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Chapter 40: The Pope Is Here

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When he woke up, the dawn was just breaking.

Meng En looked out through the window, with the dense foliage, thick and green, it was very pleasant out there.

The sun was slowly rising from the east, and the sky shows a whitish colour like fish belly.

He looked at the pocket watch beside the pillow. The needle was pointing at six thirty!

“The morning is colorful, like an immortal legend.” Meng En stretched his body in satisfaction, then put on his clothes and got out of bed.

He got out of bed and washed up, then took his old fishing rod and went to the bank of the Jia Ya River to fish!

In order not to catch fish so quickly, Meng En did not use the “delicate bait” today.

As a saint, Meng En would never allow himself to be defeated by a group of fish.

Although he did not use the power of a saint, he was still a saint who was revered by countless people.


An hour later, he returned with nothing!

Meng En’s mouth violently twitched, He felt as if he had chosen the wrong hobby!

Didn’t they say that this season was the easiest to catch salmon?

Why couldn’t he catch any when he did not use the “delicate bait”!

“Bah! I’ll never come fishing again!”

Meng En carried the empty bucket back home and placed the fishing rod properly.

Hmm... Thinking about it carefully, he had to take revenge. Next time, he had to go to the riverside and use the delicate bait to catch a few big fish.

At seven thirty, Meng En returned home and made breakfast for little Elma with the Old Three Dishes.

After sending her to school, he slowly walked to the church.

When the needle on his pocket watch pointed to nine o’clock, Meng En’s figure just happened to step into the church’s door.

[ Ding! ]

[ You have successfully clocked in for work. The host’s strength has slightly increased! ]

Meng En slightly smiled. Then, he heard waves of orderly shouts.

On the drill ground, Philip had already arranged hundreds of battle formations to run around the drill ground in an orderly fashion!

Battle formations were meant to be used on the battlefield!

On the battlefield, it was always dynamic!

There would not be enemies standing there foolishly, waiting for the battle formations to be orderly formed before charging towards them!

Therefore, the first thing that Philip needed to train was for the knights to maintain their formation in motion!

“Maintain the formation! Don’t panic!”

“Light Armored Knights, don’t rush too fast! Knights of the Holy Choir, cast support spells on the Heavy Armored Knights!”

“Reserve Knights, run back and forth between Light Armored Knights and Heavy Armored Knights!”

“Formation cannot be messed up!”

Philip stood in the middle of the battlefield with his face full of sternness!

The strength of these knights varied quite a lot.

Although Meng En and he had already adjusted the number of people in most of the battle formations yesterday.

There were still a few battle formations that could not be coordinated!

Philip was a little vexed!

He had no idea what criteria Meng En had used to assign tasks for the knights.

Philip shouted as he supervised the knights, not allowing them to slack off.

On the other hand, he was vexing over the issue of dividing the knights.


A familiar voice came from behind,


Philip’s expression immediately relaxed, and his eyes revealed a look of joy,

“Cardinal Meng En, you’re here!”

Meng En nodded and looked at the knights who were running in formation around him.

He asked,

“Is there anything you need to report to me?”

Philip hurriedly nodded and took out his small notebook,

“I only dismissed them after training until nine thirty last night!”

“There were two knights who woke up late in the morning, but they were injured yesterday!”

“There were a few battle formations that didn’t seem to be well coordinated. I don’t know how to adjust them!”

“Apart from that, his holiness the Pope just inspected them and he seemed very satisfied.”

After Philip finished reporting, he closed his notebook,

“This is it, Cardinal Meng En!”

Meng En nodded.

The performance of these knights was better than he had imagined.

At least, there weren’t many who were lazy or disobedient.

Perhaps the massacre yesterday had thoroughly frightened them...

“Continue training. Choose the two who performed the best and let them conduct a battle formation collision drill in the afternoon!”



The boring training was nothing more than a run, collision, and a complicated situation drill!

During these few days of training, Meng En still insisted on working from nine to five.

This matter was soon found out by Pope Andrew.

But he didn’t say anything.

The combat strength of the Paladins and the new Iron Blood Knights had been steadily increasing!

In order to let them understand the word ‘companion’ more deeply.

Meng En ordered the knights in the same battle formation to move in together the next day!

Now, this move was beginning to take effect.

The battle formation collision training began on the third day!

Almost every day, many people were seriously injured during the training and were sent to the main cathedral’s infirmary.

Later, a few archbishops who were good at healing spells were directly transferred over by Meng En!

The simple, boring and substantial training lasted for five days. 𝙞𝘯𝘯𝙧𝒆𝘢𝐝. C𝑜m

That afternoon, when Meng En was still on the drill ground supervising the collision training of various battle formations.

An archbishop ran over,

“Cardinal Meng En, Pope Andrew wants you to go to the Holy Church.”

“His Holiness Pope has arrived!”

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