and are still patrolling.”

Monn nodded and said, “Let’s go to the western suburbs.”

Ace followed behind and suddenly asked, “How are you going to find those two werewolves?”

Monn saw her ‘quick, ask me’ expression and knew that this Saintess was up to no good.

Therefore, Monn deliberately didn’t answer her and flew directly towards the western suburbs.

Seeing this, Ace stomped her feet angrily and hurriedly followed.

In the western suburbs, as soon as Monn arrived, he saw the collapsed houses on the street from afar.

There were also traces of wolf feet on the street.

“It’s Cardinal Monn and Her Highness the Saintess!”

Some sharp-eyed paladins saw Monn and Ace land.

In the next moment, the paladins surrounded them and bowed.

“Did you find anything?”

Monn’s calm voice sounded.

The Paladins looked at each other and said awkwardly, “Cardinal Monn, we haven’t made any progress yet.”

Monn nodded and didn’t blame them.

If they could find the werewolves so easily, the werewolves wouldn’t have been able to sneak in.

Looking at Ace, who seemed to be thinking about something, Monn asked, “Do you have any way to find them?”

Ace felt like laughing at Monn.

I asked you a moment ago, but you didn’t answer. In the end, you still had to ask me.

But she looked at the Holy Knights around her.

In order to maintain her holy image, Ace had to swallow her words,

she looked at Monn, who had a faint smile on his face, and gritted her teeth in her heart.

He did it on purpose!

He definitely did it on purpose!

Knowing that she needed to maintain her holy persona outside, Monn waited until there were many people around to ask her about the method.

Giving her no chance to mock him,

But she no choice. If she said she had no idea, how would she solve the werewolf problem?

Or what would others think of her if she suddenly used this ability in the future?

Thinking of this, Ace forced a smile and said, “Leave it to me.”

She secretly glared at Monn and squatted down. A ball of golden light appeared on her fingers and aimed at the werewolf footprints on the ground.

Monn’s eyes focused.

The werewolf footprints on the ground seemed to come to life as if they had their own consciousness.

They were like babies who had just learned how to walk, swinging and swaying.

It was the first time that Monn had come into contact with this kind of spell, so he felt a little curious.

Ace let out a breath and stood up.

She said to Monn, “That’s enough. These footprints will lead us to the werewolf from last night.”

The footprints seemed to understand Ace’s words. They swayed for a moment and then directly walked south.

Ace called out to Monn and hurriedly followed.

The footsteps were not fast, so Monn and Ace could only follow.

When they passed by an intersection, the footprints suddenly stopped.

Then, they silently retreated more than 50 meters before turning around and heading southeast.

Monn was silent. He asked suspiciously, “Is this spell accurate?”

Ace scratched her head and said in embarrassment, “It’s my first time using it, so…”

Munn sighed. Since he had no other choice, he could only continue to follow.

After passing through the intersections, the footprints suddenly sped up as if they had smelled their prey.

Munn and ace glanced at each other and hurriedly followed.

After passing through the intersection, the two of them seemed to have arrived at a new world.

The dilapidated wooden houses lined the streets.

The streets were filled with rotten garbage and feces everywhere.

The air was filled with a rancid smell.

The civilians on the streets were as skinny as a stick of firewood. Their eyes were lifeless, and their bodies were filled with decadence.

Ace covered her nose and said in a low voice, “What is this place?”

“A slum.”

“A slum?” Said Monn with an indifferent expression.

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As A Cardinal, I Don't Do Overtime Chapter 53 - The Saintess Has No Sense of Direction