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As A Cardinal, I Don't Do Overtime
Chapter 45 - Entering the Demonic Beast Forest

Chapter 45: Entering the Demonic Beast Forest

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It was gloomy outside the Demonic Beast Forest, even during the day.

The gloomy weather made the knights feel a little depressed.

Monn called Philip and asked him to reorganize the knights.

Although they knew that it could be dangerous inside, they couldn’t stay outside forever.

They were here to clear out the demonic beasts, after all.

They had something to discuss with Lucius.

Monn found a less conspicuous place.

Monn left the coordinates in the space dimension there according to the procedure the night before.

Lucius, who was checking his equipment, suddenly felt a slight fluctuation in the space.

His gaze instantly became sharp as he looked at the place where he sensed the spatial fluctuation. His expression was grave, but at the same time, there was some doubt.

“Isn’t that direction where Cardinal Monn went?”

Monn walked out from inside just when Lucius was about to go and take a look.

Lucius’s gaze became complicated and subtle.

He was sure that the spatial fluctuation just now was related to Cardinal Monn.

He didn’t know what Monn did.

Although Lucius was puzzled, he didn’t ask further.

Philip walked over.

“Cardinal Monn, Commander Lucius, the knights have been reorganized. We can set off at any time!”

Monn looked at the sky. The dark clouds were gradually receding, and a part of the sun was visible.

Monn said, “Alright, let’s set off.”

Anyway, Monn had prepared an escape route. Monn would be able to escape at ease if anything unexpected happened.

According to the previous arrangement of the formation, the heavy armor troops would open the way in front.

The support troops would be on alert so that they could provide timely support.

The entire demonic beast forest was large, extending from an endless mountain range.

There were even legendary God Rank demonic beasts in the center of the mountain range.

Monn would quit his job if they sent him to deal with the demonic beasts in the center of the mountain range.

He would be able to venture only into the Demonic Beast Forest with peace of mind.

However, even the deepest part of the demonic beast forest was dangerous. There might even be a few demonic beasts of the peak of Holy rank waiting for him.

Even though they were clearing away the demonic beasts, it was only to resolve the demonic beast’s riot.

Otherwise, it would not be only two Holy Rank experts, Monn and Lucius, in the team.

The rain last night made the entire forest seem a little damp.

The knights trekked through the mud, broke the branches that blocked the road, and continued forward.

The deeper they went, the deeper the frown on Monn and Lucius’ faces became.

The knights also became more and more flustered.

It was too quiet!

They did not meet a single demonic beast after walking in the forest for so long.

Anyone would feel a little flustered in such situations.

Philip gulped. He was also a little uncertain if they would be fine in such a strange situation. He could not help but ask, “Cardinal Monn, are we still going forward?”

Monn pondered for a moment. He felt that this group of demonic beasts seemed to be deliberately letting them go deeper into the forest.

Monn calculated their journey. They were not far from the middle of the demonic beast forest.

Then, he calmly said, “Go a little further. We will check the situation near the middle of the forest.”

The knights moved again and approached the middle of the forest with Cardinal Monn’s instruction.

They saw quite some precious herbs along the way. Usually, demonic beasts were guarding them, but today, they could take advantage of the situation.

Monn did not hold back at all. He would get someone to pull them out whenever he encountered one.

No beasts were guarding the precious treasures, which were a little fishy.

Since that was the case, Monn had to take advantage of the situation.

Monn took out the diary that he carried with him. He could sell a stalk of star heart grass for three pounds. The price of all the herbs he got was almost equal to his monthly salary.

Monn’s eyes lit up. He seemed to have found another way to get rich!

Lucius was also shocked by Monn’s money-grubber look and did not know what to say.

He had a new perception of Monn.

The group walked for some distance and finally arrived at the middle of the demonic beast forest.

Suddenly, a surprised shout came from the front. “Demonic Beast! Its demonic beasts!”

“Look! There are demonic beasts!”

They finally saw demonic beasts!

The knights were so excited that they almost cried!

God knows how much they wanted to see demonic beasts throughout their journey!

Now, they finally got the fruits of their labor!

The demonic beasts not far away began to roar at them and then quickly attacked without giving extra time for the knights to be happy about it.

They pounced over fiercely as if they had not seen food for many years.

The knights were also in high spirits at this moment.

The heavily armored troops at the front line charged forward, knocking away the attacking demonic beasts.

The support troops at the rear used long-range spells to provide support.

The battle ended quickly.

The knights were in high spirits for a moment. They were not satisfied. They even had the feeling that the demonic beast was weak.

Monn looked at the corpses of the demonic beasts beneath his feet.

He had a thoughtful look on his face.

That group of Demonic Beasts was the Silvermoon Wolves. They were low-level demonic beasts, and the highest rank was only at the Black Gold Rank.

Logically speaking, these low-level demonic beasts should be active in the outer regions, but they had just met them near the central region.

That made Monn somewhat puzzled.

Monn discouraged the cheering knights. He said calmly, “Did just annihilating a group of low-level demonic beasts give you such a sense of accomplishment?”

The crowd looked at each other and calmed down a little, but they still did not think much of it.

The demonic beasts in the central region were only at this level. What was there to be afraid of?

Monn suddenly thought of something when he saw the expressions on the knights’ faces, showing weakness to the enemy!

Monn suddenly realized that this was the enemy’s trap!

However, Monn looked at the knights around him. He chose to keep that information to himself.

He had to teach them a lesson by making them experience it.

Even Lucius, although he was puzzled, his mood was not as heavy as before.

Monn took out his pocket watch and looked at it. He said calmly, “Retreat a hundred meters and camp here.”

Everyone was a little confused. They had just won the war. Shouldn’t they continue to charge deeper into the forest?

Someone questioned.

Monn looked at him and said calmly, “I’m about to get off work.”

Everyone was speechless.

Monn looked at everyone’s expressions and continued, “Ask Lucius to lead you if you want to charge deeper into the forest.”

Everyone turned their gazes to Lucius. 𝙞𝓷𝙣r𝚎𝓪𝑑. 𝒸𝗼𝒎

Lucius said coldly, “Visibility is low at night, so it’s inconvenient to move. Moreover, the strength of the demonic beasts will increase as they go deeper. I can also lead you if you insist to charge.”

His word discouraged them. They all decided not to charge.

Monn shook his head. “Lucius, I’ll leave them to you.”

Lucius looked at Monn and nodded.

Monn did not go home directly as usual. Instead, he found an inconspicuous place like in the morning.

Lucius looked at Monn’s back as he walked into the forest. He could not help but feel puzzled.

‘What is Cardinal Monn up to?’

Lucius’s pupils constricted the next moment.

Cardinal Monn’s aura disappeared!

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As A Cardinal, I Don't Do Overtime Chapter 45 - Entering the Demonic Beast Forest