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As A Cardinal, I Don't Do Overtime
Chapter 47 - Taking Down the Black Shadow

Chapter 47: Taking Down the Black Shadow

Lucius walked out from the deeper inside of the Monster Forest.

The beard that grew overnight proved that Lucius was not at peace at the moment.

“Is it very troublesome?” Monn asked.

“Very troublesome!” Lucius’s expression was solemn, “It’s as if he’s not in this space, he can’t be touched and all the attacks will pass through his body!”

After listening to Lucius’words, Philip said with some despair, ” Even Captain Lucius couldn’t take it down…”

In his opinion, Captain Lucius was already the highest combat power in their army.

Now that the highest combat power couldn’t even tackle it, they were probably in an extremely dangerous situation this time, with possibilities losing their lives at any time.

“It sounds like a Space Spell.”

Space Spell? !

When he heard these words, Lucius’eyes instantly lit up as he looked at Monn.

He had suspected that Cardinal Monn might have inherited the Space Spell. Now that he heard these words from him, Lucius’heart was filled with hope.

“Cardinal Monn, you have a way, right?”


Monn didn’t understand why Lucius suddenly became agitated. He did not confirm his word, but said calmly, “I can try.”

“Okay, I’ll bring you there now!” As he said that, Lucius immediately turned around to bring Monn to look for the Black Shadow.

At the same time, he explained, “When I was chasing it, I found its nest. That fellow is so confident that it definitely won’t leave.”

On the side, looking at Captain Lucius and the Cardinal, Philip shook his head and said, “Did Lucius lose his mind?”

If even the most powerful Captain Lucious couldn’t do anything, what could the Cardinal do?

It couldn’t be that the Cardinal was more powerful than Captain Lucious, right?

Philip shook his head and tossed this absurd idea out of his mind.

He sighed and went to inspect the wounded.

In the deeper inside of the Monster Forest.

Lucius and Monn looked at a cave not far away.

There was a leopard-alike creature with dark green eyes.

Monn asked, “Are you sure it’s this Shadow Leopard?”

Lucius was also a little confused, “I’m not sure, but this Shadow Leopard does have the strength of a Saint.”

“But I remember that stealth is the Shadow Leopard’s power, right?”

As he said that, Lucius was a little confused.

“Kill it and you’ll know,” said Monn calmly

Monn walked out directly.

The Shadow Leopard was very alert. When it saw a human, its hair stood on end and let out a series of roars from its throat.

Monn broke off a tree branch and injected Holy Power into it. Then, he quickly shot it at the Shadow Leopard.

The Shadow Leopard looked at the branch that Monn threw with holy power with its eyes were filled with disdain.

It slightly lowered its body, and the shadow under its body seemed to suddenly come to life, alike sticky black mud that covered its entire body, forming a black shadow with only a pair of dark green eyes.

In the next moment, the branch with Holy Power pierced through the black shadow and stabbed into the ground.

Boom! !

A huge explosion sounded in the Monster Forest. The tree branch that contained Monn’s Holy Power blasted a crater under the Shadow Leopard’s feet, raising a thick layer of dust.

When the dust dispersed, the black shadow was floating in the air, and its two pairs of eyes revealed a mocking look.

Monn raised his eyebrows, “It’s indeed strange.”

Lucius came to his side and asked, “Is there a way?”

“No.” Monn did not reply.

His body floated up, and a cyclone appeared in his hand that could distort the space.

“This… this is! ?”

Lucius stared at Monn’s right hand.

He was shocked beyond words.

That terrifying aura made Lucius feel as if he was being cut by something.

In the distance, at the Holy Knight’s camp.

“Look! Isn’t that the Cardinal Monn? !”

“That’s right, it’s the Cardinal Meng En.”

“The one opposite the Cardinal Monn seems to be the Saint-level Monster from the night!”

“Even Captain Lucius can’t do anything about it. Can the Cardinal Monn do it?”

For a moment, the discussion within the Holy Knight’s camp grew louder and louder.

At this moment, Monn, who was in the air, made his move.

He gently waved his hand.

An invisible slash was quickly swung out.

The black shadow that was still moving around and provoking suddenly froze and did not move.

There seemed to be a cracking sound in the sky.

A few seconds later, the black shadow instantly split into two and fell down. A crack suddenly appeared in the sky behind it and only began to heal after a few seconds.

The Holy Knight’s camp.

Everyone looked at the splitted sky and swallowed their saliva.

Was the Cardinal Monn that terrifying? !

Even Lucius had his mouth wide open as he was extremely shocked.

This sword had actually split open the sky!

Monn returned to the ground.

He picked up the black shadow that had been split open by him.

Within it, Monn could feel the feeling of using the Space Walk.

It was like another spatial dimension.

Not long after, the Knights who saw the commotion rushed over.

They looked at Monn with even more admiration.

After all, Monn was able to easily take down a Monster that even Captain Lucius couldn’t handle.

Just this alone was enough to prove Monn’s strength.

Monn didn’t say anything.

He felt that something wasn’t right.

Logically speaking, a Saint-tier Monster could be considered the leader of the Monsters.

When their leader died, these Monsters should have fled in all directions.

But now, not only did the Monsters not run away,.

Instead, they looked fierce and stared at them.

More and more of them came, forming a faint encirclement that trapped them.

Lucius also noticed the strange situation and said solemnly, “It seems that the matter is far from over.”

On the side, Philip asked in frustration, “Aren’t the Saint-level Monster already dead?”

Lucius said meaningfully, “That’s right, the Saint-level Monster are all dead, but not only are these Monsters not escaping, they’re even increasing in number.”


Philip looked around.

Indeed, he discovered that the entire Monster Forest was suddenly filled with darkness.

There were red-rimmed beast eyes everywhere.

Upon seeing the situation around him clearly, Philip broke out in cold sweat and hurriedly asked, “Monn, Captain Lucius, this… What should we do?”

Monn looked at him strangely and calmly said, “Of course we should kill our way out.”

Kill our way out?

Philip looked at the Monsters that stretched as far as the eye could see and he almost cried.

He looked at Lucius as if he was asking for help.

Lucius shrugged, “We can only kill our way out.”

Philip’s shoulders collapsed and he felt that the road ahead was bleak.

At this moment, Monn casually said, “If you don’t hurry up, I’m going to get off work.”

Hearing that Monn was going to get off work, Philip immediately quivered.

Once it was time, Cardinal Monn would definitely get off work and they would lose one of their top-tier combat power.

Thinking of this, Philip hurriedly braced himself and organized the Knights to prepare for the battle to break out of the encirclement.

Just as everyone was preparing for a big battle.

A large group of bats suddenly appeared in the sky.

The dense mass of bats completely sealed the sky above the Monster Forest, forming a black curtain.

Under the curtain, a ball of bright red blood spiraled up, outlining the figure of a beautiful woman.

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As A Cardinal, I Don't Do Overtime Chapter 47 - Taking Down the Black Shadow