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Chapter 38: Red Robe Meng En Never Work Overtime

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Training was boring.

But compared to the army in previous life, it was relatively simple.

Because these knights were basically not ordinary soldiers!

Among them, the weakest had the strength at Grey Iron level!

Therefore, training for mobility, battle formation flexibility, and others did not require too much time!

The hardest thing to make them understand was the words ‘command and order’!

And these words were not something that could be cultivated in a day or two!

Anyone could wake up early and go to bed early.

But very few people could persevere the ‘early wake up and early bed time’ for a year!

Anyone could stand at attention for ten minutes!

But very few people could stand at attention for ten minutes every day!

But at the moment, Meng En did not need them to do that.

He only needed these knights to know that they wouldn’t necessarily die in battle, but they would definitely die if they retreated.

In fact, that was the purpose of the Supervisor Team!

At that time, Meng En would arrange Supervisor Team behind each battle formation!

The training continued.

Meng En brought Philip with him and went back and forth on the drill ground.

He helped some captains who didn’t know much about battle formations to adjust their formations.

Some of the original Paladin captains brought more than 100 knights with them. Meng En also helped them adjust their formation.

In the afternoon, they even found a person who had the inertial thinking, wanted to cry out for rest.

But he was killed by Meng En in one sword!

All the knights on the drill ground finally understood.

In order to fight against Werewolves, Meng En really didn’t care about human lives!

If he could kill half of them and let the other half defeat the Werewolves, Meng En would definitely continue to kill without changing his expressions!

Everyone’s ‘enthusiasm’ for training was simply mobilized!

By the time Meng En got off work, the hundreds of battle formations on the drill ground were already well-rehearsed.

But the actual combat strength was probably not much.

Meng En slightly signed.

This was the best he could do.

The rest of the time was just to let them get to know and trust their companions as much as possible.

They could only hope that on the battlefield, they would really be fearless and brave enough to kill the enemy.

At five o’clock in the afternoon, Meng En punched out of work on time.

Just as he was about to walk out, Philip called out to him in surprise.

“Red Robe Meng En... What are you doing?”

Meng En was even more surprised.

“I’m off work. What’s wrong?”

“You’re off work... What should we do with these people?”

Philip was dumbfounded!

It wasn’t that he couldn’t manage so many people.

Before Meng En came, he had always been in charge of this place.


After spending the day together, Philip realized that he had a feeling that he did not know how to manage these people after Meng En left!

Meng En looked at Philip in surprise.

“Didn’t I give you the schedule? After dinner tonight, let them continue training.”

“These two days are just to familiarize with the battle formation. Do you need me for this?”

Philip stammered, not knowing what to say.

In fact, he did not know why he had such a strange feeling!

In the past, Meng En gave him a feeling that he was just that of a friendly and kind cardinal.

But today!

Meng En’s ability, mind, and even his decisiveness in killing!

All of them had left a deep impression on Philip!

In front of Meng En, he even felt like he was facing the powerful captain Lucius!

After a long while, he put on a wry smile and said,

“Cardinal Meng En, you are our backbone!”

“Actually, I have only grasped the basics of the training for these knights. In the overall situation, I still need you to control it!”

“If you leave, I... I’m afraid I won’t be able to do it well!”

Meng En frowned.

He had indeed promised Pope Andrew that he could work overtime when the Werewolves attacked.

But not at this time!

The Werewolves haven’t come yet!

Do you need me just for training?

Meng En slightly shook his head and said,

“You can definitely do it. You have to believe in yourself! Most importantly, if the Werewolves don’t attack, I won’t work overtime!”

“If there’s anything, report to me at nine tomorrow. These knights, they have to get up at six thirty on time and, the ones who stay in bed,?you should collect their names, and I’ll kill them myself!”

Philip scratched his head and finally could only nod reluctantly,

“Yes! Cardinal Meng En!”

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