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As A Cardinal, I Don't Do Overtime
Chapter 44 - New Holy Spell, Space Walking

Chapter 44: New Holy Spell, Space Walking

They finally arrived at the outskirts of the Demonic Beast Forest at dusk at the the pace of the Holy Knights, .

Monn asked Philip to arrange for everyone to set up camp.

Then, he took out his pocket watch and looked at the time.

Just then, the minute hand turned to twelve. Monn immediately said, “I’m off work. Commander Lucius, I’ll leave it to you tonight.”

Monn soared into the sky and flew toward St. Servant after saying that without waiting for Lucius and the Knights to react.

After all, it would take an hour to fly home from there. He should consider that amount of time as forced overtime. He would ask Andrew for three times the overtime salary when he got back to the church.

At the outskirts of the Demonic Beast Forest.

Lucius and the knights stared blankly at the black shadow getting smaller and smaller in the sky. They were a little speechless.

Just a moment ago, he was still trying to boost their fighting spirits.

Monn was shouting ‘kill them all’, but he turned around and left without hesitation when it was 5.00 pm.

Lucius shook his head and smiled bitterly. Then, he began to distribute the work of the knights.

Monn went straight to the church in St. Servant.

Monn asked Sister Millie to help take care of Alma this morning because he knew he would be back late.

Monn came to Millie’s courtyard in the church.

He saw Alma happily playing with the white stones from afar, and Millie was helpless and smiled bitterly.

He did not need to guess to know that Alma must have bullied Millie, who did not know how to play Five in a Row.

Monn quietly walked over and knocked lightly on Alma’s tiny head.

“You only know how to bully Millie, who doesn’t know how to play that.”

Alma turned around and saw Monn coming back. She hugged his waist, stuck out her tongue, and retorted, “No, I’m teaching Aunt Millie new knowledge.”

Monn messed up Alma’s hair and said to Millie, “Thank you for your hard work, Millie.”

Millie smiled and shook her head. “No, Alma has brought me a lot of fun.”

Alma quickly revealed an expression that said “see for yourself” when she heard what Millie said.

Monn was amused.

Monn brought Alma back to the small villa after saying goodbye to Millie.

Monn returned to his room after playing with Alma for a while.

“System, I want to collect the monthly clock-in and clock-out reward!”

Yes! Tod米莉ay was the last day of Monn’s monthly routine.

[ Clock-in and clock-out have been successful. You have completed the routine for a month. Rewards are being distributed. ]

[ Reward received: Holy Rank Spell, Space Walking! ]

Holy Rank Spell!

That surprised Monn. That was the first time he had obtained a Holy Rank Spell in his monthly reward!

He accepted the new knowledge with ease as if he was born with it.

Space Walking was to use one’s perception of the space dimension to create a coordinate of their Holy Energy in the dimension. One could instantly pass-through space and reach the destination by using this coordinate.

It just so happened that he was still worried about the time he would take to get to and from work today. Now, a spell that could solve the problem had appeared.

‘Was today my lucky day?’

Monn could not help thinking.

He would have taken the reward when he was in the Demonic Beast Forest if he had known earlier that the reward was that.

In the end, he still had to rush to the forest the next morning.

Monn sat cross-legged on his bed and carefully sensed the dimension of this place through the Space Walking Skill.

Monn’s spiritual energy felt as if it had punctured something after a few minutes.

Monn sensed the existence of something called space.

Monn’s spiritual energy felt as if it was in the mother’s womb filled with fluid, unable to sense the existence of the outside world. It was exceptionally comfortable.

However, Monn knew his goal and did not continue to enjoy it. He began to use the Holy Energy in his body, forcefully inserting it into the dimension.

Monn left a mark on himself.

Monn exited the state of feeling space after leaving his mark.

He activated the Space Walking, and his vision suddenly turned blank. The only thing that looked like a purple star was exceptionally bright.

Monn gently touched the purple star.

He landed on the bed in his room as if he had dashed through a diaphragm.

The feeling made Monn feel strange.

Monn decided to settle everything at one go after he sensed and familiarize himself with the feeling since it was his lucky day.

He decided to draw the lucky draw.

“System, begin the lucky draw.”

[ You have received a box of exquisite candy. ]

Monn, “!”

That surprised Monn.

That was much better than some fish bait.

Monn took out the reward, and an exquisite gift box appeared in his arms.

He opened the lid, and a pile of animal-like candy appeared in front of him.

Monn picked up a rabbit candy and examined it carefully. He nodded in satisfaction.

“I can give it to Alma, but I have to make sure she doesn’t eat too much. Otherwise, it’s easy for her to get cavities.”

“What cavities?”

Alma pushed open Monn’s door, stuck out her little head, and asked while blinking.

Monn, “…”

Did she smell the candy?

Monn waved the candy in his hand and smiled. “This is the present I bought for you today. Do you like it?”

Alma’s eyes lit up. “Wow! Thank you, Father Monn! I’m so happy!”

Her two little hands were about to take the whole box as she said that.

Monn raised his head and warned, “Your teeth will rot if you eat too much candy. You can only eat one a day. I’ll keep this.”

That made Alma disappointed, but she knew that Monn cared for her. She could only say obediently, “Alright, how about today…”

Alma looked at Monn with a pleading look in her gaze.

Monn surrendered. “Alright, I’ll give you one today.”

He thought it might be too late to have a candy that day, so he planned to give Alma one in the morning.


The next day, at nine in the morning.

On the outskirts of the Demonic Beast Forest.

Monn’s figure appeared on time.

Lucius walked over and couldn’t help but say, “You are punctual.”

He deliberately looked at the time and realized that the minute hand turned to twelve, and Monn’s figure appeared at the same time.

That made him somewhat admire Monn.

“Punctuality is just the basic requirement of work.”

Lucius, “…”

Lucius didn’t know what to say.

Monn looked at the military camp that was ready and asked, “Did anything happened last night?”

Lucius’s expression became serious when Monn asked. “Last night was very peaceful. Not a single demonic beast appeared.”

Monn frowned slightly upon hearing that.

Not a single demonic beast appeared…

Usually, there would be demonic beasts attacking humans even in the outer area of the forest.

However, last night was peaceful. The night was peaceful, and it made them feel uneasy.

Monn and Lucius looked at each other. They could see the seriousness on their face.

Lucius took a deep breath. “No demonic beasts appeared. There are only two possibilities.”

“First, they sensed that there were more humans and hid. Second…”

“The demonic beasts gathered.”

Monn said solemnly.

The demonic beast riot this time was somewhat unusual.

The demonic beasts would charge out of the mountain range and attack the humans without any reason whenever there was a riot.

But they seemed to have gained intelligence this time.

Monn stared at the entrance of the Demonic Beast Forest as if he was looking at an enormous mouth that was devouring humans, waiting for someone to walk into its trap.

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As A Cardinal, I Don't Do Overtime Chapter 44 - New Holy Spell, Space Walking