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As A Cardinal, I Don't Do Overtime
Chapter 46 - Strange Shadows

Chapter 46: Strange Shadows

In the early morning, the moonlight shone on the Monster Forest.

The shadows of the trees were reflected on the ground, swaying gently with the wind.

At the camp, the Knights had long fallen asleep in their tents, leaving a patrol team still on their posts.

In the darkness of the forest, two dark green lights flashed past.

An Mo, who was on patrol, unexpectedly shivered.

He looked around and poked his companion beside him with his arm, “Hey, do you feel that the weather has suddenly cooled down? I have a bad feeling about it.”

“Is this normal at night? Don’t think too much about it.”

“That’s true.”

Hearing his companion’s answer, An Mo also felt that he might be thinking too much,

in the next moment, a hot liquid suddenly sprayed onto An Mo’s face.

He was stunned for a moment, then he touched it with his hand and looked at it under the moonlight.

The bright red liquid flowed down his fingers, with a rich smell of blood filled his nostrils.

An Mo’s pupils suddenly constricted, and his heart beat rapidly.

Blood! !

An Mo’s body trembled as he looked to the side.

A headless corpse was standing right beside him with fresh blood spurting out!

“Enemy! !”

Before he could say the words ‘enemy attack’, An Mo saw a black shadow flash past him.

The next moment, An Mo instantly lost his head.

In the tent, Lucius opened his eyes abruptly.

As a saint-level powerhouse, Lucius’s senses had always been very sharp.

He used his fastest speed to rush to the place with the blood smell.

There were two headless corpses on the ground.

“Enemy attack! Everyone, get ready to fight! !”

The words with holy power spread throughout the entire tent, waking the Knights up instantly.

“Enemy attack! Enemy Attack!”

“Quick, quick, get ready for battle!”

Without waiting for the Knights to finish their preparations.

Countless magical beasts charged out from all directions.

Among them were two Amethyst-level Monsters, seven black Gold-level Monsters, and countless inferior Monsters.

Lucius even noticed that there was a Saint-level Monster hidden among them.

The two sides instantly engaged in a chaotic battle.

Philip looked at the knights who were a little flustered and shouted, “Don’t be flustered! form up according to your usual training!”

Hearing Philip’s words, the Knights instantly had their backbone.

They began to form up and cooperate.

They resolved the Monsters attacks one after another, winning with less force, and even began to counterattack.

Seeing this, the morale of the Knights began to rise.

They roared, “Monsters are nothing to be scared of. Kill them all!”

“Kill them all! !”

The roars of nearly thirty thousand people gathered together and it was so strong that even the attacking Monsters were scared to the ground.

Just when the morale of the Knights was high, a black shadow with two dark green pupils suddenly rushed out of the Monsters and broke through the defence line of the Knights.

The Knights instantly bled with a few heads fell to the ground.

The Knights who were still in high spirits just now widened their eyes and mouths as if they could not believe it.

The Knights’morale was instantly broken.

“Don’t Panic!”

Philip hurriedly stood out to stabilize the morale of the troops.

In the distance, when Lucius saw the black shadow, his eyes instantly became serious.

“Saint-level Monster!”

In the next moment, the black shadow attacked again.

Lucius stomped on the ground with one foot and shot toward the black shadow.

His right hand clenched into a fist and fiercely smashed toward the black shadow.

The black shadow seemed to have not noticed and showed no signs of dodging Lucius’s attack.

Lucius was shocked and puzzled. He was somewhat uncertain about this situation, but his fist still fell down.

In the next moment, Lucius’s fist passed through the black shadow.

The black shadow wasn’t affected at all. It continued to attack the knights he had eyes on.

The next second, blood splattered from the Knights.

Lucius stood in the crowd and looked at his right hand, bewildered.

It didn’t feel real!

His fist didn’t even touch the black shadow.

It was as if it was hitting air that passed straight through!

Lucius whispered, “Looks like it’s going to be a long battle.”

The next morning.

Monn got up and stretched.

He was a little happy to see the cloudless sky.

He made a simple breakfast for Elma. After Elma went to school, Monn took the herbs he harvested yesterday and went to the Commercial Street.

Of course, Monn only took half of the herbs yesterday.

After all, there was a saying that said, “You get half when you meet.”.

Therefore, Monn only took half.

In the Commercial Street.

Monn found a familiar herb shop.

“Granny Mary, I have a batch of herbs that were picked yesterday. Would you like to see if you can accept them?”

In the herb shop.

Mary, who was dressed in brown home clothes, raised her head and pushed the reading glasses on her nose.

When she saw who it was, granny Mary laughed and said, “So it’s Cardinal Monn.”

As she spoke, granny Mary bowed unhurriedly and Monn did not stop her.

This was granny Mary’s belief, so It would be disrespectful to stop her.

After granny Mary bowed, Monn repeated what he had just said.

“Granny Mary, I have a batch of herbs that I picked yesterday. Do you want to take them?”

“Yes, of course.” Granny Mary took the herbs from Monn.

She began to count them one by one.

“Star Heart Grass, three pounds per stalk, two stalks in total.”

“Seven-striped Grass, 56 shillings per stalk, seven stalks in total.”

“Full Moon Leaves…”

Granny Mary was getting old, so Monn didn’t think it was too slow. There was still a short period of time before work, so there was no rush.

Finally, after half an hour, granny Mary finally finished counting.

“Here, your 26 pounds and 33 shillings.”

Monn pretended to be calm as he took the coin. His eyes were fixed on the coin, afraid that it would grow wings and fly away.

He thanked her lightly.

Monn turned around and walked home.

His footsteps also became faster and faster from the beginning. He even wanted to fly.

When he finally reached home, Monn locked the door.

After carefully counting it, he placed the coins in the place where he had hidden the money previously.

Then, he took out his personal diary.

He changed 1,381 pounds and 65 shillings to 1,407 pounds and 98 shillings.

He continued to write down another record:

[ today, I sold herbs and earned 26 pounds and 33 shillings! ]

At nine o’clock in the morning, Monn was in a beautiful mood as he used his Space Walk and got to the camp.

As soon as he arrived, Monn frowned.

The entire encampment was dilapidated and the atmosphere was a little gloomy.

The outer area was filled with the corpses of Monsters.

What was going on?

Looking at the wounded Knights and the corpses all over the encampment.

Monn’s good mood in the morning also disappeared.

He circled around and did not see Lucius, so he found Philip and asked about the specific situation.

After learning that the Monsters had attacked the military camp at night and the casualties of the Knights, Monn was silent for a while.

After a long while, he said, “I will apply with the church to raise the pension to the highest level.”

“Where did commander Lucius Go?”

Monn asked again.

Philip replied, “Commander Lucius went to chase that black shadow.”

“Cardinal Monn.”

At this moment, Lucius’s voice suddenly came from not far away.

Lucius came back.

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As A Cardinal, I Don't Do Overtime Chapter 46 - Strange Shadows