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As A Cardinal, I Don't Do Overtime
Chapter 50 - Investigation on the Farmland Incident

Chapter 50: Investigation on the Farmland Incident

Saint-Servant, Holy Church.

Andrew felt a headache as he read the information in his hands.

In recent days, more and more grain had stopped growing for some unknown reason.

Saint-Servant was a city with a large population, and there were also refugees who had fled to the capital because of the Monsters riots.

Now, the grain in the capital was not growing for some unknown reason.

It would not be long before the entire capital fell into a predicament without grain.

“Have you not found the reason why the grain stopped growing?”

Andrew looked at the archbishop in front of him and asked.

The archbishop wiped his sweat and said in shame, “Not yet.”

Andrew frowned, waved his hand and said, “Let the Cardinal Monn come to me.”


The archbishop was stunned for a moment and opened his mouth, not knowing how to say it.

Seeing this, Andrew frowned and said, “Why aren’t you going?”

The archbishop smiled bitterly and said, “Well, the Cardinal Monn hasn’t come to work yet…”


He looked at the time, 8:28.

Andrew held his forehead.

At 9 am, Meng En arrived at the holy church on time.

“System, punch in for work.”

[ you have successfully punched in for work once. Your strength has increased slightly. ]

“Monn, the Pope wants you to go over.”

An archbishop walked over and said to Monn.

Monn nodded, indicating that he understood.

When he arrived at the Holy Church, Monn saw Andrew staring at him with a resentful gaze.

Monn shook off the goose bumps on his body, took a step back, and said hesitantly, “Pope Andrew, what are you doing?”

Andrew coughed lightly and discussed, “Cardinal Monn, look at the work system…”

Without waiting for Andrew to finish, Monn said firmly, “I refuse!”


He hadn’t even finished speaking and he was already rejected?

Sighing, Andrew waved his hand, “Forget it, go ahead.”

Then he said seriously, “I guess you’ve heard about the grain issues these days.”

Of course, Monn had heard about it. Not only had he heard about it, but he also knew about it very well.

Because of the shortage of food, the price of grain had skyrocketed recently. His small treasury was rapidly shrinking. How could he not know about it!

Andrew said again, “I’m going to let you investigate this matter.”

Monn’s expression turned serious, “Please hand it over to me!”

So proactive?

Seeing Monn being so proactive, Andrew suddenly hesitated.

How could Monn not be proactive?

If he didn’t solve it, the money he had saved with great difficulty would be spent on food.

After accepting the mission, Monn walked out of the Holy Church and headed straight for the northern farmland.

As soon as he arrived.

Monn frowned. 𝒾𝐧𝘯𝑟e𝒂𝗱. 𝒸o𝙢

A strong pungent smell rushed into his nose and his head.

It was like overturning sulfuric acid.

Monn let out a breath and hurriedly used Holy Power to seal his mouth and nose.

As far as the eye could see, all the crops on the farmland were rotten.

The soil that was supposed to fertilize was now stained with black mud filled with malice.

It was obvious that someone did it intentionally

Monn continued forward and saw the farmers sitting on the ridge of the field dejectedly.

He can’t help but sighed.

These fields were their lives.

Now that the fields had been infected, there was no source of food.

Those mean nobles were not easy to deal with.

However, Monn only sighed. After all, this was the normal life of this world.

He could not change anything, nor did he want to make the changes.

Walking forward, Monn patted an old farmer on the shoulder and asked, “Old man, can you tell me if anything strange had happened here?”

The old man was shocked awake from his dejection. After seeing Monn’s appearance, he said in surprise, “Red robe! It’s the Cardinal!”

“The Cardinal is here to solve our problem!”

Without answering Monn’s question, the old man ran straight to the village and shouted happily.

Monn was speechless.

He did not expect the old man to still be so energetic despite his age.

Not long after, Monn was surrounded by villagers.

They were chattering, causing Monn to be unusually puzzled.


There was a trace of Holy Power in their voices had the farmers in awe.

Seeing that it had quieted down, Monn asked, “Can anyone tell me what strange things have happened around here recently?”

The farmers looked at each other. In the end, the old man raised his hand and said, “If there’s anything strange, it’s only these farmland.”

Monn was speechless. who could not tell that there was something wrong with the farmland?

“Other than the farmland?”

The old man shook his head.

Monn sighed and waved his hand to dismiss the farmers, leaving the old man behind.

He walked to the ridge of the farmland and the ninja dug out a piece of soil that was covered in black mud.

He used his Holy Power to sense it carefully.

The entire piece of soil was like a piece of copper and iron that was difficult to penetrate.

After a few minutes, the Holy Power finally pierced through the black mud.

A weak vitality came from it.

Monn suddenly understood.

The black mud was like an impermeable membrane, isolating the life in the soil in the dark.

The crops could not enjoy the soil nurturing life, so they naturally stopped growing and even began to rot.

The problem was found, but how to solve it?

How did the black mud come about?

Until the afternoon, Monn still had no clue.

At this moment, there was a sudden banging sound in the distance.

Mon squinted his eyes and looked over. A group of civilians were building houses.

Monn asked casually, “Why are there so many new houses?”

The old man replied, “Our village recently accepted a group of refugees. We have no place to live, so of course we have to build houses.”


Monn’s eyes lit up, as if he had found a direction.

“Bring me to see those refugees.”

The old man was puzzled, but he still led Monn over.

On the beam of the house, an old man with beard caught the piece of wood that was thrown up and scolded jokingly, “John Boy, are you trying to smash me to death? You used so much strength!”

The young man named John scratched his head and said innocently, “I didn’t expect uncle’s strength to be so small.”

“You Brat!” The bearded man was about to come down.

At this moment, the old man walked over with Monn.

Everyone stopped playing and said respectfully, “Cardinal!”

Monn glanced around and finally fixed his gaze on the silver-haired young man.

And the silver-haired young man was the young man named John.

In Monn’s perception, this John was as bright as a professional flame in these people.

With an amethyst level strength, but disguised himself as a vagrant?

There must be a problem!

Monn stared at John and said coldly, “There’s something I need you to cooperate with the investigation.”


The others looked at each other, not knowing what was going on.

John pointed at himself and said innocently, “Me? Sir, did you make a mistake?”

“Right, you must have make a mistake. John can’t do something bad.”

“Cardinal, why don’t you confirm it again?”

The other villagers defended John one after another.

The corners of John’s mouth curled up slightly.

He had thought about this scene more than ten times in his mind.

Humans were really easy to fool. All his efforts he put to pretend to be a good person these days had not turned all in vain.

Hoho Dear Cardinal, do you want to hurt an innocent person like me in front of so many people?

He looked at Monn with pleasure in his heart.

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As A Cardinal, I Don't Do Overtime Chapter 50 - Investigation on the Farmland Incident