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As A Cardinal, I Don't Do Overtime
Chapter 41 - Cardial Monn is Not Simple

Chapter 41: Cardial Monn is Not Simple


Monn took out his pocket watch and looked at the time.

It was sharp at three, two hours before he had to clock out.

Monn called Philip over and gave a brief explanation of his job. Then he flew to St. Servant.

Monn frowned not long after he reached the sky above St. Servant.

There was a long line of refugees dressed in coarse woven clothes at the city gate.

Most of them were in tattered clothes, and their bodies were covered with wounds, emitting a strong smell of blood.

Monn frowned even more upon hearing the wails below him. He saw that there were Orthodox Church clergy organizing the refugees after looking around, so he landed.

When the clergy saw Monn dressed in red, they quickly greeted with, “Cardinal!”

Monn said calmly, “What happened to these refugees?”

“Cardinal, these refugees said that the demonic beasts in the Demonic Beasts Forest in the eastern suburbs attacked them. I have already sent the Holy Knights to investigate the specific reason.”

Demonic beasts?

Monn waved his hand and told him to continue with his work. He stopped thinking and continued to walk towards the Holy Church after pondering for a while.

As for the matter of the demonic beasts, it would be better to let Pope Andrew deal with it.

St. Servant Cathedral.

A few cardinals led most of the clergies to train. The Holy Church, which was usually bustling, was now a little deserted.

Two other elders, who wore the same white robe with golden edges like Pope Andrew, were in the cathedral.

The elder with messy short gray hair and a beard was Pope Elton of the Orthodox Preston Church.

The bald man beside him with a fierce face and muscular body that looked fat as if his flesh was about to burst out his robe was Pope Lawrence of St. Malo Church.

They stood under the main seat with Pope Andrew with solemn expressions. They put their hands on their chests, bowed solemnly, and shouted solemnly,

“Your Highness!”

The other cardinals followed closely and offered their greetings.

The golden-haired elder’s eyes on the main seat were half-opened, showing kindness and benevolence.

The luxurious crown on his head and his bright golden robe emitted a dazzling luster, making him look holy.

Beside him, a silver-haired middle-aged man in bright silver light armor stood tall.

He was Lucius, the leader of the Holy Knights under the Pope.

Lucius put on a cold face. His eyes were deep, like a black hole that could devour someone. He exuded a terrifying aura, causing the cardinals to avoid his gaze. They did not dare to look into his eyes.

The Pope held a cross scepter with a strong holy aura in his hand. He glanced around and asked kindly, “Is everyone here?”

Pope Andrew was slightly stunned upon hearing that. He lowered his gaze and looked at everyone. He felt rather helpless.

It was Cardinal Monn again. Andrew realized that most of the events recently had something to do with Monn. However, Monn was always on the reasonable side.

Was it because he had treated Monn too well recently?

However, he inspected the cardinals training the soldiers and found that Monn’s knights were quite imposing, which he was happy to see.

In addition to Monn’s ability that revealed from time to time, which seemed to be at the Holy Rank, Andrew had to step forward and smooth things over. “Your Highness, Cardinal Monn might have trained too late last night and got delayed a little. I think he will be here soon.”

Andrew felt awkward after saying that. Would Monn even train too late?

He would not believe it even if he was beaten to death, thinking of Monn’s attitude of challenging others to get off work on time.

After all, Monn was the most outstanding clergy in their church.

The two cardinals behind Andrew looked at him in surprise. They couldn’t believe what Pope Andrew had just said.

However, the two cardinals silently looked at each other and suppressed their doubts when they thought of Monn’s strength on the day Prince Burton visited.

Perhaps he did train the knights till late at night.


Hearing Monn’s name quipped the Pope’s interest.

He had heard of things about this cardinal these days.

He was curious about the formation Monn had created.

Even Lucius was interested in the formation Monn had created.

He felt that they might be of great use on the battlefield in the future if these formations were feasible.

Andrew introduced Monn to the Pope when he sensed that mentioning Monn interested him, “Monn has been a cardinal for a few years, recently…”

The Pope sat on the main seat with great interest and listened to Andrew introducing Monn.

The Pope did not care about such a small matter when he heard that Monn had a conflict with Prince Burton. Instead, the part where Monn almost killed a Black Gold Rank warrior with a kick caught his attention.

The pope frowned slightly when he heard that Monn had beheaded some men during the recent training. He sighed helplessly when he heard the reason.

On the other hand, Lucius nodded slightly.

The Pope pondered after listening to Andrew introducing Monn, and said, “It seems that Cardinal Monn might be in the Holy Rank.”

Andrew agreed, “He should be. It’s just that I’m not sure which stage Cardinal Monn has reached.”

Elton, on the other hand, did not care much about what they were talking about. He felt that the Pope was overthinking things.

Footsteps came from outside the door when they were talking about Monn.

Andrew turned around and saw that it was Monn who had walked in.

Monn placed his hands on his chest and bowed to the pope on the main seat.

Monn suddenly felt a fierce gaze on him, so he looked towards it.

Why was the silver hair man looking at him so strangely?

Monn looked at Lucius for a few seconds, then withdrew his gaze in boredom. He stood behind Andrew without saying a word.

However, Lucius could not remain calm anymore. After all, he had reached the advanced level of Holy Rank for a long time.

Even some intermediate-level Holy Rank could not take the aura that he usually accumulated, but Monn ignored his aura and was at ease.

That shocked Lucius.

Monn was an advanced-level Holy Rank!

Although Lucius was shocked, he did not show it. He knew that the pope still had something to say next. He would talk about Monn’s ability later.

Naturally, Lucius’s test could not be hidden from the Pope, who had the strength of a True God.

Although he was shocked that Monn could resist Lucius’ aura, he did not probe further. Instead, he said, “Since everyone is here, I will start announcing some matters.”

As he finished speaking, his kind face instantly became serious. “A few days ago, I sensed that a new Holy Rank aura suddenly appeared in the Demonic Beast Forest in the East.”

“This Holy Rank demonic beast has gathered all the demonic beasts in the forest. It seems that it is plotting against the kingdom.”

Andrew’s wrinkled face frowned. “We haven’t solved the werewolf’s hiding place’s issue yet, and it has attracted the attention of the demonic beasts. We will be in much trouble soon…”

Meanwhile, Monn understood. No wonder the demonic beasts would attack the village all of a sudden.

Looking at Andrew, who was beginning to pull his beard in worry, the Pope thought of the army formation of Monn that he had heard of. He could not help but turn his gaze to Monn.

“I heard that the Cardinal Monn is currently organizing the knights, and the effect turned out good. Cardinal Monn, why don’t you lead the troops to clear out the demonic beasts?”

Clear out the demonic beasts in the Demonic Beast Forest?

Business trip?

Monn did not want to take this job when he thought of the scene where the demonic beasts would riot at night, and he had to work overtime, and said decisively, “I refuse to accept that task!”




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As A Cardinal, I Don't Do Overtime Chapter 41 - Cardial Monn is Not Simple