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Chapter 37: Survival And Death

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“In the end, you don’t even know where you lost.”

“Do you still think that you lost because of pride? Do you still think that you lost because of carelessness and underestimation?”

“That’s right. These are indeed the reasons for your failure, but they are not the main reasons!”

“The main reason for your failure is that the other side is an entirety, while you are only one hundred individuals!”

“No matter how strong you are, as long as you can’t fight 100 people on your own, you will lose no matter how many times you try!”

“Do you understand?”


Everyone shouted!

“Of course!”

Philip closed the book, and his expression softened as he said,

“You also have something to be praised.”

“That is, you chose to admit your failure.”

“Instead of running away from it.”

“On this point, all of you have done well.”

“Failure is not scary. No one is invincible.”

“Failure will allow all of you to find your weaknesses and your mistakes.”

“But all of you must remember that you are not allowed to make a second mistake.”

“Do you understand?”


Everyone shouted in unison.

This time, they really recovered from the disappointment.

Philip was right.

Failure wasn’t scary. What was scary was that they didn’t know where they had made a mistake, and that they didn’t admit their failure. What was scary was that they would make the same mistake again!

Everyone’s eyes were red as they looked at Philip on the stage.

In their hearts, they were warning themselves not to make the same mistakes again!

Philip nodded in satisfaction. Then, he turned around and gave a knight’s salute to Mon En.

Mon En returned to the front and looked at all the knights below the stage.

“I have never led an army before. I will not lead an army in the future because I can’t.”

“But you must know how! Because you are soldiers! Warriors! The most powerful force to protect this kingdom and the defenseless people!”

“The Three Talents Formation is only the simplest battle formation, but you’ve seen its power.”

“You’ve made a lot of mistakes, and so have they.”

“If both sides have 100 Grey Iron Knights and none of them make mistakes!”

“Then, the side with the battle formation is invincible!”

“Therefore, I want you to actively ask, understand, record, and think!”

“Then, teach this simplest battle formation to your knights!”

“Do you understand? !”


All the Knights stood up and shouted again!

Meng En nodded and said,

“You can dismiss now. Philip, you are responsible for answering their questions.”

“Yes! Red Robe Meng En!”

Philip saluted and replied loudly.


After lunch, Meng En took a lunch break as usual.

At two in the afternoon, Meng En arrived at the drill ground.

He discovered that all the Knights had already lined up orderly in front of the parade stage.

Meng En nodded in satisfaction.

No matter what, at least in terms of spirit and energy, these knights who were filled with fear were not inferior to the modern army of the later generations!

After all, they were stronger.

The strength in their bodies could make them stand out in a better military posture and make them look more energetic.

However, the actual combat strength of the army still needed to be trained slowly.

The original captains of more than fifty Paladins groups and forty-nine Iron Nlood Knights.

At this moment, they were all leading their soldiers and lined up orderly in various places.

Meng En walked onto the parade platform.

“Everyone, the Werewolves are likely to attack the capital soon.”

“You are the knights, warriors, and soldiers of the Zhengyi Religion.”

“Therefore, you have no right to run away, or even to face it passively

“In the next two days, I will teach you a battle formation together with the captains in front of your team

“And your mission is to fulfill your responsibilities.”

“Do your job well, and we will become stronger.”

“We will lose fewer people! The Werewolves will not be able to repel us and attack the civilians in the capital!”

Meng En’s voice was not passionate. He just calmly told the truth.

He continued,

“In the next period of time, I don’t want to hear the words suffer, tired, unable to learn, and too difficult.”

“If you feel that the training is too hard, and the battle formation is too difficult, then come to the parade stage.”

Meng En pulled out the long sword on Philip’s waist and said calmly,

“When your heads are chopped off, believe me, you won’t feel any pain, and you won’t feel any difficult!”

Nobody dared to make a sound under the stage!

In the morning, Meng En chopped off 40-50 heads without any change in expressions!

These knights could not go so far that they forgot about this matter in the afternoon...

“On the battlefield, it’s not about warmth and etiquette. On the battlefield, there are only two things, namely, survival and death!”

“Do you understand? !”

“Yes! Yes!”

Almost 30,000 knights shouted in unison!

Among them, the 5,000 Late Knights of the new Iron Blood Knights were the loudest.

They were really scared out of their wits by Meng En!

Meng En nodded and said.

“Then, let’s start the training!”



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